Maybe you know something we don't, but those oi you who suggested that ‘we apologise tor the inconvenience’, ‘the great white handkerchlei‘, 32, 47 or43 were the answers to the universe were either divinely inspired or just plain wrong. The answer, according to Douglas Adams at least, is 42. Obvious really. For a more sclentitic explanation oi matters cosmic, copies oi the video oi A Brlei History oi Time and a Reader’s Companion to the book by Stephen Hawking are on their way to .Peter Chung, David Adams, Ka Addo (all Glasgow), Cath McNeiian and Julie Tomllnson (both Edinburgh). Copies oi the Reader’s Companion are going to Gary Fletcher, C. Foster, D. Bruce, Simon Glen (all Glasgow) and Topher Dagg (Edinburgh).

Out came the guilty secrets when we

probed into your stair-cleaning habits. Honesty wasn’t always the name oi the game we suspected alter consultating various Neighbourhood Watch organisers, though invariably you had a good excuse ior not taking your turn on the common stair-cleaning rota. Desiree Atkinson (Glasgow) argued, not entirely convincingly, that ‘none oi our stairs are “common” —they are all special individuals,’ so we gave her a pair oi tickets to see the Traverse’s Your Turn to Clean the Stair at Mayiest as a humanitarian gesture. Similarly we were right behind Mike Sinclair (Glasgow) who explained, ‘I cleaned it two months ago, but Catriona hasn’t done it once and Mrs Milllgan across the way is llvid’. John Marley (Blantyre) put up a strong delence with ‘l cleaned it last time . . . it’s your turn,’ though we have to disagree. And lrom Edinburgh, Moira Crawiord’s plea oi ‘never’ won her our support ior honesty, while Claire Fowler’s ‘two minutes ago’ won Ior audacity. And to all the many other entrants, just remember we’ve got you on record now. Big Brother is watching you.

Denzel Washington played Steve Bike in Cry Freedom, and David Richmond (Glasgow), J. Craig and , Colin Lawson (both Edinburgh) won ' copies oi Mississippi Masala on video ior knowing as much.

Everybody knew that Slgoumey Weaver starred In the Aliens movies and the iollowing people won passes to the new Alien Wars adventure exhibition at the Arches in Glasgow: Mary Curran (Glasgow), Ian Craig (Linlithgow) and Catherine Altken (Edinburgh). Cami Mackay (Glasgow) and Frankie Mooney (Edinburgh) won Aliens: The Special Edition videos. Meanwhile T-shirts are on their way to Jackie Day (Glasgow), William Lochhead (Renirewshire), Anne Miyamoto, William Danton (both Edinburgh) and M. Perkins (Swindon). I Only one entry per person/per competition. liyou are entering more than one competition you need use only one envelope, but please make sure thatthe names oiALL the competitions youare entering are clearly marked on the outside. Photocopies will not be accepted. Employees oiThe List are ineligibleto enter. The decision oi the competitions editor ls ilnal. Winners will be notifiedby postorphone. There are nocash alternativesto thepriaes oiiered.

Winners’ names will be published ina hrhire edition oi The List.




“‘“oEnommo’s REVENGE“

Sponsored by Cuervo Gold Tequila, the favourite drink south oi the border (no, not that border), Geronimo’s Revenge is a series oi Western iilms currently showing at the Filmhouse, Edinburgh, which highlights the perspective oi Native Americans. Films include The Massacre (1912), the long version oi Dances With Wolves (1991) and the more recent Black Robe (1992). The season started on 29 April and continues each Wednesday evening until 1 July.

Filmhouse patrons will be able to enjoy hall-price Cuervo Gold Tequila at the bar during the iestival. Cuervo is Mexico’s oldest tequila it was originally an Aztec ceremonial drink drunk only by heroes, high priests and sacriiicial Victims! But today anyone can enjoy the smooth, mellow taste oi Cuervo which gets its rich golden colour irom being aged in casks ior six months.

“h”? JOSE

The List has iive double passes to any one iilm in the iestival, iive Cuervo T-shirts and live bottles oi Cuervo Gold. All you have to do is answerthe question and return the iorm by Mon 18 May when the draw will take place.

Who both directed and starred in Dances With Wolves?

D i I I 7 i a e O . . 0 U . . O O . C I C D C O U C I O I l U C U I O I . D O C C . I O O I O O I I I. .

Send to GERONIMO'S REVENGE COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.


Just about to hit the Scottish big screens is Grand Canyon, Lawrence Kasdan’s major and timely look at the crumbling social iabric oi America, as rich and poor alike iall victim to random shootings and gangland violence. Starring Kevin Kline, Mary McDonnell and Steve Martin, Grand Canyon is an ambitious look at the state oi a nation.

The List has iive promotional sweatshirts and two duiile bags to give away. Simply answer the question and return the iorm by Tuesday 26 May when the draw will take place.

What was the name at the 1983 movie starring Tom Berenger, Glenn Close and Jeii Goidblum, about the weekend reuniting oi a group oi 60s iriends, which was also directed by Lawrence Kasdan?

Name .................... Address ................ ..

Send to GRAND CANYON COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.


Released on Mon 11 May, the video oi Heart Condition (Columbia Tristar

21 0.99) is a hysterical iarce that brings together Bob Hoskins and Denzil Washington in a ghostly heart-swap comedy played against an LA gangland backdrop. Also starring Chloe Webb, the iilm has been praised as an oil-beat gem with a blackiy comic edge.

The List has iive copies oi the video to give away and all you have to do is answerthe question and return the lam by Tuesday 26 May when the draw will take place.

in what iilm, whose soundtrack produced a number one hit, did Bob Hoskins play opposite Cher?

Daytime Tel .............................. ..


14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE.



On the weekend oi Fri 29—Sun 31 May, there’s a iantastic, non-stop celebration oi world music when WOMAO 92 returns to Morecambe Bay, supported by the North West Tourist Board. Well over thirty bands, poets and dancers will take the stage, including Burning Spear, Rebel MC and

Aster Aweke, while a busy programme oi workshops, DJ sessions and iniormal periormance continues unabated.

The List has a pair oi weekend tickets (worth £35 each) to give away. Just answer the question and return the iorm by Monday 18 May when the draw will take place.

Who was the iamous British comedian, born Eric Bartholomew, who changed his surname to that oi the North West oi England seaside resort where he was born?

Dayflme Te' . o . . . . . . . . . . . . o . . . o . . . . . . . H Evening Tel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. $26 I0 WOMAD 92 COMPETITION, The LIST, 14 High SITBBI, Edinburgh EH1

The List 8— 21 May 1992 71