V H I Morecambe Bay Holiday Weekend 29

The talents oi young musicians are well to the lore this Issue with the debut concerts oi the new Chamber Orchestra oi the National Youth Orchestra oi Scotland, a periormance by Edinburgh Youth Orchestra and the tinal oi the BBC’s Young Musician oi the Year Competition all happening within the next couple oi weeks.

First, iour iinaiists appear with the . National Youth Orchestra oi Great Britain and conductor Christopher Seaman to compete tor the prestigious BBC award. Already, three winners have been chosen. Fourteen-year-oid Frederick Kempt irom Kent comes to

F/lda y Burning Spear

Zakir Hussain I Five Blind Boys or Alabama / Salli/day

The Ukrainians /"

80b Bfozman Super/"Rail Band Of Bamako Lois Tupamaros Orquesta Spirit Of The West Ifang Bondi

Tarika Sammy

Clarion Fracture Zone

The Ukrainians SU/Idc’ly . Tarar or Haidouks

Aster Aweke '. The '°°"S

Ludus Dance Company

Tarika Sammy

Clarion Fracture Zone 2i Lan Liao

Mark O'Connor

Ludus Dance Company

Faraflna Benjamin Zephaniah Sheila Chandra

Jamie Walton- Young Musician i the Year

Glasgow as piano iinalist, the “'“l'lm'm Tarat or Haidouks

slxteen-year-old Rachel Barnes irom concerts is William Conway, until Marfgflé

Essex has won the woodwind class recently principal cellist oi the SCO. Mamas

and, also sixteen, Kevin Horbury trom It is to be hoped that their iirst Magma

Chester has won the brass. The tourth programme will be a typical one. Stella Chiweshe & The

Iinalist will not be known until the Classical symphonies by Haydn and 53"““3” 33"“

screening oi the string section on Thurs Schubert are teamed with a specially

9 April. This Is the iirst time that the commissioned new work by Edward 0 Club Raves 0 FullWOrlfshon Programme 0 Children's Tent iinal has been held in Scotland and, McGuire, Symphonies oi Trains, to T'CKETS 0°C” ' ""°”“"'°“"' Mam" "“"'°V°“ CamW‘g whateverthe merits oi such exposure commemorate the 150th anniversary oi . i H h . 1‘ .

to these outstanding young players, it the opening oi the Edinburgh and gfifififf‘g'st3sfi/figflmé; "A ~;; W“ 9‘". FR'PfjflfijngURDAY- £15

promises to be an exciting occasion. Glasgow railway. No doubt the CHILDREN: UNDER 5 -FREE! 5-13 wéexsuo euinv; i iul l Surely every player in a youth periormances will start right on time at " ‘-‘ " " ' =* 0‘" Em“ I 1"?)

orchestra is a winner, and set to match l 7.30pm. (Cami Main)

the success oi its parent orchestra is BBC Young Musician oi the Year is held 0 By Phone: credit Card Hotline 0524 832748 3 {By Post; l'zlorA/ut l . til-w

the new Chamber Orchestra oi HYOS. at Glasgow Hoyai Concert Hall on Fri if}? "; _'“ ")':‘!;;,1‘,'f,_’,‘ “‘ "‘ "‘i“ I” ' ‘“

Created with the older and recent past 10; HYOS Chamber Orchestra play the ,N F0 H on , N E. 0524 582837

members oi the main orchestra in BSAMD, Glasgow on Wed 15 and

mind, it will give invaluable (Elsiezn's :aYll, E't'tigbuhrgh on Thurs; 16; CITY L. I (h 39 V g

ex erience to its com Iement oi 42 n urg out rc estra p ay e . . mm “if” »

mgmbers. Conductor'i’ortheiriirst Usher Halt, Edinburgh on Sun 19. -' W



‘. 'AND FRIENDS'... Hurdy Gurdy Tour - April-May '92 UK. l to assist "Friends of the Earth"

iirst musical ioray since his previous , band Win split. It's also the iirst time he’s sung on record, rasping the

l abstruse lyrics at his ex-Fire Engines/Win sparring partner Davey Henderson. However, vocal Interjections in the world oi Pie Finger are an aiterthought. Banks oi

keyboards,traditionalSpanish AROUND SCOTLAND IN MAY

arrangements and trumpet-playing

mountain shepherds are the tools Burn SATURDAY MAY 9 AYR - CAI E‘ry TH EATRE uses to reach his ambient Nirvana.

. 1 | \—\w

Heierence points (you may need them - 0292 2 64639 Bussell Burn In his Win days V 338 colnv‘o‘l’llltgtliiiouénhey) include New er, a o e, ic, The Orb, '" Y0ll lllllllld “18 com" and Y0" 83* Yellow Magic Orchestra, Incantation SU N DAY MAY 1 0 G LASGOTW RSYAL something “(OW Ill Spain. Y0" WWII! (rememberthem?) and Sergio Leone. CONCER H U“ 00 0h. lhal 8 800ml" 08“ SllfPl'SB . It’s a serpentine soundtrack in search 041 227 551 1 “"3"” "9 “m9 "0'" “mama oi a film. Special Birthday show Strathclyde Suite ahgahfggalm :éfil‘fimfi‘wm e d Bum’s new tile in Barcelona is the I 0 prime contributory iactor to his work.

“"380 POOIIIB Illll “888 l0 collie llIl Willi He discusses Spanish culture and TU ESDAY MAY 1 2 GREENOCK all these strands painllnlls? but society with as much enthusiasm as ARTS GU ' U) actually llvlnc there has bronchi ll music. ‘Thethlngldolike about 0475 23038 home l0 "'0- Tllls '8 Where my Bel ll Barcelona is it’s quite similar to irom, trom Spanish culture. It s a 3mm“. may have the" own mixture oi Moroccan and European so language and may want (0 be WEDN ESDAY MAY 1 3 EDI NB U RG H you vocallllalrealllllslalloulll. Independent irom Spain. Hotthatl’m QUEEN'S HALL

"I commal'o“ Willi ""339" Bum. into nationalist things, but that idea oi 031 668 201 9

aka Pill Filllilll. "’8 hard to “"8808 all teaching their own culture makes them ounce oi artiiIce In his whole body, but mm m a community, (rs just really

'"°""°‘.°"""""”'”“""'93" lelleslllnc. l'mreallv Into It, and nextl THURSDAY MAY 14 ABERDEEN MUSIC HALL Surprise , ooze pretension- Slllfl'Y want to move on to South America. I 0224 641 1 22

Planets (Jupiter) , Let'Them Drip , just want to be a sort oi Christopher

Osadoitfigillzgafixéxgfllhal 8 Columbus irom Edinburgh.’ (Fiona A" shows start at 7,3opm

colloquiallsm, 0a" Surprise is rams“ on 21 Apmon Tlckets from above box offices or 061 96 933

The Pie Finger solo project is Bum’s cream," Records. 061 962 1422/0057 national credit ca rd sales

The List 10— 23 April 1992 29