Iidinburgli: L'CI. Central: Allanpark.

band become the force to really put Irish musiCon pleasurable mms. Edinburgh: Filn‘huUSC.

3 Stratiiclyde: WMR Leisure Centre. 'j the map. Alan Parker delivers ahilarioUs. lDrugstore Cowboyuit) (Gus Van SantJr..US. I Blithe Spltll ( 1’0) (Din id Lean. UK. 19-15) Rex down-to-earth. close-to-home movie. stuffed full 1989) Matt Dillon, Kelly Lynch, James Rcmar Harrison. Constance Cummings. Kay Hammond. of good music and with some relcventsocial William S. Burroughs. Itlltmins. A gang ofdope - -————— - - - - Margi’r“ RUIhUIWd- 9“ mlm- A Cynical "0"CIISI : comment to boot. Edinburgh: ()deon. Central: fiends. headed bvour Matt. blithelvripoffaseries and his new wite are haunted by the mischievous : Macrobert Arts Centre. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. of drugstores in Gus Van Sant's recreation of 1971 ghost of his first wife. Noel Coward's stage play 1 La Scala. WMR Leisure Centre. All L‘Cls. ()regtin. Complete with its halucinatorv visions of

glidessuccesstullyontotllc bigscreenusingdatcd. IItIa CompanyOIWolve3(18)(Ncitiordan.L‘K. f‘lving cows. the tilmcreated a stir stateside for but adequate. special effects and wonderfully 1984) Angela Lansbury. David Warner. Graham presenting the theft arid use of narcotics asan

British dialogue. Iidinburgh: Cameo. . Crowden. Brian Glover. 95 mins. Sensual and alluritig pastime. It marks a new and more FIIIIIS 80(30an IIIIS IOMIOIII 8'8 IISIBd \- \lelyett lb) (David Lynch-.lJS. 1986) K ylc. ; gory cinematic realisation of Angela Carter's creditable milestone in Hollywood drug movies. new" “m. canl'icam‘ “mms. brie! “flew . 1.1LI..ith.ill. Dennis Hopper. Isabella Rosselliiit. sexuallycharged parables of puberty and Glasgow: GFI'. Iidinburgh: I-‘ilmhouse. “d i don": FulHenmh fevlews 0' Lil mms. In small-town Middle America. 5 werewolf-phobia. Iixplicit special effects are not. I Edward II ( 18) (Derek Jarman. I'K. 1991) a V8000 - b I d close to would-be boy detective Macl.achlan findsa however. the best vehicle for the implicit Steven Waddington. 'I‘ilda Sw inton. Andrew 33|gflgd new releases can 3 0"" d t "s severed car on some waste ground. When the . undercurrents in Carter's fiction. Iidinburgh: Tiernan. Nigel 'I'erry . 9t) tiiiiis. Christopher "IO appropriate entry. Programme 8 a police shoo him away he decides todo some } Cameo. i Marlowe's lbth century play wasa tale ofillicit

89908! In the LISIIIIOS SBCtIOII WIIICI'I IOIIOWS. investigating of his own. A singular fusion ofthe I Cross My Heart (Jacques Fansten. France. IWI) ? love. jealousy and regicide. Jarman's reworking

menfighttheevilPriticeandthewickcdRathbone remakeotthelwi

story. although some more confusing issues the original. Steve Martin is nauseating as the to help the poor and capture the hatid of the fair

abandonment of Fort Sedgewick - are cleared tip. over-protective father. unwilling toaccept that his

