Martin. Danny Glover. 134 mins. Kasdan‘s905 retort to his earlier The Big Chill looks at the fears and anxieties of successful white professionals against the background of a disintegrating society. The contrast between the rich and poor doesn‘t always work there are as many sentimental subplots as effective sequences although the end result has to rank as a major American movie. See review. General release.

I La Grande IIlusIon (PG) (Jean Renoir. France. 1937) Jean Gabin. Pierre Fresney. Erich von Strohcim. Marcel Dalio. 117 mins..

I The Hand That Rocks The Cradle ( 15)(Curtis Hanson. US. 1991) Rebecca De Mornay. Annabella Sciorra. Matt McCoy. llllmins. Nanny manages to con her way into the home of the family who inadvertantly caused her husband’s suicide and her own miscarriage. and

soon begins to show psychotic tendencies. Despite

implausible plotting. director Hanson cranks up the tension and delivers a slap-bang finale. In other words. beautifully crafted mainstream trash. General release.

I Hear My Song ( 15) (Peter Chelsom. L‘K'Ireland.

1991) Adrian Dunbar. Ned Beatty. Tara Fitzgerald. 103 mins. Devious but loveable promoter Mickey (Dunbar) tries to win back his reputation and the woman he loves by booking famous Irish tenor and tax fugative Josef Locke

for his Liverpool nightclub. A modestly charming i

British production that is fun if you're not expecting some sort of all-time classic. Glasgow:

Odeon. Edinburgh: Dominion. Fife: New Picture

House. I Hearts of Darkness ( 15) (Fax Bahr/(ieorge Hickenlooper. US. 1990) Francis Coppola. Eleanor Coppola. Martin Sheen. Marlon Brando. 97 mins. Compelling mixture ofdocumentary footage and recent interviews concerning the troubled production of Francis Coppola's Apocalypse Now. Artistic vision battles with escalating budget. typhoons and heart attacks deep in the Philippine jungle. As important and 'fascinatingas the film it portrays. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre. I Hellralser (18) (Clive Barker. UK. 1987) Andy Robinson. Claire Higgins. Ashley Laurence. 92 mins. A horror picture with a wellconstructed plot. strong characters. haunting images and special effects that actually serve the storyline. Directorial debut for top genre writer Barker. it's a twisted morality tale with strong sado-masochisticovertones. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank. I Home A1000 (PG) (Chris Columbus. US. 1991)) Macaulay Culkin. Joe Pesci. Daniel Stern. John Heard. Catherine O'Hara. 103 mins. Peter and Kate McCallister (Heard and O‘Hara) have an eight-year-old brat and wisely - albeit accidentally leave him behind in Chicago when they goon holiday to Paris. Left to his own devices young Kevin (Culkin) has to deal with two bungling burglars (Pesci and Stern) who threaten to invade

l l l

his peaceful haven. Jolly. if sadistic. scare-comedy '.

antics produced by teenflick veteran John Hughes. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Hook (PG) (Steven Spielberg. US. 1991) Robin Williams. Dustin Hoffman. Julia Roberts. Bob Hoskins. 135 mins. The combination of Robin Williams. Steven Spielberg and Peter Pan proves to be as successful in practice as it appears in theory. if the film is watched in the proper childish frame of mind. The story of a grown-up Peter rediscovering his true identity allows for some fortysomething pondering. but primarily it‘s an excuse for a magical journey around pirate ships. lost islands and colourful fights. Sure. it's formulaic; but Spielberg's ingredients are richer and more wonderfully cinematic than anyone else‘s. General release. I 1101811018 ( 12) (Jim Abrahams. US. 1991) Charlie Sheen. Cary Elwcs. Valeria Golino. Lloyd Bridges. 87 mins. In the hands of. say. Tony Scott. this could have been a star-spangled action adventure; in the hands ofJim Abrahams. however. it becomes another Airplane/f Top Secret spoof that sends up the macho world of fighter pilots. Thankfully the rapid-fire wit and visual gags score as many hits as misses. Glasgow: Grosvenor. I Howards End (PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1992) Anthony Hopkins. Vanessa Redgrave. Helena Bonham Carter. Emma Thompson. 142 mins. After a succession of dreary Forster clones. the British film industry gets round to tackling his masterpiece. and one of the mOSI important novels of the 20th century. The story. centring on the marriage between a wealthy and reactionary old duffer and an emancipated younger woman. is a complex family chronicle told with clarity and compassion. At last a cinematic period drama that exudes excellence. with some finely crafted performances to match. See feature. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Dominion. I In a Lonely Place (PG) (Nicholas Ray. US. 1950) Humphrey Bogart. Gloria Grahame. Martha Stewart. 91 mins. Bogart is on peak form asthe self-destructive Hollywood hack suspected of murder in this tan and cynical mystery. Grahame

