Dancing, which is at the root oi traditional music, is oiten somewhat ignored at tolk iestivals, but is well represented both weekends otthe Festival. See listings tor details oi the workshops and ceilidhs. For those who want a less structured bop about the dance floor, the final Saturday's Folk Rock and Caiun Concert Dance is an obvious choice. Alter Hours used to be one oithe best pub bands touring Britain. They have moved into another league with two new members, and play an attacking, contemporary style oi lrish music. Companions or The liosy Hours pack a velvet punch

3 in their easygoing swing

riddles, electric bass and

; guitar, caiun accordion and

rich country harmony. Such seductive music is guaranteed to make one

hallucinate the balmy night i breeze oi Austin, Texas, i from the April ireeze oi Edinburgh’s wee sma’ hours.

an antipodean slant from Outback.

I The Wilson Family Maitland Hotel, Shandwick Place. 10.30pm—1.30am. £2.50 (£2). Humberside acapella singing.

I The Session Debating Hall. 7—9. 30pm. £4

(£3. 50). Featuring The Guagers and De Dannan. '


I Dance Workshop Debating Hall. Noon—1pm. £1.50. Reel Workshop with the Ceilidh Collective.

I Dance Workshop Debating Hall. 2-5pm. £1.50. Cape Breton Step Dancing with Mairi Campbell.

I Open Stage Wine Bar. 1—2pm. Free. Hosted by Danny Kyle. Everyone‘s chance to perform.

I The iiunaway Train Dining Room, 1.30-3pm. £2. Kid‘s stuff with the ‘Clean Up Calypso‘.

I Harp Masterconcert Pleasance Theatre , 6o Pleasance, 668 2019.

1.45pm. £5 (£4). Professor of Harp at Salzburg‘s Mozarteum, Edward Witsenburg. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Creche Balcony Room. 2—5pm. Free. Leave the kids for a few hours.

I Arthur Argo Memorial Workshop Library.

2. 30—5pm. £2. The Fighting Scot discussed and demonstrated by the Gaugers.

I Otiid Crack Cliili Park Room. 3—5pm. £3 (£2).

' Storytelling for all the

family. I Caledonian Brewery Happy Hour Teviot Bar.

. 5.30—6.30pm.Free. Blues from the iiootsies Duo.

I Arthur Argo Memorial

7 Concert Debating Hall.

7—9.3opm. f4 (£3.50). Top

' quality traditional and 5 unaccompanied song with ; Norman Kennedy. Jock

Duncan, Linie Higgins and the Wilson Family.

' I Kim Robertson/Deborah ! Henson-Conant Queen‘s

i Hall, Clerk Street, 668

§ 2019. 7.45pm. £6 (£4).

; Two American women


Glamour shots in the ioikle mags? iiext Directory models posing with the Northumbrian small pipes? Why not, now that the world the early iolk revivallsts dreamed oi has arrived. No longer a minority obsession of beery teachers, and no longer based on basic guitar chording, traditional music is now incorporated into everyday lite and popular music. This modern, acceptable race oi iolk music is exempiiiled by Kathryn Tickell, who brings her liddle, small pipes and band to the mid-week MacCaImans concert at the Dueen's Hall. She also appears with her equally neat-lingered accordionlst Karen Tweed, and singers Lorraine Jordan and Melanie Harrold in Thursday’s Celebration oi

perform a variety of musical styles from swing jazz to ancient I rish airs. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Dance Debating Hall.

1 1030le .30am. £3.

. Music by Robert Fish Band. I Celebrity Concert Park Room. iopm-lam. £4.50

' (£4). Scots and Gaelic music and song with

acoustic guitar and

; dulcimer from Billy Boss. with fiddle from John

Martin. John‘s group Tannahill Weavers plays a

: rare Scottish concert in

George Square Theatre

; on 25 Apr.


i I Open Stage Wine Bar.

- l—2pm. Free. Hosted by

3 Danny Kyle. Everyone’s chance to perform. I Caledonian Brewery

Happy Hour Teviot Bar.

: 5.30—6.3opm. Free. Phil

3 Campbell and Friends.

9 I Travelling Folk BBC

i Queen‘s Street.

3 7.30—9.30pm. Free by ticket. Doors open

a 6.45pm. NO admission

5 after7. 15pm. Tickets

availabe from Festival Box Office or BBC

3 Glasgow in advance by

post or to callers.

; Presented by Archie

2 Fisher and Danny Kyle.

; Live rccordingand ? transmission of Scotland’s

" national folk music

! programme.

~ . i I Irish/Scottish mom

9 Women concert. it unfortunately clashes with

l Edinburgh Men’s Group iron John tribal dance workshop

' in Dueen Street Gardens.

'; Pleasance Theatre, 60

; Pleasance, 668 2019.

l 7-45Pm- £5 (£4)- Edinburgh folk group Ceolbeg has clarsach player Wendy Stewart. The Irish element is from County Clare courtesy of Elthne nl Dhonaile on harp with John Weir, fiddle.

Edinburgh Harp Festival I Celebrity Concert Park Room. 10.30pm—lam. £4 (£3. 50). Harvey Andrews is a long established English singer and songwriter.


i I Open Stage Wine Bar. l-2pm. Free. Hosted by l Danny Kyle. Everyone’s

i l 5 A

chance to perform.

I Caledonian Brewery Happy Hour Teviot Bar. 5.30—6.30pm. Free. Edinburgh band Seannachie with the concertina talents of Simon Thoumire.

