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v Schrader returns to terrific form with this tale of a

I Lite on a String ( 15) (Chen Kaige. China/UK/Germany. 1991) l.iu Zhongyuan. Huang Lei. Xu Qing. 103 mins. An old blind musician and his young blind disciple find love and violence in a village they happen upon in their travels. Poetic and magical filmmaking from the director of I Yellow Earth. with essential themesof obedience and self-denial that can be interpreted on many levels. See review. GIasgow:G1~'l'.

I Light Sleepert 15) (Paul Schrader. US. 1991) Willem Dafoe. Susan Sarandon. Dana Delany. Mary Beth Hurt. 103 mins. Writer director

drug courier searching for meaning iii a broken urban world. Dafoe is superb as John Le Tour. a latterday cousin to Sehrader's creations in American Gigolo and Ta.t'i Driver. Tough and intense. it is the most involving film from this major American filmmaker for quite some time. See preview. Glasgow: GFT.

I The Magic Toyshop ( 15) (David Wheatley'. L' K. 1986)Tom Bell. Caroline Milmoe. Kilian McKcnna. 107 mins. Three orphans are sent to live with their tyrannical uncle (Bell). a toymaker who won't let children play with toys. Unlike .\'ei| Jordan's The (‘ompany of Wolves. which is also based on an Angela Carter novel. here the nastiness is underplayed. the pubescent fantasies are badly handled and the effects are pretty dull. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Misery ( 18) (Rob Reiner. L'S. 1991) Kathy Bates. James Caan. Frances Sternhagen. Richard Farnsworth. Lauren Bacall. 107 mins. Adapted from Stephen King‘s novel. this psychological chiller centres on a popular author with literary aspirations (Caan) who finds himselftrapped. following a nasty car accident. with his psychotic ‘number one fan‘ (Bates. who won the Best Actress Oscar for the role). The talents ofall concerned are employed to superb effect. to produce a movie of great originality. subtlety and entertainment value. Edinburgh; Cameo.

I My Girl (PG) (Howard Zieff. L'S. 1991) Macaulay (Tulkin. Dan Aykroyd. Jamie Lee Curtis. Anna Chlumsky. 102 mins. A millionaire and not yet in his teens -- don't you just love Macaulay Culkin (he said through clenched teeth). This time he's sortingout the lives ofhis tomboy neighbour and her widowed mortician dad. A kiddies' romance with a (literal) stingin the tail. Also with the best character name in recent months (can you imagine admitting to knowing someone called Vada Sultcnfuss'.’). General release.

I Necessary Roughness ( 15) (Stan Dragoti. US. 1991)Scott Bakula. iRobert Loggia. Hector Elizondo. 104 mins. A disgraced Texas University American football team tries to rebuild its reputation under a has-been/never-was quarterback (Bakula) and a bunch of misfits who fulfil the lame plot's comic requirements. Perhaps only of interest to those who don‘t take the game too seriously. or to fans of Bakula from his Quantum Leap TV show. this one's more of a fumble than a touchdown pass. See review. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. All UCIs.

I New Visions Intematlonal Film and Video Festival All programmes take place at the Cinema 2. Glasgow Film Theatre. unless otherwise stated. Further information is available at the Festival Club at the Apollo Bar. 7 Renfrew Court. or iii a free brochure available from 28 Mar. All preview tapes sent to the Festival will be on show at the Videoteque in the Transmission Gallery: to book. call0415524813.

Intematlonal Zeitgeist Nine programmes of work on various formats. drawn from across the world and spread throughout the Festival. Note that Programmes 4 and Stake place at the Goethe

lnsitute on Sun 5 Apr.

Short Programmes The first half. an hour-long programme of animated film and video works is followed by a selection of pieces presented by London Video Access and titles Madness. Love and Death.

Communities of Resistance Two programmes dealing with class. political. racial and cultural issues. the second of which is presented by Despite TV from England. A special thirdevent under this heading will tie in with the General Election. at 6pm on 9 Apr. and will include two live election broadcasts and actor Tam Dean Burns's version of the Bobby Sands Trilogy. Programme Two programmes dedicated to the spirit of punk and the punk ethic in film and video. followed by a pop art show and punk disco at Glasgow School of Art Student Union at 10.30pm on Fri 4 Apr.