is an appropriate foil as the woman in the opposite ' bungalow who offers a shoulder to cry on. I

Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I In The Realm 01 The Senses At No (‘orrida ( t8) (Nagisa Oshima. Japan. 1976) Tatsuya Fuji. Eiko Matsuda. 105 mins. At last deemed fit for certification. Oshima's shockingly erotic film can now be publicly screened. In the militarist Japan of 1936. a couple enclose themselves in thetrown sensual world. their passion escalating until only death can provide the next orgasm. Masterly though necessarily extremely explicit look at the power of sexual arousal. which has attracted controversy throughout the world. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Internal Allalrs ( 18) (Mike Figgis. US. 1990) Richard (iere. Andy Garcia. Nancy Travis. 105 mins. Garcia is a quietly efficient cop working for the Internal Affairs Dept. ofthe LA police.who comes across damning evidence that respected street cop Gere is in fact up to his neck incorrupt activities. and before long the two are at loggerheads in a clash that is to get increasingly personal. Predictable but very flashy cop fare with remarkably intense performances from the two central protagonists. Iidinburgh: Filmhouse, IJacoo's Ladder( 18) (Adrian Lyne. US. 1990) Tim Robbins. Iilizabeth Pena. Danny Aiello. 113 mins. Vietnam vet Jacob Singer is seeing some very strange things. like nurses with dcmons' horns and people with faces straight out ofa Francis Bacon painting. As his grip on the reality of his present life begins to slip. he has recurring flashbacks to the night his platoon was wiped out during the war. The director of Fara/A (traction and the writer of Ghost combine to pull off one of the most terrifying. yet ultimately moving. paranoia thrillers of recent years. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Jacguot de Nantes (PG) (Agnes Varda. France. 1991) Brigitte de Villepoix. Daniel Dublet. Philippe Maron. 118 mins. DirectorJacqucs Demy made the nos classics Lola and Les Pump/tries (1e ('herbourg'. here we see the life behind the celluloid images in a fictionalised documentary based on his early life. filmed by his wife Agnes Varda. An unsentimental account ofa creative talent and an evocative portrait oths times. GlasgoszFI‘. Edinburgh; Filmhousc. I Jean 0e Florette (PG) (Claude Berri. France. 1986) Gerard Dcpardieu. Yves Montand. Daniel Auteuil. 121 mins. Provence. duringthe 1920s. Dcpardieu's indomitable hunchback struggles against impossible odds to make a success of his inherited farmland. unaware that his neighbours are plotting to drive him from his land. Beautifully photographed. with flawless performances. this is a towering tribute to the highest aspirations of French storytelling. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I J'Etnorasse Pas ( 18) (Andre Techine. France. 1991) Philippe Noiret. Emmanuelle Beart. Manuel Blanc. 115 mins. Resourceful former stretcher-bearer Pierre (Blanc) leaves his provincial home and comes to Paris and finds a world where violence and kindness exist in equal measures. Grittin realistic. coming-of—age tale with a fine performance by Heart (Manon des Sources) as Pierre‘s prostitute girlfriend. Glasgow: OFT.