original leaves Silence Off/W Lambs pallid by

Fm“ Index compilad by Man "unison. cosy and the terrifying which blends kitsch atid ; Sylvain Copans. Nicholas Parodi. Cecilia ! of the script makes the central thetnes more nightmare. Ii-inovie detection and brutal sex to , Rouaud. 100 mins. In a plot vaguelv reminiscent relevant to the present day . with particular I The Addams Family ( PG) ( Barry Sonncnfeld. deconstruct our complacent vision ofnormal of Iain McIiwan's novel The ( 't'merir Garden. a : emphasis on the repressed love between [idward US. 1991) Anjelica Huston. RaiilJiiIia. society. This is film-makingofremarkable young French schoolboy lives at home with the i and his friend (iaveston. Iidinburizhi Filmhou‘ic- Christopher Lloyd. Dan Hedaya. ltltlmins. When imagination and skill. Glasgow: (iFI'. body ofhisdead mother.afraid totcllamonein lFacesHSi (JohnCassavetes. 1%81John long-lost Uncle Fester returns frotii 25 years iii the I Bugsy( Ih') (Barry I.c\inson. CS. 1991 )Warrcn case he is sent to an orphanage Fansten squeezes f Marlev. Gina Row lands. l.v nn Carlin Seviiiour Bermuda Triangle. it disrupts the idyllic litesty le Beatty . Annette Betting. Harvey Keitel. Ben an odd sense ofhumour out of the situation. I Cassel'. 130 mins Cassay etes on familiar ground-A ofthe Addams clan. But is this I’cstcr a Kingsley. 135 mins. Levinson's version of the life particularly through the group ofchildren who an LA. executive struggles with middle age and a fortune-grabbingimposter'.’ Big budget movie has of gangster lien 'Biigsy" Siegel isa glossy package decide to helpthcir friend in his predicament. 3 disintegratingmarriage- told in familiar allofthe macabre sense offun ofthe 'I'\' seriesand ' that's rather empty when unwrapped. Beatty is Edinburgh: Filmhouse. ('assziv'ctes‘ssty'le overlong probing ultimatelv the original New Yorker cartoons. as well as sets . adequate in the title role. but is outclassed on I Dances With Wolves: Special Edition ( 15) (Kevin compelling. Receiving three Academv Award and design that any self-respecting ghoulish screen by the feisty Bening as his actress moll. A 5 Costner. US. 1991) Kevin Costner. Grahame nominations. Fates became the first trulv household would die for. Literally. Central: violent. if glamourised. twist to the American : Greene. Mary McDonnell. 235 mins. Costner's independent American feature to reach :i n'ition'il Caledonian. Strathclyde; Kelburnc. ()deon Ay r. cinema'sobsession with ‘men ofvision'. See 1 epic tale ofa US soldier. coming to terms with the audience. Iidinburgh' FilmhoUsc Into Adventures OI‘RObIn‘HoodH')(Michael 9 feature. Ciencral release. j nobility ofthe native American tribes beforetheir lFatfter of the Brlda (PG) (Charles Shver.US. Curtiz. US. 1938) Izrrol I-lynn. ()liyia De E I Cape Fear( 18) (Martin Scorsese. US. 1991) massacre by his people. regains the 53 minutes cut 1991 ) Steve Martin. Diane Kcatoti. Kimberly Havilland. Basil Rathbone. ltlZ itiiiis. Sparkling. Robert De Ntro. Nick Nolte. Jessica Langc. l at the editing stage. New material adds Williams. Martin Short. 10.5 mins. Steppingi'nto Oscar-Winning excitement as Hynn and his merry Juliette Lewis. 127 mins. Scorsese's stunning : surprisinglylittle tothe overall impact ofthe the shoes worn by Spencer'l'racyin the 1951) De Havilland. Peerless sword-play atid an 5 comparison. De Niro is terrify itig as white trash 1 ()n the whole. however. it has nothing that the babv girl is all grown u) Slushv ind b'irelvfunnv infectious sense ofliigli spirits. Iidinburgh: I psychoMax Cady. out ofprison and stalkingthe three-hourlongOscar winner didn‘t have alreadv. it‘s another step by Mairiin alongthe c‘arin'gcomic‘ hlmhousc. family'of the lawyer whosuppressed evidence to Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. ' route of Parenthoodrather than the inspired

