I Baintree County: Roadsongs (Native) This LP's accompanying press release blithely namechecks Buffalo Springfield. Creedence (‘learwater Revival and Elvis Costello. but what really comes bouncing most obviously off the turntable is the sound ofa bunch of putative Stars In Their lives finalists. perfecting their take on Aztec Camera. with a particular propensity towards the Love era and its placid American inflections. (‘raig Ferguson manages a more-than-passablc Roddy Frame with a rich tone which could seriously delight if it didn‘t recall the wee [East Kilbride lad so precisely. There's an instancy to the melodies which suggests that in the long-term their perkiness will become an irritant. but otherwise Lesley. they're all yours. And they already own a couple ofchecked shirts. so less work for the makeover stylists. (Fiona Shepherd) I Jan Cyrka: Beyond The Common Ground (Food For Thought) Releasing an album ofelcven guitar instrumentals is a brave move on somebody‘s part. doubly so when it‘s by an unknown Polish chap. However. Mr (‘yrka hails from Yorkshire and was formerly Flash Bastard. Zodiac Mindwarp‘s hatcth man. it would take something really special. though. to make an album like this worthwhile. and he can't cut it. He triestobe versatile. but still ends up with a 36-minute demonstration of polished nimble-fingeredness. It has moments. mostly on the mellower tracks. but not nearly enough. For serious ‘background music' types or guitar idolaters only. (Gavin lnglis)

I Tchaikovsky: Symphony No 6 (Virgin) It is not often that a new version ofa work already recorded to saturation level causes quite such a stir as this Pathetique from Mikhail Plctnev and the Russian National Orchestra. the first independent orchestra to emerge from the old USSR. The hype is well justified. though. in a thrilling performance by the pianist-turned-conductor and his players. which is electrifyingly direct and emotional. and suffused with an authentically Russian feeling. To prove there is no monopoly in that regard. however. Charles Dutoit leads his Philadelphia Orchestra through superb versions of Rachmanninov‘s Symphony No 3 and Symphonic Dances on

Decca. Both discs are highly recommended. (Kenny Mathieson) I John Zorn: More News For Lulu (hat ART) Zorn‘s collaboration with trombonist George Lewis and guitarist Bill Friscll lets three idiosyncratic l talents loose on classic

- bop material. with

startling results. They flick from freeform caterwauling to sprightly bop choruses in a twinkling. and ifthe lack of a rhythm section gets tiresome over the piece.

the invention more than

sustains the music. This

: live set is a must for Zorn

; fans.The saxophonist also ; turnsupon GOD‘s

I’us‘st'ssioli (Virgin). a monotonous re-working of tired art rock. free jazz’industrial noise cliches which attempts to take an unmerited thrill from its dodgy sexual

i material. US band Cruel

Frederick are decidedly more interesting on We

A re The .llusie We Play (SST). which has a flavour of Zorn in his best re-shaping jazz mould. (Kenny Mathieson)

I The Leaving Trains: The Lump In My Forehead (SST) Fronted by one Falling James. who looks about as comfortable in bows and necklaces as l larry Enfield would androgynous he‘s not The Leaving Trains are one of those treasured bands who like to give their fans a chuckle while they‘re stage-diving. The tone is set by the opening ‘Bob liope‘ and reaches a peak on ‘Women Are Evil'. a piss-take (I hope) ofCock-rockin' attitudes that Guns N‘Roscs would have played completely straight.and‘l‘mOK‘.a . ‘Freebird‘-style anthem for psychotic killers everywhere. Plus enough ‘chops‘. as they say. to ensure that it will withstand more than a few listens. (Alastair Mabbott) I Brand New Heavies: Brand New Heavies(FFBB) Repackaged. revitalised. and re-released. this album may come to some (those who bought the original for around a fiver) as a bit of a disappointment. There are only two new tracks. the rather wonderful ‘Never Stop'. and the even better K-(‘ollective collaboration ‘Got To Give‘. Original trackslike ‘Dream Come 'I’rue'. ‘Stay This Way'. and ‘Ride In The Sky' all sound fresher as a result of remixes and the supreme voice of N‘Dea Davenport. The bass- drivcn acid jazz instrumentals have all had nips. tucks and extra bits added either that or they‘re accurate re-recordings. lfyou haven‘t got the original. then this album is a must.

lfyou have. then [suggest you buy the new Ultimate Trunk Funk EP. which features the two tracks not on the album. All in all though. this beat‘s the sweetest you can possibly get. (Philip ()gilvie)


I Dim Stars: Dim Stars EP (Paperhouse) Richard llell. Thurston Moore. Don Fleming and Steve Shelley get back to their. er. roots and churn out four half-formed songs in what sounds like a dire superstarjam. All have done better elsewhere (to put it mildly) and all should know better. For completists only. (AM) I Various: Clydebank Bands Promotion Group (BPG) A 4-track 7-inch cobbled together in budget-rent-a-group fashion. Predictably. the results are. well. miss-and-miss really. Karaoke punks Distorted Truth are so ham-fisted and insultineg obvious they make Fabulous sound like Brian Eno. while boil-in-the-bag thrashers Requiem have undergone a similar subtlety bypass operation. making Screaming Thro‘ December‘s oh-so- familiar Glaswegian pub pop appear almost as a breath of fresh air. Stiletto (iroove's contribution is as mirth—inducing as the rest. but at least its bizarre piping organ holds the attention upwards ofa nano-second. (PS)

I Ego-Stilt: Stop! EP (Bushwater) It‘s a record of two sides. really: one housing juddering perky pop. all mod cons and blustering enthusiasm. It's all so horribly ‘now‘ you can hear Mark Goodicr providing the link. The flip. ‘Red Sea‘. dips its big toe into the Sabbath- infested waters beloved of everyone from Smashing Pumpkins to Therapy?. More difficult to carry off. but infinitely preferable. Ego-Stik have listened to too much music and want to sound like all ofit. (PS) I Moonshake: Secondhand Clothes (Too Pure) Ex-Wolfhound Dave Callaghan is an unsung hero in my book. but he gets bored so easily it‘s impossible to track his next move. There were Moonshake. shaping up nicely as sixth-generation Valentine worshippers. and what do they go and do? They plaster formless distortion over a monster sweaty dub groove. forget to put in proper guitars. play at jazzy improvisation and rant/ intone over the resulting cacophony. The end product is wilfully engaging but different for the sake of it. Truly the imp ofthe perverse has grasped this man. (FS)

i g “43%!


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