I JFK ( 15) (Oliver Stone. US. 1991) Kevin Costner. Joe Pesci. Gary Oldman. Tommy Lee Jones. 191) mins. Based on the controversial theories of New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison. Stone‘s epic account of what did or did not happen when President Kennedy made an untimely exit from this world makesfor enthralling cinema. A fine performance by Costner is supported by one of the finest casts ever assembled before the camera. Regardless of verity of his argument. this is Stone‘s most powerful effort to date. Edinburgh: Filmhousc.




Celebrated Scots actor lain Cuthbertson heads this multimedia performance of the best known work of Hugh

A Mayfest Commission


South African theatre company, Magnet, explore the weight of baggage behind obesity. An energetic one and

Magnet Production


McDiarmid, directed by Robert Robson. May 6-8 at 7.30pm £6.50 (£3.50)


a halt person comedy. May 9 & 10 at 7.30pm £6.50 (£3.50)


1992 will be a dramatic year for Scotland. 7:84 put

Scottish culture under the microscope, to consider all

7:84 Scottish People's Theatre

Dorothy, a wee Glasgow lassie, is transported to the set of The Wizard of 02, where all the characters are cynical and jaded after years of seeking a wizard that doesn’t

exist. Powerful music and sparkling comedy in one show! Clyde Unity Theatre


aspects of Scottishness. May 12-15 at 7.30pm £6.50 (€3.50)


May 18-23 at 7.30pm £6.50 (£3.50)

I Jungle Fever ( 18) (Spike Lee. US. 1991) Wesley Snipes. Annabella Sciorra. John Turturro. Spike Lee. Anthony Quinn. 132 mins. Black yuppie Hipper Purify (Snipes) launches into an ill-fated affair with his Italian-American secretary

(Sciorra) and adds fuel to the fire of inter-racial tensions. Spike Lee‘s latest controversial work

also includes a major subplot on drug addiction. which leaves the audience wondering if he has tackled too many ‘big‘ issues at once. Still. it‘sa stylish piece with some good performances. even

if the director‘s message is not exactly positive. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I K0118 (15) (Bruce A. Evans. US. 1991)Christian Slater. Tony Goldwyn. Milla Jovovich. 102 mins. Unsuccessful mainstream vehicle for screen heart-throb Slater. who stars as a college drop-out who inherits a private police squad. The comedy. action and Slater‘s idiosyncratic style just fail to

gel. leaving a ccluloid mess that should be arrested for indecent exposure. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. IThe Land Before TIrne(U)(Don Bluth.US. { 1989) 86 mins. Animated feature from Disney graduate Bluth follows the fortunes oforphaned 1 Brontosaurus Littlefoot. who loses his mum to the claws of a nasty Tyrannosaurus Rex before

teaming up with a gang of similarly parentless wee




Edinburgh's Festival of the Enviroment as well as having clean up's, lectures and walks has an entertainments and arts side to it as well. The Fringe 1st Winning performance of Roy Hutchins in Heathcoate Williams, Whale Nation, Falling fora Dolphin and Autogedden will be repeated in the Assembly Rooms along with Environment Arts Productions new environmental musical The Lost Forest of Caledon.

Environmental Arts Productions

"The Lost Forest of Caledon' Mon 18/5/92 at 3pm

Tues 19/5/92 at 6.30pm Wed 20/5/92 at 2pm

Thur 21/5/92 at 2pm

Fri 22/5/92 at 6.30pm

Sat 23/5/92 at 3pm 'Tickets afternoon £1.00 *Tickets eves 22.50-21.50

Roy Hutchins in Heathcoate Williams 'Whale Nation'/ 'Falling for a Dolphin'

Mon 18/5/92 at 7.30pm Tues 19/5/92 at 8.30pm

'Autogedden'l'My New Car‘ Thur 21/5/92 at 7pm

Sat 23/5/92 at 7pm *Tickets 24-9250

'Close to being the most moving and impressive solo performance that l have ever witnessed"....Time


Ticketline 031-220 4349 * Concessions available

"The best environmental drama of its kind 1 have seen'...David Bellamy For further details of i programme, phone 031-225 2425, Ext. 5707/5705

" ' iii—e Lia—a :51 may—19752 29