I An American Tail 2: Flevel Goes West ( t'i (Phil Nibbelink 'Simon Wells. CS. 1991 ) With the

put him away; Disturbing sexual undertones. I i I Death In Brunswlclt ( 15) (John Ruane. Australia. madnessof his early days. General release. cctitring on 15-year-old I)anny(l.ewis). makethis [WHSam Neil|.Zoe Carides.JohnClarke. 1(15 .1116 Fish" KlnMiSHq-crn. (mn'am‘ US‘ (991,

voicesof Phillip Glasser.I)om I)c1.uise.Janies i an eveti more unComfortablc.butunmissablc. mins.Carl.a cookin a sleazy Nlclhnurncdivc. R b- w". J.ff8 ~i,. \ 1, 1h Plumm.r Stewart.John Cleese. 75 mins. [)isillusioned with top-notch scare-fest. (ieneralreleasc. gusinmlvcdmacmzvmixbf M“. "It i .l '1‘,” 1"??? 11,";t‘l‘f” Vt L ' their New York Icncmcm- the MW‘CRCWIW’ I Challom‘s wall (1') (Charles A. Nichols. L‘S. sex'n'drugs'n'rock'n'roll when he falls for a fellow '. is i' tiII'Iindro iini-rn L familyhcadttlfl to the Wild West. where I’ievel 1972)).‘oicesof Debbie Reynolds. Ilenr}‘(iihson. waitress. Falser suspected of murder and arson. m lf(- -- , “wig-K)" h‘sl )r\[' vo in : "ir'fhofth ' teams up with Sheriff Wylie Burp and his friend 85 lIlInS. Animated version ofthe 1-1.13. White I he ends upon [){c run (“what has m hcthc rim]??? I; . "‘Lfn'ltié‘“LA/‘1‘“.$3131.“‘ t Tiger in order to clean up the town run by evilCat classic in which a Iarniyard spider befriendsashy l strangest. blackest. most hilarious tidditv locomc vi.) I! TI“. 13:” ,?(-‘illi,;ln'-\' )chvmm ".IOV:W_ R. Waul. Not really tiptothe standardofthe piglet. Not badly done bytltcllanna-Barbera (mm pm”, [' Edinburgh; [3‘ Li" in x H ' L, I' L‘ original. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. studio Ildiiiburgh. Filmhousc. Hlmmmsu ' * I'm. _ "f" "'1 I”: “fi’f’l-i f‘"; 'fW-‘t'l' I‘lm‘lft i 'B‘m‘m “WI-‘1 (JW' (W‘s 175- “’91 Ugh" I Chinatowanoman Polanski. L'S. 197411;“); I Deceivedi I5)(DamianHarris.1.’S. 1991) MIWSQ him :ui'l is)“: tu'lyl'nIltt{W‘mrl‘fltl Tunun"‘1”hn (3”“dm‘m- JIM." Dim“ MWIVWI MCIIUI‘UW I111?“ Dumm‘iti-JOI") “USWU- I31 Goldie Ilawn. John Heard. Ashlev I’eldon. tux Vinny)“ is; rm?!“ . :ni:(~r\\u"lli‘-.Ln{ " id Bi” It’L'S'Ir Lerner. ll7mins. When socially-coniniitted mins. Private eyeJake (iittestakcson a routine mins. Given thetitle. it‘s fairly ()h\"1()[]5[h;u :‘uum (pirfmfi‘mu: ' h'UI; _ 11‘." y (. 3‘ L playwright Bum)“ Fink (Turlum’) I‘C‘m‘lgnk‘dhl‘ WWI” 19371«A“lldcndsUPuncoveringmow Hawn's sweet and loving hubhvtlleard)w'illturn 1:1" ‘(mlilsfi :m‘Z-‘(ju N L" mg m m ' the “outwmod machine [0an “ircstlingmm‘- I “1“” h“ 1“”111‘1'10‘1 1”" SPIC'ldldu‘l‘WlmCF out to be a raving Psycho. and guess what'.’A Iii-’1“); I rlShani”. .B'll I'K l9‘s‘71J id' ' he‘”“"‘1”"“"““"lwr‘hhl“Ck Mimi” 3‘1"“ } thrillcfmlh8|111mdethtwriodlmtkunduquiie suspcttsc-frccth‘riller centring‘onahaPPilV I“ (v.8 JoiIierfI} it“ :H'lr‘ni'Rabbins [Wininle mysterious "CXI'du‘""Clghb‘m'um‘n | ‘I'Pcrli'lm'w‘l l)9-‘1’11'3“mlOUTMPTcadby tnarried art dealer who findsoutthat herliusband 1:):4u12h‘. B" i“: i-i:sionscon-v‘r 'ewith Goodman). Unprecedented winnerofbest film. . Nicholson and Polanski. though. the nose-slitting and his supposed death in a car crash ain‘t what th . ' HR. . :-;l,‘:ffL.‘f‘ri.b-d(,fi1 f) 111:0: v! actor and direction awards at 1991'sCannesFilni 1 scene was faked. Iidinburgh: Filmhousc. thevseenicdtobe. See review. (iencralrelease . L p‘: “N -d i. f, “a” .“t- , “L. d .r:;n .d Festivalshowsthe Coen'sat their most hilarious. I Citizen Kane(l’(ii (Orson Welles. L'S. 1941) (Week 2). “impwljm'f ( U +9 it “y gut lilg.‘ gc mcvacinsand “W” h” 0"“80‘”? “VI- l 0N)“ “'cllL‘S»J<)~ctth('otlcn. AgnesMoorehead. IDeIlcataSSOMl5)(Jean-PicrreJeunet Marc If: iffibtii iii:- enLof Edmbur8h3 Came“ 11‘) tiiitis. Stunnineg successful biographical Caro. I-‘rgmcc‘ 199] ) Dominique pimm. 0;},‘m'wmmfl‘, sc;ccn“filc:10hn[Lima lBetty Blue2Ttie complete Versioth‘) i mosaicccntringonuIlcarst-likc mcdiuti’wvn. Marie-LaureDougnac.Jean-ClaudeI)rcvfus.99 g5. Bl .V -I»h.:§m.,m .,,,.,...(,mm;,mf.,uu,m1 (10311439111135 BCII‘CIX- I‘Vriint‘c- 198“) i Wellcs' first film remains scintillating viewingfor mins. lit a sepia wasteland somewhere iii the t‘tht: ‘) ‘- “:01‘ 'rse bl'ickcomebdv‘ Jean-Hugues Anglade.Beatricel)alle.(ierard its sheertechnicalverve.narrative confidenccand future.a butcherfceds his neighbourswiththe :lrgfIflflmi'l |m i‘L ih- ~ i - ' Darmon. lxtlmins. The story remains the same » l spellbinding performances. The best film ever Juicvjointsofhislodgers. Buriwhcn format-km." gig) m mt“ on!‘ m “mm r" 3?::32:isiiiiigfifipiiiifla utilitaiiiiiiiiy"m I "-Mc‘iii'oiiihii) " "3"?) ("-‘."‘r“‘?“ ' (1" I; I""““"‘ mm") “mm?” “*1” ‘0' “"d‘msh‘sr- I FreelackHS) (UL-oft Murphy. L's. 1991 ) Iimum 8 e 3 pet . )( o in S.iylcs.l S. l )91) an underground vegetarian resistance group come [{S‘CVCL Mick Jugs”. Anthnm Hopkins. “,5