Short international Programmes The first half consists of a Swiss selection from the Viper Festival. Lucerne. while the concluding part is made up of an hour's worth of video material from Denmark.

Australia Titled Strategies for the Virtual Screen. this all video programme ofnew media arrfrom

A astralia is presented by Brian Langer from that country '3 Electronic Media A rLs.

Germany A programme of German works. supported by the Goethe Institute and presented by Film and Video Curator. Joachen Coldewey.

own. General'reiease.

John Ritter. Michael ()liver. l.araine Newman.

of the pre-pubescent. bow tie-clad Junior ( ()liver)

Slovenia A programme from the former Yugoslavian state. split into two parts. The first. Between ('ertainty and I ’otentiality consists of video works by“ Marina Grzinic and Aina Smid. who will be present; the second. live offllstory‘. consists of three documentary pieces.

David Hall A rare opportunity to see the seminal work of sculptor and artist. film and v ideo maker David Hall. The retrospective will be split itito two sections. one Covering his lonim film work. the other his short video pieces. '1 he programme will be presented by Anna Ridley of Annalogue Productions.

Hungary A selection of film and video from the Balazs Bela Studios iii Budapest and by visiting filmmaker (‘saszari Gabor.

Norway and Scandanavia Video works presented by Jeremy Welsh. lecturer in video at the Kunstacademie. Trondheim.

Denmark An overview of Danish film and video making. presented and compiled by Peder Andersen of Aarhtis Film and Video Workshop. Modern Myths. Private Realities limily Grant of the Film and Video I'mbrella explores the influence of technology over the body.

Computerworld Two hours of computer generated material from all over the world. curated by Steve Bode of the Film and Video I 'mbrella.

Electronic Destinies A day ev cut at ( ilasgow School of Art. beginning at l lam with a talkaiid video presentation on l'irtual Real Iistates. followed in the afternoon w ith another on [llt't‘lfUIlH‘ Iz'cologies and finishing with an expanded cinema presentation of (‘ses/ari (iabor's LS. 1)..

I The People Under The Stairs ( la) ( Wes Craven. CS. 1991) Brandon Adams. Iiverett .‘vIcGill. Wendy Robie. AJ. Langer. 103 mins. A twisted world of cannibalism and child abuse awaits poor kid Fool (Adams) when he breaks into the house of his landlords Genuine shocks and a social conscience ctiliv cn this dark fairy story for the 90s. (ilasgow: (irosvenor. lidinburgii: ('ameo

I Prince OI Tides I 15) I Barbra Streisand. L'S. 1991).\'ick Nolte. Barbra Streisand. Kate

Nelligan. Jeroen Krabbe. 131 mins. Glossy. romantic tale of a Southern boy in New York. falling iii love with his sister‘s psychiatrist while revealing his traumaticchildhood in order tohelp bring his twin back to health. While Streisand's direction is sometimes shaky and her owti performance is a little too self-conscious. there is no doubt that she encourages career-best performances from her co-stars. Nolte. in particular. is worth the price of admission on his

I Problem Child 2(PG) (Brian Levant. IS. 1991 ) lvyann Schwan. llo hum. .\'o sooner have we got

over suffering the stomach-churning sweetness of My (iirl arid (‘urly Sue than it's time for the return

from 1990‘s I’rohlr'm (Iii/d. This time he arid his surrogate father are trying to come to terms with the excess of single women in their new home town. As if we cared. (‘enttalz Cannon. Strathclyde: La Scala. All L'Cls.

I Prooit 15) (Jocelyn MoorhoUse. Australia. 1991 ) IIUgo Williams. Genevieve Picot. RUssell ('rowe. 90mins. A young blind man eopes with his disability by taking photographs; he asks his new friend to describe thetii to him. confirming that the world he imagines matches that experienced by the rest of society. But when his jealous housekeeper interv enes. power games and deceit knock his life out of balance. MoorhoUse's excellent debut feature examines emotional insecurities that affect us all. Iidinburgh: Filmhouse.

IARageln Harlemi tannin Duke. L's. 1991) Robin Givens. Forrest Whitaker. Gregory 1 lines. DannyGlover. lllimins. All the clementsof (’hester liimes‘ 50s pot-boiler are up on screen -

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