I ‘The coast is clear. Gordon. the Yanks have gone home.‘ BBC Scotland marks the leaving at Dunoon in a special evening at programmes on 30 May. starting with an edition at The Insiders. See TV preview.

I ‘Don't look Sam, there’s horrible boys with tattoos. Sam Shepard and

Julie Delpy star in Voyager. See Film review.



‘It‘s not as ifone is advocating blowing people up . . . They said they were appalled at me. that I don’t pay any taxes which is such a joke. I pay more than anybody and that I don’t do anything but stroll around the golf course all day.’

Sean Connery, star ofnew movie Medicine Man. describes the reaction to his SN P party political broadcast.

‘I’d hate to live in Disneyland. I heard there was a murder there. Perfectly American thing to do; if you‘re gonna murder someone, you might as well do it in Disneyland. Beat them to death with a giant stick of candyfloss.’

Andy Partridge, singer with the resurrected X TC, describes his worst nightmare.

‘We still live in the worst poverty in the United States. They are now trying to make our reservations into nuclear dumping grounds, they want to make us a garbage pit, but we will resist that.‘

Jailed Native American activist Leonard Peltier shows how the legacy of Columbus has reached the nuclear age.

‘Ifyou look at ministries and judge them by how big a truckload of bricks there is. and how easy it is to

; spill them over your feet. there are

.' plenty here,lcantellyou.‘ ; David Mellor, Secretary of State for

the new Department of National

Heritage. finds a, ehm, snappy . metaphor to describe the task ahead


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