scenes help give a creditable timescale to Betty s “MC”! Spun“. “my LO anw‘ JUL. Mum,“ 1:9 (mm. rescue. Hilarious blendnfhimnc mim Just mer his manna” bursts mm a mum

descent intotnsanity. while others aredi’stractiiig. 1 mins. lileven yearsafter Tin-Return ofthe characters. slapstick and comic tension makes for “umc Alex Furlmm ( Iislcvw) is hurled immhc the Cinematic eqUivalentofmonstrouscarbuncles Sreatu‘its .St'vc'n.John Sayles is stillatthe forefront the firsttrue cult itemofthe'90s. Edinburgh: futurcmbcmmcth‘c rcci m“(,f.N.HC_Uf_IhC_.m 0" thC 180: 01ft WCIl-lm’cd ftlcnd- SOC WVICW. of the American independent film movement. His Cameo. mind (“me goon mss Rn (hc run {mm a Eddiiimrghti'fislmhmiw‘ i ). . . .- me“ “mk.cxm""c“hc urh‘lndymmjcsnf" .menlng By "mum'sl18)IPCICT(IWCn"““}3 ruthless bounty huntertJagilcr). Conclusive proof I G e 8 eyes ourney(i (1)1-I ctcrllcwitt. 1 199mworking-classcommuhity.centringonthe L'K. 1988)Joan I’lowright, Bernard HillJocly lh.uJ.1gucr ll.‘;.!w,‘uchscr‘CCI, prcwmc “.1