I Harp Open Platform Pleasance Theatre Lounge. 60 Pleasance, 668 2019. 7—8pm. Free tickets. Performances from guests and invited students. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Harp oi the North Pleasance Theatre. 60 Pleasance, 668 2019. 7.30pm. £3. Poetry, songs and writings about the harp from ballads to Burns, Walter Scott to contemporary accounts, performed by musicians Hhona Mackay and lsobel Meiras with actor John Shedden. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Alias MacAlias Debating Hall. 7—lopm. £3 (£2.50). Celebration of Hamish Henderson with the man himself, and Adam Mactlaughton, Jo Miller, Clive Powell, Hell Hannah, Angus Macliicol, and Margaret and Martin Bennet

I Celebrity Concert Park Room. 10. 3opm— 1 am. £4 (£3.50). Melanie Harrold and Ollie Blanchilower, double bass and vocals with guitar. swing folk, jazz country, always entertaining.


I Open Stage Wine Bar. 1-2pm. Free. Hosted by Danny Kyle. Everyone‘s chance to perform.

I Caledonian Brewery Happy Hour Teviot Bar. 5.30—6.30pm. Free. Good time Edinburgh folk rockers Absent Friends.

I McCaimans, lain MacKintosh, Kathryn Tickeil Band Queen‘s Hall, Clerk Street, 668 2019. 8pm. £6.50, £5.50 (£4). McCaimans and Friends concert joins some of the folkie establishment with the young lions and lionesses.

I The Welsh and the Scots Pleasance Theatre, 60 Pleasance, 668 2019. 7pm. £4 (£3). Robin Huw Bowen with the Welsh triple harp, with clarsach duo


; A relaxed aitemoon oi informality in the dining

, Room or the club is one oi I "

. the lingering memories or

_ last year's Festival. tleither

' chats, nora monastic order, the Goodacre Brothers

again host their potpourri oi

piping in an atmosphere oi


gentle unpredictability. Expect any bagpipe ever i blown, with guest experts ' from home and abroad, or

g pipes fashioned aiterlaint

' scratched stretches on medieval tombstones.

L Common Ground is the title oi both the all-day

i exhibition of pipe-makers

i‘ffi' at...» ..

i some newly reinvented A

‘1 "

I Cowgate from 2pm. Hamish

; Moore gives a Masterclass

f on the bellows-blown Scottish pipes and a concert with reedsman Dick Lee on the Friday. Piping addicts

3 can also attend the live

and the aitemoon concert on Sunday 19. The previous , "Mr": N mic :m'h"

1 day sees the annual gm '" 3 m“ ° °" ° companions o, m ipes the same evening Lowland and Borders Piping 1 mm mm mm" Sm“ Swim at s. “no.8 in m , Studios. See listings.

Mary Ann Kennedy and handles bouzouki. Charlotte Peterson. I Celebrity Concert Park Edinburgh Harp Festival Room. 10. 30pm— i am. £4 I Farewell Ceilidh (£3.50). The doycnnc of Pleasance Theatre English singers, June

Lounge, 60 Pleasance, 668 2019. 7.30pm. Free tickets. Guest artists, teachers and friends, and the David Sturgeon Scottish Dance Band. Edinburgh Harp Festival

I Dance Debating Hall. 9pm—midnight. £2.50. Ceilidh with the Assembly Players with John Huttall. I Celebrity Concert Park Room. 10.30pm—1am. £4 (£3.50). A rare visit to the north from the Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra.


I Open Stage Wine Bar. l—2pm. Free. Hosted by Danny Kyle. Everyone‘s

. chance to perform. I Caledonian Brewery

' Happy Hour Teviot Bar. 5.30—6.3opm. Free. Famed band from Aberdeen Old Blind Dogs.

I A Celebration oi Women Debating Hall. 7—10pm.

. £4 (£3. 50). Kathryn Tickell

and Karen Tweed play Northumbrian pipes,

_ fiddle and accordion. Singers Lorraine Jordan

_ and Melanie Harrold are guitarists, Lorraine also

Tabor with Mark Emmerson.


I Singing Kettle Wild West Show George Square Theatre, George Square. 11am—1pm. 2.30—4.30pm. £4 (£3). Artie Trczise, Cilia Fisher and Gary Coupland in delightful, funny and noisily enthusiastic children‘s show. SOLD OUT. I Scotsman Piping Masterclass Library. loam—4pm. £15. Scottish bellows-blown small pipes and lowland pipes with Hamish Moore. I Dance Workshop Debating Hall. l—3pm. £1.50. Playing for Dancing with Dave Francis and Mairi Campbell. I Scotsman Fiddle Masterclass Dining Room. - 2—5pm. £12.50 participating, £4 spectating. With Shetland ' virtuoso Aly Bain. I Dance Workshop Debating Hail. 3.30—5pm. £1.50. Lancers and Quadrilles with Wilma Henderson and Freeland

One oi the iirst oi the Scottish revival groups and, in an understated way, one oi the most compelling, the Gaugers have. from their Aberdeen base, graciously ignored all the lads and lashions or the evolving iollr scene. They project a simplicity within a distinctive group rapport. which many more sophisticated groups would do well to achieve. Their songs cover mainly the tradition oi the rich North East, and their


! instrumentals on liddle, g concertina and tin whistle

l are a cheeriul mix oi

; little-known tunes lrom the i bothy, box and liddle and

I piping traditions. The trio

I give the Arthur Argo

I Workshop, this yeartitled

. the Fighting Scot, on the aitemoon oi Sunday 12. On the previous Saturday evening they get together in the Debating Hall with the irish virtuosi in De Danaan

tor a contrasting

, combination oi cultures.

The List 10— 23km 1593 39