‘lt just doesn‘t happen to be one of our major records for this week.‘

A BBCspokesman adds fire to the independence debate by giving excuses why Frankie Miller's version

_ of('aledonia. No] in the Scottish I Making a bold atlemptto , (3 A <‘ Chart. isn 't even on Radio 1 's put somelacial hairhack f. ,f’.’\Ij,’\‘:.s/7 ppm-1,3,, into rock are the kinda '- ' " ggcg‘zycslggggaaafis: See ‘It is almost as important to us to Rock “stings. keep the SNP at bay as it is to use

them to split the socialist vote.‘

A leaked letter from Scottish Secretary Ian Lang to the Prime Minister reveals the Tories ' attitude to their political rivals.

‘L'nless we fight against this verdict. this will be the end ofcivilisation as we know it.‘

Eugene Terreblanche. head of the ultra-right wing Afrikaner Resistance Movement comments on the ‘Yes' majority in South Africa ’s

po wer-sharin g re erendum. And maybe the end of his definition of ‘civilisation' wouldn 't be a bad thing .

I Victoria Abril (the short one) headslorlhe nickin Pedro Almoddvar's High Heels. That‘s the lilm not his footwear. Oh I don't knowlhough . . . See Film preview.

‘I really mustn't say bad things about Mr Major. He‘s probably a very nice man. . . underneath it all . . . perhaps ...ifhe wasn’t in politics.‘

Denis H ealey takes the art of damning with faint praise to new political heights.

‘Most Scots believe Sean Connery has done more for Scotland than every Tory. Liberal and Labour MP in Scotland put together and multiplied by a factor often.‘

Alex Salmond believes thatplaying the ()07 card will leave voters both shaken and stirred.

I Love/Hate, Love ’em or hate 'em at Glasgow Barrowland but don't target your cut-oil, checked Rupert Bear trousers whatever you do. See Rock listings.

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The List 27 March 9 Agra 1992 3