Us. 1991) KCimU Reeves. Alex Winter. (ieorge civic corruption andold-sty’lc blue-collar honesty Richardson. 118 mins. In a narrative as ' C.m“;0.;rd hm; m.” 1m. mm with ,, ghccmibling carlm'mss ACkland' 93 mms' [ml mmnwmuns [mtwrrm‘nd‘lhc C"”~‘”uc””nindustry- Slritlghlfmwardand cumI’licatedasthctitle three " ~t 'hi ld "iw'irnin ' 'lndIh'lI 11o kins ofthat mostexcellentduototallykillour heroes. int s ( u c. ,h * iv P causmg them to take on the Grim Reaper at party I The Commltmenfst 15) (Alan Parker. UK. 1991) Colpitts. dispose oftheir husbands in a seriesof sec review Gem-n) rclc1gc

games. make a quick visit to Heaven and eventually win the day. A triumphant sequel. slightly more coherent than the bodacious original in Bill and Ted terms. at least. Glasgow: ()deon.

Robert Arkins. Michael Alterne. Angeline Ball. aquatic murders. whilst the numbers 1 to 1(X1run I mod Green Tomatoes attire WMStIO StOll C310

Mun” Dmilc‘ “5 mlmfi find L 2, _ “hm mmld'hc Ihmugh the film I" III“ PZ‘CkSY‘IUn‘lS- BCSIdCS lhc (12) (Jon Avnet. US. 1991 ) Kathy Bates. Jessica

.".‘“"“.~“” “mm-V Rahhmc (Arkms) pu‘stlC‘hC' “11".”th P‘Wllmc "1 "umber SPOUIIIIZ‘ "ll-51$ Tandy Marv Stuart Masterson. Marv-Louise IhC( mnmlmwm“ mulwmc‘m “um” ""11""; ""1""?(ETCCIWW‘IY'S"1051“CCCSSIthimd Parker. l3tlmins. Afterthe local KuKlux Klan

I threatens the busy cafe in Whistle Stop. Alabama

a for serving coloured customers. the femaleowner G O a O Q Q Q 0 a O andherblackhandyman findthemselveSontrial a G foran unsolved murder. A chronicle ofcourage ltli Al WOODS a a _ i.

and ingenuity that avoids becomingas overwhelmingly heart-warming as one might have G feared. Not the most tantalising item onthe menu. have a wide range of Vegetarian chilled i’Sii-Zizimmmmfkdhhmjrjuhdm'0an {OOdS’ mCIUding Organic cheese. feta, get-3:33;.(i13illiiifiigrfmiliitisomgiigiifiy- mozarella. tofu cheese, soya cheese, tofu - smoked. plain or marinated, patés, burgers. sausages. yoghurts made from cows'. sheeps', goats' or soya milk. plus frozen sheeps' & goats' milk.

: Iidmhufllh? I‘llmhmlfiu generations of women. all of them called Cissie Should try reading the scripts before signing up,

Goldwyn. 126 mins. Death doth part happy couple Swayze and Moore when the former falls victim to a late-night mugging. Not content merely to pass on. however. he returns to tryand get back in touch with his wife via medium Goldberg (who won an Oscar for her supporting role). in an attempt to warn her about financial and other dangers. Amiable supernatural comedy-drama. which spawned a few inferior imitations. Iidinburgh: Cameo.

I Gull 8 Sue lclon ( 15) (Irwin Winkler. US. 13 Hyde Pm Comer’ W 199()) tRyOIZCfI Ige Niro. Annette Bening.George

8 BROUGHAM ST. TOLLCROSS: 031 228 1651 D 37" 8 ET: 031 557 191 1 1.86 “F. Td (0532) 743753. Wendt. Sam Wannamaker. 105 mins. Anew M 9.30.530 Moms“ attempt by the American film industry to come to

l (:) . - "'hh‘MCi h' '.'h H111 d 6Q ® ® a v a "‘6 mu! Two" hams targutgtedlofanEonttdgecin‘ed‘tolily/C(coihyriiiinist

connections. with devastating effects. De Niro


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