You‘ve stored up so much cash through all that

pre-election uncertainty 5

that it’s starting to burst

through the newspaper '

lining of your cardboard home. Fret not. The Listis on your side. Start blowing that hard-saved dosh now . . .

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I So noir so good. I John Lithgow is luily 1- Sllhouettes and moody hooked up in Ricochet. the

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Mulcahy, the man who

brought you Highlander.

I I See Film review.

Theatre Repere, the crazy Canadians comandeered by Robert Lepage, at Tramway, Glasgow, Mon 27-Tue 28 April. See Theatre listings.

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I Kathy ‘slobbermouth' Bales rounds oll another chocolate eclairto help her through the three hours ol the right-on ralnlorest missionary movie, At Play in The Fields of the Lord. See Film preview.


in i i A IJust how low willshe

stopp? Your chance to Cher = and Cheralilte when she-oi- .4-”

the-tattooed-buttoclt gets on down at the sscc, 5 Glasgow on Friday 1 May. -- See Rock listings.