Important and informative captions giving concise and detailed descriptions of current events. Not! (Right that’s it, no more Wayne’s World for

anybody— Ed)

2 The List 22

I Baby's Got A Gun no longer, these tattooed love gods (shyeeeah riiiight) now style themselves The Bleeding Hearts. Check them out at Edinburgh's Music Box. See Rock listings.

I I hate it whenthat happens. Angus Reid tries to deal with that old ‘plaster masks ialllng on yourlrocir' problem in The Trouble With The Dead, pertormed in the unusual venue ot Mary King's Close as part of Edinburgh's Spring Fling. See Theatre preview.

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I The Cardiacs prove there's still room tor rms specs in rock. lttheir ex-roadie Wendy is reading, could she contact

our designer Barrie? No? Oh well . . . See flock listings.

I Andy Goldsworthy was never litre this. Natural art with chainsaw at the Environment Festival. See Clippings tor details.

I Maria Jose Sevilla shows ott more vegetables than there are in the Alrdrie mldtletd. See what she does with them in Spain On A Plate on BBC2 on Frlday 22. See TV listings.