Have you seen The Commitments?

" end cosmetic tests on animals free eye clrsamigcsggguacn

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waste freedom of information act a SPECIAL FREE “ST SCREENING minimum wage the right to see a woman doctor " end to building nuclear power stations " ban export of torture equipment and of course, more cash for the

The List and The Cameo Cinema present an exclusive screening ot

. . . HIGH HEELS British trlm industry at 1.30pm If you think a Labour government won 't 0" change anything, think again. If you’re SATURDAY 28 MARCH serious about changing things there '5 only ONE pAR'ry, , , Entry to this screening is tree only to readers who .\ take along this issue (171) at The List to

The Cameo Box Office where tickets will

4% , ix be available from Thursday 26 March. Scotlancy HIGH HEELS (18)

Cameo Cinema 2, Tollcross, Edinburgh

Saturday 28 March, 1.30pm

For more information call Labour Hotline Jim Murphy 041 632 5778 or

Fiona McMorris 031 451 5333 m A L M o DO'V A R's

A tantalising new "Um _‘ What happens when a trom the director of in}

Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

and Women on the Verge of

a Nervous Breakdown


"HIS: 58>

El Oeseo S.A. pn‘srn!\ an El Deseo-Ciby 2000 production 0! .. film by Almodc‘war HIGH HEELS ....... nq Victoria Abril Marisa Paredes Miguel Bose m uuuu by Ryuichi Sakamoto ssssssssssss by Luz Casal dm-rrov or anoroqmpny Altredo Mayo m aqu by Pierre Thevenet pom-a by Jose Salcedo cccccc 03 by Jose Maria Cossro oooooooooooooo gcr Esther Garcia IQ”

“0.03306 by } “ANK FILM D'STR'BUTORS ssss cl. rrrrrrrrrr N Enrique Posner c-u‘cut-vr‘ producer Agustin AlmodOvar written and directed by Pedro A'MOdOVBI'



The List 27 March 9 April 199213