v FESTIVAL . Fl'ng things Mark Fisher picks his way through the theatre and dance in Edinburgh’s Spring Fling. Perhaps the greatest opportunity that this year‘s community festival is presenting to the people of Edinburgh is to get down into Mary King‘s Close, x the lost street beneath the City Chambers which -~ "' " ""5 " was sealed off for a hundred years to stop the ' Physical fun with Koshi Hip in Funny Peculiar spread of the Plague and which remains an unparalleled example Of a 16”) CCHIUTY out? Meanwhile, another popular mixed-ability Tom Peck to provide a black comedy called The thoroughfarc Normally only aCCCSSlblC ‘0 “1050 company, Streets Ahead, picks up Spring Fling's Specials. Drawing on his own twenty-year Who have have “38¢th the head Of a long waiting European theme with Summits Up. a slap-stick experience of Further Education. Peck takes a "5!» the Close Will be open CVCT)’ evening from 7—5 melodrama set in a treacherous Europe of 1995. look at the forgotten end of the system where May—6 June for a performance of Angus Reid‘s sun in the field ()fcomedy is Koshi Hip resentment, bitterness and prejudice simmer close The TrOublt’ With the Dead. Company which scored a minor hit in last year‘s to the surface as staff and pupils enter a daily battle

It's a show that Reid and his Speakeasy Theatre ofwits. Company have been developing since the 1990 ' - - On the dance front, there are erformances from Edinburgh Fringe by setting up two-week The tomb-"kc stre,et,8homd bnng mucn local companies Offshoot, withrinusic specially residencies in remote villages and adapting the resonance!“ Held 3 hard lock at the commissioned by Cassiel, and Khoros Dance performance in response to the demands of the terrifying aspects OI death. Theatre, which has a packed programme of new local population. Having previously performed at , choreography including a piece by The List’s own the Richard Demarco Gallery, Reid now feels that Edinburgh Fringe when it was known as Tamsin Grainger. All this in addition to an Mary King‘s Close is the venue in the city most in Wildstage. Formed by ex-pupils of the Jacques international programme ofworkshops sympathy with the play‘s theme of grief. memory Lecoq Theatre School. the company has a strong culminating in Celtic Crossings on Saturday 6 and loss. Said to be haunted, the underground. leaning towards physical theatre. and with its June. As with the rest of Spring Fling. the dancers tomb-like street should bring much resonance to latest show, Funny Peculiar, draws on the will benefit from the presence ofdirectors,

Reid’s hard look at the terrifying aspects ofdeath. ; commedia dell’arte mask tradition to explore our designers, performers and artists from as far afield From the past to the future and to VTV. a new fear of the unknown. Used correctly, masks can as Kiev, the Ukraine, Munich and Florence who show from Edinburgh‘s own seven-year-old mixed have an eerily powerful effect and Koshi Hip aims will be sharing their skills and experience with the

ability company Lung Ha‘s. Ambitiously to create a comic and fantastic world of language people of Edinburgh.

described as an ‘epic science-fiction comedy difficulties and misunderstandings. And ifso much creativity has whetted your thriller’, the play takes us to a not-too futuristic Gallus Stage Productions has previously staged appetite. you can help devise a show yourself: world in which the soporific effect of television has two plays by critic and editor Raymond Ross The Return to Eden will evolve from a daily morning taken a Soma-Iikc hold on the population. Two Beautiful Gemme and Waiting For Baby enjoyed workshop running Mon l—Fri 5 June. Details on people are left to battle against injustice. but will reasonably successful small-scale tours - and now ()31 332 1418.

the all-pervasive influence ofTerry Wogan win the two-year-old company turns to college lecturer See listings/orfurther details.

to be comic clubs in the 60s where Lenny Bruce and the Second City Group

V C0 MEDY cabaret which was born on Broadway. l

‘lt’s a show about women in general, :

on the Hughle Green Show. Showbiz she insists. ‘I mean, I’m a happily

I them all, Edith Piaf. ‘She had a great Pefionllled. Libe Moms l8 a mode married woman. I don’t get up on any everyone knows the words to. The kind

. influence on me and I find that people

Ad l' b always with men in mind,’ she says. 1 I ' , , l "0"" Chicago DBflOfmed- II I tell stories about myself, interpreted 3 "h [ disappeared for a while and then came with a lot of funny songs.’ : back attain. Subtitled ‘a celebration of women’, I l 30 maybe “'8 lime l0? 3 "MW" 0I She’s shared the some TV stage as the show is built around tales oi her ' l female performers who laugh at their Woody Allen, graced various film sets childhood, early career and love life. 5 I failed romances and then burst into with the likes of Albert Finney and But don’t expect a man-sIam as Libby is l song. Indeed, the second half of the James Mason, she's even been a guest no lihher. ‘I like the fellas very much,‘ _ Libby Mom: woman women I show is dedicated to the tragic queen of l “me ""9 63" do almost aflYlhlnti: political platforms as it’s only , with too much mascara, a double on 1 3'8 Very inlefesml I" he! me start and Slflfl.lell10lles. do impressions and entertainment. I just have fun and send ; the rocks and a menthol cigarette. § lief leoacv Ol 80008- Icommne "'9 "’0 feel 0" a plethora Dion-"18'6"" myself up I suppose. I see everything Kinda old fashioned? ‘I don’t like the f hams 0' "'8 Show and "'81 do "all "P

one-liners. from an off-the-wall point of view and I In her one-woman revue. An Evening kind of project that onto the audience.’

Willi UNIV MOMS. "18 Canadian-b0!" The show is cabaret in the traditional

amenalner Pedoms "‘9 Wile of mode. The kind with the songs

words old fashioned,’ she says. ‘In g oddly enouoh'. (Beatrice Colin).

cabaret things come full circle. There’s l

nothing alternative about ‘alternative A" EVefllflfl Willi Libby Moms, Tm" comedy’ _ we’ve forgone" them used Theatre, Glasgow, Wed 3-Thllf8 4 Jun.


The List 22 May 4 June 1992 41