Concrete rot

In your last edition of The List ( 169). there was a comment in the ‘Word of Mouth' column about the Leith Fort. Listening to a debate recently about this subject. on Radio Scotland. I was amazed at the comment made by an architect in favour ofkeeping the flats. She agreed that perhaps they weren't suitable for families. as there was nowhere for the children to play. She

. did suggest. however. that perhaps it could be used forstuilent accommodation. as their standards


weren‘t as high.

Speaking as a student. I would object to black mould. condensation. dampness and the probability of respiratory problems that the tenants ofthe flats complained about. I hope the tenants do get their wish to be rehoused elsewhere. because the standard ofaccommodation they described isn't fit for human habitation. Not even by students! Sue Hume West Maitland Street Edinburgh. 0fcourse. but the Leith blocks should be left standing. Sue. They will make a delightful habitatfor all those neo-brutalist architects and architectural critics.

Terminological inexactitude

The article concerning Milestone House in issue 168 was sensitively written and would hopefully have dispelled many ofthe fears people have about hospices.

However. despite the quality ofthe article. the forerunner on the Contents Page went a fair way to remtorcrng stereotypes held about people with AIDS. After managing throughout the article to address people with AIDS as just that. the ‘AIDS Sufferers‘ tag ofthe contents page was both careless and callous.

People with AIDS have enough negative prejudice to contend with without insensitive use of the language. It is not suffering as such that is so deeply feared by the public but the suffering that can cause individuals to feel degraded.

727m; 13 hi1 arc-h

but your tickets were forJethro Tull. you weren‘t even mildly. frightened by Cape Fear and there was a power cut during The Camomile Lawn. Well. cheer yourself up by writing to The List: we‘ve a bottle of the finest Jose Cuervo Tequila waiting for

the best letter!

Please be more careful with your terminology. Mother Rowina The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Sciennes Edinburgh.

Brits? Twits!

. A comment on The Brits xi wards 1992- BBC Wednesday 12th Feb.

Just exactly Why does the B. P. I. give The Brits School so much

i publicity and handouts. while it

seemingly chooses to completely

ignore other precious music industry

i l

education outlets which are desperately in need ol’support‘.’

And why not open a similar project here in Scotland? Answer that one. ()bie! Not every person who is pursuing a career in the music

3 industry lives in London. do they‘.’

Miss Kristian Drew

West End


()nly tlte boring ones .I’Iiss [)rew.

Acheap plug

I would like to point out a few things to Mr I. Strefford regarding his remarks in The List 168 letter Ringing Wet.

What makes him think that Rhythm Hill are exempt from criticism. even when it is constructive? In my own opinion there are better bands around. The Colour Wheel. The ( aro/ l.aula

gigs. I was wondering if maybe Mr Strefford's letter was an attempt to get cheap publicity for an average pub band. but surely not!

Robert McLaren

(‘aldarvan Street


Oh you cynic you . . .


I see that Mark Fisher had trouble providing a neat journalistic pigeonhole for Smith and Jones

(Talking Heads The List 169). How

about ‘a couple ofold trouts who

sold out"?

But more to the point. given Mel Smith‘s place in the ‘mythical media

morass' how did Mr Fisher manage

to ‘catch' him'.’ Surely they weren't playing cricket. Or do you have a

L special cage in the office for tired old ' comedians well past their sell-by

1 date. Now that would be a neat

i journalistichole!

i J. McCaddam

; Glasgow

Band and The Ruby Suit to name but

three. but you don't see letters from them whingeing about reviews in The List or elsewhere. Maybe Mr Strefford should realise that it’s a big bad rock‘n‘roll world out there and learn to take the bad with the good. As someone who goes to a lot of

Anothercheap plug

I feel that I must once again write to your venerable organ concerning a small innaccuracy in your listings. It concerns a comment made about a certain Big George. ie ‘Glasgow‘s string-shedding heavy bluesman'. Come on guys! I‘m not complaining. you understand. but George is making every effort to overcome this ‘string-shedding‘ problem. He has recently started using a lZ-string as his top string. which is the heaviest gauge available. This has attracted comments from guys in music shops like 'I'm surprised you can even get a note out ofthatff'

A lZ-gauge string would be better suited to securing battleships to their moorings. it seems. So please. give

So Lou Reed finally hit Scotland t

(ieorge his due. lfl might

paraphrase .limi Hendrix. ‘We're

doin‘ this because we really care for your ears.’ .

Richie Devlin

Big (ieorge String Analyst

()ban Drive


Where 3 the beef? I know The List is primarily a guide to what's on but 1 am sure I can‘t be the only regular reader who doesn‘t go out every night. Instead. I often

spend evenings at home sometimes

dipping into The List to see what I‘m missing out on the town. but also cooking food and watching videos. So I was disappointed not to be able to find the Food and Video sections in your last issue'.’

Catherine Fellows is one ofthe few food writers that are actually worth reading and your video guide. though brief. is very useful as it does tell us what‘s just being released. I hope these sections haven’t been dropped permanently.

Sylvia Roberts

Polwarth Street


[)on 't worry. bot/1 sections are back this issue. There was so much going on lastfortnight, we just coultln 'tfind the space we tteetletlfor everything. But as compensation. call into our Glasgow Office. where a bottle o f the very/lites! golil Jose ( ‘ueri'o Tequila


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