2 The its-i 27 March £9 April 1992

Already showing a

3 per cent lead in the polls, we board our egg-proof battlcbus and head for

the . . .


I You didn't want to do that Harry. State-ol-the-art make-up techniques are applied in Harry Enlield‘s Television Programme to create the terrifying Aliens. SeeTV listings

I ‘OK. thetirstwish wasa spot ol interactive bondage. now what‘s the second?‘ Thetairy godmothermakes tantasies come true in Angels And Amazons by Ra Ra Zoo atCumbernauld Theatre. See Theatre listings.

I Hall a herd olbuttalo died to make MickJagger’s jacket, and it's still crap. As indeed is the movie. Freejack. See Film review.

I ‘OK you've rumbled me.l used to be in a dodgy metal band but now I'm all ethereal and challenging, honest.‘ Find out tor yourseltatTori Amos’s Edinburgh Queen‘s Hall or Glasgow City Hall gigs. See Rock listings.