Carol Laula and Ron Shaw . Tom McCrrath's adaptation is printed in full in the first issue of Theatre Scotland magazine. See review.

I TNEATRE WORKSHOP 34 I lamilton Place. 226 5425. Box Office Mon—Sat 9.30am--5.30pm. Bar. Cafe. |Accessz PPA. R. Facilities: WC. WS. AS. E.(i. Ilclp: AA|

See Kids listings I TRAVERSE THEATRE i ll West Bow. 1 (irassmarket. 226 2633. Box Office i Tue—Sat 10am—8pm. Sun 6- l0pm. Bar. i Rest. |Access: St. Facilities: E. Help: AAI ' Your Turn to Clean the Stair limit Sun to Apr. is'pm. £6 (£3). SeeTouringand reyieyy.

Child‘s Play Fri l0 Apr. 7pm. £l . An evening of plays and sketches based on the I childhood memories of a play wrights' workshop based at Edinburgh University's Centre forContinuing liducation.


This section lists shows that are touring the Central Belt. There is a phone numbertor each company should you require more inlormation. Unless otherwise specified. the number alter each venue listed isthe telephone number for ticket enquiries for that particular evening (please note. this is not always the venue number).

I The Dorm Mandela Theatre Company rcviycs its excellent production of Lance Flynn's juvenile detention centre drama. Tough. vigorous and energetic. Recommended. More detailson 03! 558 384‘).

Harliotirxlrts ( 'entre. Irvine Fri lti Apr. 0294 7405‘).

(ireenot'k Arts (iuiltl 'I‘heatreSat l l Apr. (I475 23038.

Il'ester Hui/es Arts Centre. Iitlinhurgh Tue 21 Apr. 031 443 220i.

I ’ilton ’I'riangle A rts Centre. litlinhurgh Wed 22 Apr. 03l 3320877.

.Ilttirhouse I'esli val A ('ll vines Centre. lztlinlmrgh Thurs 23 Apr. 031 3 I 5 2 l 5 I. Tour continues.

I Duartz Cycle Opening at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. State Theta tours Scotland with this David (ilass-directed play that rather ambitiously aims to tell the story ofqttartz from the beginning of time. Dance. music. slides. light and text. See preview. More dctailsonll3l 337 8330.

Royal .lluseton ofScotland. Chambers Street. Edinburgh Wed l5-Thurs l6 Apr. 8pm. £4 (£3). 03l 5574296.

Tottr continues.

I Therese Raquin Jennifer Black makes the transition from acting to directing for Communicado. in this adaptation by Stuart Paterson of Emile Zola‘s grim morality tale - scandalous in its time about adultery. murder and guilt. More details on 03l 228 5465. See review. I’aislev Arts Centre Fri It) Apr. 8pm. 04l 6’87 I010.

’I‘ranttt'ay'. (ilasgtm-Tue l4—Sat lis’Apr. 8pm. (MI 227 55I 1.

Tour continues.

I Two-Way Mirror First Scottish airing of .Arthur Miller's two-one act plays. Elegy fora Lady and Some K iml of Lot-eStor-y'. performed here by Stateside-specialists. American Connexion. More details on 66! 0144. See preview.

()l(l A thenaemn 'I‘heatre. Glasgott' Mon

2 l—Sat 25 Apr. 7.30pm. 041 332 2333. Tour continues.

I Your Turn to Clean the Stair First Traverse production ofthe year and also its last before moving to its new Cambridge Street premises. Rona Munro w riter of the award-winning Bold (iirls - mixes murder and mystery in her portrait oftenement life. More detailson 03l 226 2633. See review.

'I rat-erse 'I‘heatre. Edinburgh Until Sun l9 Apr. 8pm. 03| 2262633,

Dundee Rep. ’l'ay' Square Tue 2 I —Sal 25 Apr. 7.45pm. 0382 23530.

Tour continues.


The Scottish Student Drama Festival runs until Sat 11 Apr and takes place intour venues across Edinburgh. Admission is open to non-students as well as students. Details and tickets lrom the Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. 225 8973.


I Workshop: Mime and Body Language Highland Rootn. The Pleasancc.

l0. I5pm. International specialist in movement. Claude Chagrin. leads a second morning class limited to twenty people.

I Workshop: Mask Theatre Art College Lecture Theatre. l0. l5pm. All-dayclass led by Trestle Theatre‘s John Wright to introduce the use of masks.

I Shorts Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. lptn. £2.50 ( E I .50). Two new plays followed by an audience discussion with Tom McOralh.

I Workshop: Talking Shakespeare Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. 2. l5pm. How to make sense of the Bard with NYMT's Frank Whately.

I TIE perlormance Crown Theatre. I tilt Place. 5pm. A theatre-in-education show developed over the past week under the direction of Alistair Campbell of Breakout TIE.

I National Theatre and Find Me Crown Theatre. Hill Place. 7.30pm. A double bill performed by the RSAMD's Made in Glasgow. kicking off with David Edgar's look at the seedy side of ‘exotic dancing' and following up with Olwen Wymark’s study of mental illness.

I Mary Dueen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped 0ft Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. 7.30pm. Theatre Arts students from Fife College of Technology perform Liz Lochhead's modern version ofthe events that led up to the union ofScotland and England 400 years ago. Lochhead herself has been involved with this project.

I Equus Adam House Theatre. Chambers Street. 7.30pm. Langsidc College of Further Education in Peter Shaffer‘s disturbing play about repression and sexuality.

