I Other Places Citizens‘ Third Theatre. 7.30pm. £5

(£1). See Wed 29. UmbeanUld I The Hypochondrlacs Citizens‘ Second Theatre. /- JUNKANOO iiwib““"'s°° 7"A‘ .‘a/CA" IEdwardlICitizens‘Third Th 'atrc. 7.30pm. £5 (£1). SecLFri 1. ma . GSUUBBITIIIS Tramway. 8pm. £8 (£5). See Mon 4. Dra ma * I MISS Julie Arches. 7pm. Fr,- 3 8, Sat 9 May or: 'upgs * £6.50(£3.50). See Tue5. Apex Players VEGETARIAN a sermon :gpgsgg°;;§'g"m THE TART AND THE SPECIAUTIES 7.30pm. £5 (£3). Sec w ‘d 6. VICARS w'.FE HON-SATIZNOONTUUTE ISienna Red King‘s. by Jean Shirley sun scorn LATE 7.30pm. £14.50 (£7.25). (Amateur Company) Jumo In none at. ousaovv £1 1 .50 (£5.75). £8.50 15; “I 2‘. 7102 (£4.25). See Mon4. . I The Woman Who Cooked I L - - Her Husband Arches. i . 9.30pm.£5.50(£3).See Drama ICyele Logic Thurs ’4 ' 53' “.5 May COMPREHENSIVE REPAIR SERVICE £5.50(£3.50). Sec Fri 1. Nippy Sweatles .I } Music pIOducuons ' I Steve Harley and QUELQUES FLEURS , Cockney Rebel City Hall.

8pm. £8 (5). One ofthe

by Liz LOChead Open Six Days * ., V - most fondly remembered Debbie lsitt tells the sorrytale oi The Woman Who Cooked I home-grown artists of the . SELECTION OF SPORTS, iler Husband at the Arches Theatre, Tue 5-Sun 9 May. 1 705. with such hits as

Late Night Comedy

Sat 16 May Stu Who?



Thurs 21 - Sat 23 May Traverse Theatre Co



366 Gt. Western Road, Glasgow Tel: 041 339 4933

7.30pm [mat2.30pm]. £14.50 (£7.25),£11.50 (£5.75), £8.50 (£4.25) [£7 (£5)]. See Mon 4.

IThe Woman Who Cooked Her Husband Arches. 9.30pm. £5.50 (£3). See Tue 5.

I Good Tron. 7.30pm. £5.50 (£3.50). See Fri 1.


'I Don Quixote Mitchell. 7.30pm. £6.50 (£3.50). Multi-media dance show inspired by Cervantes and

I An Evening with k.d. lang Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. 7.30pm. £1 WIN). A new side to new country. See preview.

I Davy Spillane Moir Hall. 11.30pm. £8.50 (£6.50). lrish uillean pipes player. now much in demand by the pop fraternity too. First oftwo nights for his blues-tinged band.

I Cabaret/Comedy

I More Stand-up Moir

‘Make Me Smile (Come

Up And See Me)‘. ‘Judy Teen’ and ‘Mr Soft‘ to his credit. Steve Harley is a welcome visitor to Mayfest.

I Davy Spillane Moir Hall. 11.30pm. £8.50 (£6.50). See Wed 6.


I Craig Ferguson and Jo" Green Moir Hall. 8pm. £6

; (£5). Ferguson has been

on the brink of becoming very famous for quite some time now and he

performed by Compagnie H, n. 8 .£6 5 “S , always goes down well in R Philippe Saire. 3 W‘Zd 6pm ( ) LL §r(;?£ofa home crowd. , e .JI'CCDIS gaininga by Rona Munro \ MUSIC :T’Ismn "WI": Old“ strong reputation from his - t cnacum' pm' London and Edinburgh I lrish Country Night City (£5). sec wed 6_

Ca fe Tres

Hall. 8pm. £8 (£5). Three of Ireland‘s foremost


E I I I I l I l

Fringe appearances.

Literary Events

exponents of country Cabaret b I music, Mary Duff. Frank Theatre . onward Gaze: camp 7 9’09 one McCaffrey and Brenda I A Drunk Man Looks atThe Fairflcld “a”. Pearce Quinn invite their many Thistle Old Athenaeum. _ [nSmUIC- 6-30‘9-30Pm.

Wed 27 & Thurs 28 May

listeners to join them fora

7.30pm. £6.50 (£3.50).

Social gatheringwith

00'0"“! 'PaU' tapas I american specialtriple-bill. Sec Wed 6. refreshments~ SEE TH AT 3 HER sandwiches I chargrilles I I cuban food I salads v . I wines I beers I spirits I music I events I Drama late shows I innovation Fri 29 & Sat 30 May I conversation I Golden Age Theatre juxtaposition I epiphany THE LONLINESS OF THE LONG DISTANCE RUNNER r irom the novel by Alan Sillitoe OPEN / TUESDA Y - SA TURDA Y ,' I 11AM TILL LATE B o x o F F | c E BEFOREI DURING 0236732887 ""5" phone 041-332 7521 Credit card bookings 38,, 7,93 8, CCA welcomed 345-354 Sauchiehall Clasgovr'sovvnhuddlng comedy superstar Craig Ferguson

takes a break horn the Rocky Honor Show to run through his

Street, Glasgow routines at the Moir Hall, Thurs 7-l-‘ri 8 May.

ZU'IIie Lis12-1 April ~~ 7 May I992