£4.50 (£3.50). Prime site to see local stand-ups on an intimate scale.



I Rico's Comedy Church Tobago Street,

0475 83705. £2.50. As well as the regular Where the world mm“ m p

joke competition and open micspot auhe MON IST - WED 3RD JUNE 7.30PM Mat Wed 2.30pm Poplalémcw 9'30"sz Cf‘Ubr wife's , Roundabout Theatrical Productions Presents

top- 1g musrca sa tre rom ancuntan .

Kevin Scisay. supported by Chris wright D1rect from THE BOLSHOI THEATRE MOSCOW and introduced by fast-talking STARS OF THE

local-boy-made-bad. Parrot.

Bolshoi Balm

snares: haquln Jennifer Black makes ' /— _ the transition from acting to directing for . pamey Como“ Club paisicy Ans NATALYA BESSMERTNQVA/ "' \ Communicado. in thisadaptation by Centre. New Street. 887 1010. 8.30pm for Bolshoz Przma Ballerina Stuarlt Paterson Of Emile Zola’s grim 9pm_ £3. Pan-0t roundsmp another mora tale - scan alous in its time- evening of quality comedy in Scotland’s . . . . abom adu'tcrlh murder and gum- More newest regular cabaret haunt. Tonight it‘s Artlstlc Director 8 Chief Choreographer dc‘ails 0" 031 228 5465-5991'FViCW; the engaging and entertaining Brenda GRAND CORPS DE .BALLET MaCRObe"A"3 cem’e» 5"ng F“ 1 Ma)’- Gilhooly and Caroline Ahernc (aka Sister 1992 New programme will include: fiffifigfififi‘flfibmmfl 8pm 71 Mat'yf'tmTacvlgflghfiC'ubgakgfdbnef SWAN LAKE Act 11/ GISELLE Act 11 ..

~ - res a er ont an re urns n ay. 77843_ 3 Les SYLPHIDES + DIVERTISSMEN

Tourcontinues. FRIDAY 1 TICKETS: £27.50 £22.50 £18.00 (Matinee £22m)

linoWay Mirror First Scottish airingof FRIDAY ZZND M Ay 7 30PM

Arthur Miller's two one-act plays, Elegy

f0” Lady and some Kind 0fL0V€ 5'0’)’ ~ I Theatre Sports Bedlam Theatre. Forrest

performed here by Stateside specialists. Road, 10pm, £1 (50p). sec Fri 24,

American Connexion. More details on 6610144. SATURDAY 2

Old Athenaeum Theatre, Glasgow Until Sat 25 Apr.7.30pm.041 3322333.

Brunton Theatre. Musselburgh Tue 28 I Cale Loco The Arches. Midland Street.

Apr.0316659900. 11pm.£5.SecSat25. O

Paisley/iris Centre Fri 1 May. 041 887 IThe Comic Club Blackfriars.45 Albion

1010. Street. Merchant City, 552 5924. 9pm.

Henderson Theatre, Shorts Sat 2 May. £4.50 (£3.50). Patter and punch-lines from TICKETS: £1150; £10; £9


Tourcontin s. - "Wm," fifmmm swam 3U N DAY 3 MONDAY-SATURDAY 10am-6pm, SUNDAY 1pm 9pm.

Traverse production of the year and also

its last before moving to its new Cambridge Street premises. Rona Munro I Rico’s Comedy Church Tobago Street.

- writer of the award-winning Bold Girls- 0475 83705. £2.50. More London-circuit mixes murder and mystery in her portrait comedy spiced with an open spot and joke of tenement life. It‘s a pleasant enough competition,

production. atmospherically directed b

John Mitchell, but it fails to develop they M 0 N 4

themes that lie beneath the surface. More i

details on 031 226 2633.

Dundee Rep, Tay Square Until Sat 25 Apr. I Bill Hicks The Queen's Hall, Clerk 7.45pm. 0382 23530. Street, 668 3456. 7.30pm. £6.50.

Byre Theatre. StAndreWS Tue 28-ch 29 Hard-smoking, straight-talking, Stateside Apr. 8pm. 0334 76288. stand-up makes the most of being in Mayfest Fri l—Fri 8 May. Scotland for Mayfest by returning to

Tour continues. Edinburgh where he achieved much

success in last year‘s Fringe.


Cabaret is listed by date. then by city. Shows m will be listed. provided that details reach our

The hilarious sequel to the Slab Boys!


24 APRIL - 16 MAY 3 AT 8PM



'l_._=!_.‘.llil_=llilll' ' ‘Ll'l

otlices at least ten days belore publication. Dance pettonnances and classes are listed .1 “"3

Cabaret Listinos compiled Mark Fisher. by city, than alphabetically by venue.8hows i £4 £12

will be listed. provided that details reach our ff

:zzzgmgflflggflgzxgtgghy. offices at least ten days betore publication. ICE: ..

' Dance Listings compiled by Mark Fisher. ‘~ ,

FRIDAY 24 031-229 , 1W1 Edinburgh ED'NBURG”

I ASSEMBLY 8001018 54 George Street. I 11‘0"" 3m Bedlam Theatre. Forrest 220 4348. [Access: ST, R. Facilities: WC,


Road. 10pm. £1 (50p). Edinburgh WS, (3] University’s free-thinking funsters return Mon and Women and Lift Wed 29 Apr. for another term of improvisation. 9,15pm. £3 (£1). A new season of

R performances in the Touch Base series

kicks off after the last sell-out success at Dance Base. On the bill tonight are two

new Scottish companies, Les Anges and I m m The ATChCS, Street. Brown God, who present works-in-

11Pm- 55- Pdmaffly a mUSiC ClUbr Cafe progress. The first is a very physical piece ‘-

LOCO plans to intersperse its mix ofdance of dance-based performance work put >

and garage music with bizarre acts, guest together by Fabriee Guillon, Don Hartley

bands and 3“ CX’ATChaOS ringlnastef- and Alan McDermott. The second piece -

I The Comic Club Blackfriars, 45 Albion uses dance and film, plus music specially ‘3 Street. MefCham City. 552 5924. 9pm commissioned by Dogstar productions. -

The List 24 April 7 May I992 47