R E c R U IT M E N T c 0 U R S E S n" U I T I 0 N I introduction to Gnostic I English tuition Qualified and I iielpl Singer/lyricist seeks Meditation The ancient esoteric experienced language tuition at brilliant pianist to write songs science of self-understanding. all levels, ve com mm: and get publishing deal with.

55:123333‘23gangznccd introductory lectures every first prices. Coursrzbookicincludcd, Must be enthusiastic, creative . . n with {our Laerelease d Tuesday of the month, 7pm, at Tel; 031 332 1725. and ready for recognition! guis'c'a . . be . ' Stockbridge Library, Hamilton Glasgow/Edinburgh. Phone "1"“ mg?“ am“ 041 Place, Edinburgh. Next lecture, I ‘La Voix Superieure' for Mark on 031 453 2513 after 7pm. Svgz‘fggze' one aSgow( ) June 2nd. singers, actors, students, Go on !! ' beginners. Essential voice I Dee: player and drummer I “input” “I'm com" 183 THE SALISBURY CENTRE training based on the Bel Canto urgently required for a new TP’Ph‘Chc“ sued: The only Weekend Course: tradition, plus modern research. Edinburgh band with their own Pilate?de “.qu m scathnd' Theravada Retreat: led by a Reasonable fees, convenient songs and originality. mines. '5 a Spemal'SCd techmquc monk from Harnham Buddhist location, experienced tutor, Gigs/demo imminent. wh‘ch 'mpmves POEEMC’ Monastery, Sat 23 May, ISM member. Enquiries, 041 Determination and enthusiasm Strength?“ flex'bll‘W- 93m_5pm and Sun 24 May, 339 8499. essential. Phone Ewan on 031 Mon-F" 90'“ 930m} 53! 90‘“ loam—5pm, £12, 557 2453 or Gordon on 031 557 LOOKING FOR A JOB? 10am. Phone Jane Pans on 031 For details contact 10d Hi 8 9625. Watch this space! 229 2868. on 031 332 7987 y g The best vacancies appear in Luxuriate, relax, have fun Dancing with the Lion: Laurent emu”. mmou The List. increase your confidence! Haquin’ 53130 and Sun 31 May, given by studcm from Berlin. B U Y D S E Drama workshops for all. South loam_4pm, “(J/£30. Using a Coma“ ml: on 031 229 4351. I Technical Director required for of France, luxulngus chateau. unique Chi Qong system to . no“ hm your "am under a Fringe Show- Mu“ be available sw'mmmg p00 ' ates enhance the feelin of the flow b h l d ' ' ' throu hout Jul and Au st. available: 4th and 11th July. . . . g _ "5 c -A mm" " '“. Smallgfee or prcyl'fit-sharegz‘il Limited numbers. £280 full orgatEI‘A/ifih'i': :ggmifnd N c E c s the BUY & SELL secuon' possibility. Call Nina on 031 552 board pw. Telephone To hooky pica“ send mine . Albagenesis on . address’and dc Sit to I Freele dance/movomem I Want to loan the Millionaire I Plano tuition experienced, ma 3."qu c8530 group meet Sundays Boys Club? It’s a discussion qualified, friendly teacher. All 2 Samba" no“ Emmi!“ 7.45—9.30pm, Salisbury Centre group for talking money and 8868- Adult beginners Welcome. mm m 10'. (3'1 567 5438 (near Commonwealth Pool). money-making ideas. I’m male , Phone Luise on 041 337 2495. ° ° ° The space, place. time and 33, self-employed working Class. , rhythms to explore movement. i guess, and Glasg0w-based. _______- J oin us! £2/£l. Details on 031 Box No 174/R/1. 447 7352 (Kate . g lNFOBMATION ) Before you buy a "‘ CENTRE bakellte telephone check CONNECT mums EDINBURGH z W are looking for actresses/actors, __ w our price (from only £49

fc‘3)- Experienced amateurs O H 1 E businesses. Year end accounts, Conversions, spares. welcome. Telephone P“ 1'. Tel: -453 tax returns and business plans. friendly advice, Buchanan on 0620823692.

For a profeSSlonal seerce at onummc‘ Taxman“; reasonable rates. Contact Mark

""1an RESIDENCE Noonan on 031 553 6544. 031 667 1834 Applications are invited for a G U E M B E R 1

two-momh residency at YOUNG INTERIOR 3-O DESIGNER

Raigmorc General Hospital. looking for creative one-off H

40 to 60 years, for Fringe 1992 g c s I Accountancy service; for the With written year World Premiere production (no 70 self-employed and small guarantee).

. , . . commissions. Own city centre

lnvemcss‘ “Pmmencmgmly’ ' National certificate raphy studio. Contact David Eaton on 1992. Applicants should be 041 221 8827

visual artists prepared to work '

in co-operation with the

resi en s,visiors,sa an o n [3 h manig.§...m.§rn.ioiira‘i, 099'“ F°””da“° °t°9 p Y BANDS/MUSIC

and to encourage as much involvement in the project by I X-Ray Spex. Advent, 999, them as practiCable. A fee of H H PhOtog raphy Damned . . . Female shite £250 per week will bepald. guitarist seeks other shite

Applicants should submit their musicians, female/male, to jam

CV. a portfolio of six slides or ' National Certificate AUdiO Visual with and recapture the energies photographs of recent work and of youth! Letter and photo ANDREW STEWART. any other relevant lnformation appreciated. Box No 175/M/1. PSYCHOTHERAPIST 0’ malcria' with a Micro - - ° I Female band starting up needs Stress management, eating applicationto: Degree Foundation Audio Visual keyboardplaymnddmmm disordcrwcigmomro, "you Lam K W" must be female, very ambitious need confidential help, phone sgfir‘gxfl C v I T h I and into commercial success. No for more information and e Audio isua 90 no 0 previous experience necessary. appointment. The Grosvenor , FM“ W10 8m- . Commitment and Clinic, 4 Fitzroy Place, G3. APP'fauogsmgjtbereggzwed determination essential. Tel: 041 221 1107 (day) or no atcrt an une, . , , m1 959 4809 Applicants wishing further For further information please contact “limited vocalist information should contact ' . . . . Helen Rowson on 03817 539. The Informat'on centre at the above address' seeks ".kc'mmdcd “"9993” ‘0' I Yoga and relaxation individual It is anticipated that interviews °9"°C"Ve ventgre’ m'xmgl d tuition by experienced teacher ' a - ic r :ziiaraiizinene June/be innin of .l ill in Lothian e iona 0U nCl . ' . ' posture and refresh vitality. lfivernegss. y g “’3'”, “883' dub, "may? 5°“'- Phone 041 337 2495.

Phone Alan on 031 5564725.

68 The List 22 May— 4 June 1992