I Hollywood Cate Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. 9.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Two plays. Women ll ’at'lin g and Station to Station. by Bruce Adam and performed by Falkirk College of Technology.


I Shorts Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road.

I lam. Summing-up session for the week’s new work.

I General Summing Up Crown Theatre. llill Place. Noon. Your chanceto comment on the week‘s work.

I Sich Bewegen Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. 5pm. £3.50(£2.50). Edinburgh University Theatre Company givcsa second showing to its two-part devised performances. ()l)[('('l Theatre and 130 Beats per .Ilinute.

I Kiss of the Spiderwoman Crown Theatre. llill Place. 5.30pm. £3.50 ( £2.50). Mantth Puig‘s moving homosexual love story is

performed by The Chin Chin Company from Queen Margaret College. Edinburgh.

I Scenes from a Detective's Lite Bedlam Theatre. Forrest Road. 7pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Subtitled The Cooper othmtlee. Goldcrest Leisser‘s comic play about the l9th century detective Allan Pinkerton is performed by Stevenson College.

I Breeze Crown Theatre. llill Place. 7pm. £3.50(£2.50). Edinburgh University“ Theatre Company in Simon Startin's game of halftruths.

I Le Jardin des Deilces Richard Demarco Gallery. Blackfriars Street. 8pm. Another international contribution to the SSDF. this time from Theatre Universitaire de Franche Comptc.


Dance performances and classes are listed by city. than alphabetically by venue. Shows will be listed. provided that details reach our oltices at least ten days belore publication. Dance Listings compiled by Mark Fisher.


I PLAYHOUSE THEATRE Grecnsidc Place. 557 2590.

Coppelia Until Sat l l Apr. 7.30pm. £5.50—£23. Thurs and Sat mats 2pm. Peter Wright. Director of the Birmingham

Royal Ballet. joins Scottish Ballet to direct this new production based on the original l870 staging by Cecchetti and Petipa. Telling the tale oftwo young lovers. the ballet involves magic and alchemy as an eccentric doctor brings a beautiful doll to life.



Cabaret is listed by date. then by city. Shows will be listed. provided that details reach our offices at least ten days belore publication. Cabaret Listings compiled by Mark Fisher.

SATURDAY 11 Glasgow

I Cale Loco The Arches. Midland Steet. llpm. £5. Primarily a musicclub.Cafe Loco plans to intersperse its mix ofdancc and garage music with bizarre acts. guest bands and an ex-Archaos ringmastcr. I The Comic Club Blackfriars. 45 Albion Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. 9pm. £4.50(£3.50). Basement comedy in (ilasgow's- longest-running stand-up haunt. still going strong despite the recent influx of new comedy clubs. Tonight Phil Kay introduces Lynn Ferguson, Paul Bristow and new comic Keith Mackie. I Fools Paradise Old Athenaeum Theatre. l7‘) Buchanan Street. 332 2333. 10.30an £5.50(£3.50). Yetanothcr unmissable night at Fools Paradise as .leremy Benstock welcomes ‘latc 20th century urban romantic-gothie death-metal Teddy bear'. llenry Normal.

and loud-mouth rude-kid. .lenny liclair.


I Rico's Comedy Church Tobago Street. 0475 83705. £2.50. Jenny [ielait'stays around after her (ilasgow date to stir up some rudcry in Scotland's friendliest cabaret joint. Lynn Ferguson is the able support and J es Benstock the equally able compete.



I Paisley Arts Centre New Street. 337 Hill). 8.30pm for 9pm. £3. Parrot extendshis comic empire from (ireenock to Paisley with this new weekly comedy slot. Stars tonight are Miles Crawford and Lee I lurst from the London circuit.

SATURDAY 18 Glasgow

I Cate Loco The Arches. Midland Street. llpm. £5. See Sat l I.

I The Comic Club Blackfriars. 45 Albion Street. Merchant City . 552 5924. 9pm. £4.50 ( £3.50). More local stand-up for those who like their laughs kept inti .tate. A strong line-up tonight as Phil Kay introduces Kenny Harris and Alex Frackleton , as well as new comic Bruce Richardson.

Jes Benstock

I Fools Paradise Old Athenaeum Theatre. I79 Buchanan Street. 332 2333. l0.30pm. £5.5ll(£3.5ll). Jes Benstock introduces Tony Allen. the inventorof Alternative Comedy and still one ofthe best on the circuit. and Nick Revell. oneof the most spontaneous stand-ups about.



I Rico's Comedy Church Tobago Street. 0475 83705. £2.50. Nick Revell isyour man tonight at Greenock‘s popular new weekly laughter house and he‘s supported by Miles Crawford, with Parrot as the MC.

TUESDAY 21 Glasgow

I I Wanna Be Devine Blackfriars. 36 Bell Street. 8.30pm. £3 ( £2). Women In Profile join forces with TitferThcatre Company for two nights ofsongs. sketches and theatre. All money raised will go towards a new building for Women In Profile.

WEDNESDAY 22 Glasgow

I I Wanna Be Devine Blackfriars. 36 Bell Street. 8.30pm. £3 (£2). See Tue 2 l.

T URSDAY 23 Paisley

I Paisley Arts Centre New Street. 887 Hill). 8.30pm for 9pm. £3. Another cracking line-up at Paisley"s new comedy joint. compered by Greenock's finest. Parrot. Owen O'Neill and Dave Thompson are the star attractions and there'll be an open spot if you fancy yourchances.

46 The List 10 23 April 1992