L_-__. _ _ - -- _ 2Thc List 10- 23 April 1992

Whaddaya mean, last place behind the Corrective Party? We demand a recount, give us our deposits back . . .


I Samuel Beckett. crazy name but a lovely bloke, wrote some top plays, and now he's helping out Sean Hughes on his new TV show. See TV preview.

I Everyone’s a critic nowadays. The Evening Times lilm desk round on Robin Williams lor his less

d than youthtul portrayalol

Peter Pan in Spielberg's

I \I Hook. See Film review.

I ‘Tell that loser Clare to

give me back my brain or

the dog gets wasted.’

Sylvester Stallone gets all

butch in Stop 0r My Mom Will Shoot. See Film

- ; *1 review. L up" .y.‘ \

" as

I ‘And we might give this back to Sly lor his next movie it he behaves himsell.’ Andy Roxburgh lookalike Anthony Clare explores the vagaries ollhe brain in 8802's Soul. on 12 April. See TV listings.

I It’s Edinburgh Folk Festival time again and Outback bring their ‘didgeridoo dance experience’ to the city's music-loving times and Sheilas. See Folk listings.