l Gosh! Hair gel and white laces! What will they think otnext? The Cure demonstrate yetanother startling variation at their chameleon-like image whenthey playthe Barrowland, Glasgow. Fri 24 Apr. See Rock listings and album reviews.

I The opening up otthe Soviet Union has allowed commerciatlty to rear its ugly head. Here we see the controversial Head 'n’ Shoulders Haircare Interlude in the htaly Drama. Theatre oi St Petersburg’s Gaudemas- the theatre highlight of this year’s htaytest. See special Maytest section.



‘A rough sex scene between two consenting adults that‘s what we always called it. I call it perks— the perks ofthe business.‘ NewcomerJeanne Tripplehorn describes a steamy scene with Michael Douglas in the forthcoming erotic thriller Basic Instinct. . .

‘The most difficult thing for me was to carry the dead fish. just because of my spiritual beliefs. A scene where I have to take offmy clothes, I found uncomfortable.‘

. . . while singer k.d. langfinds other scenes more problematic in her screen debut in Salmonberries.

‘I actually love penalty shoot-outs. Sometimes I think they should skip the game and just have the penalty shoot-outs. It‘sjust enjoyable watching people being humiliated and knowing it‘s not me.’ Comedian Arthur Smith looks forward to events after extra time.

‘There was this fantastically brutal subject matter of beggars and cripples terrible, moving images of poverty. Then you’ve got all these people who aren’t actually interested in the painting or the subject matter standing around sipping Chardonnay.‘

Peter Ho wson discovers the reality of the British art world at a party celebrating the Tate Gallery '5 Otto Dix exhibition.

‘He died of AIDS which as we all know is the ONLY way for the seriously fashionable to go.‘

Daily Record columnistJoan Burnie takes tabloid intolerance to new depths on the morning after the Freddie Mercury tribute concert.

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