I Prince Charles tells

Selina Scott the old one

1 about Major lion and the large jar oi mayonnaise. Actually he's talking sensitively about the Hebrides in the Gramplan network production A Prince Among Islands. See TV listings.

It’s time for the completely pointless bit at the front that you love so much. Here’s. . .

I A spot at navel gazing by Dogs ln Honey intheir Mayiest production Blueprints ForThe End 0i The World. a ‘lreakydeaky love story’. Are you throwing up yet Laura7. See Mayiest listings.

I The latest LA police

department titling up _ I technique. demonstrated in the Chevy Chase comedy ' s" 3"“ "m “We Memoirs OlAn Invisible

woman: the Pussy Posse | utter a low tips on sale sex _ Mm 3" Fm“ “"9".

in the Channel 4 I I documentary Rude Women. See TV preview.



2Thc List8—21 May 1992