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I Binoy Krishna Baral plays the flute that ate Cincinnati.

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‘Edinburgh‘s like the Motor Show. It‘s a trade fair where you display your wares by getting your tits out and draping yourself across the bonnet‘

Comedian Simon Fanshawe knows how to sell himself at the Edinburgh Fringe.

‘I feel the police did only what they had to do to get him under control.‘ An anonymous female jury member in the Rodney King case explains how 56 blows with police batons in just over one minute is now an acceptable way to deal with an unarmed

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John Goodman. star of forthcoming baseball biopic The Babe, is open to


‘People have said to me that your first week in the Commons is like your first week at school. My school was never like this. People told you what to do. they were less friendly. and there were more girls.‘

Glenda Jackson describes her first impressions ofbeing the new MP for Hampstead and High gate.

‘Olivier was a matinee idol and Leigh , was an exquisite creature. Ken is a ,‘ " z T plumberfigure . . .when you meet " him youthink he‘s come to dothe pipes. and I‘m a sort of , blue-stocking.‘ . f . 1‘" Emma Thompson dismisses 7 s r - ': comparisons between the greatest A ' t i. " "r married screen couple and the more . " ‘, ' ,7 down-to-earth Branagh household.

" The List 8—21 May'19923