I Attractive, tun-loving professional female , late thirties, enjoys cinema, travel, socialising, dining out, swimming, golf, seeks Glasgow-based, male-female companions to share social activities. Photograph ensures reply. I’m waiting. Box No 175/11.

I Edinburgh male who happens to be gay, seeks other. Enjoys tennis, badminton, skiing, cinema. Looking for a mate with similar interests and age 30—40. Photo appreciated. Box No 175/ 12.

I Attractive feminine woman likes clubs, alcohol, music, especially alternative/indie 60$, seeks similar female for fun, laughs and maybe more. Photo appreciated but not essential. Box No 175/13.

I Twentysomething male a little shy. seeks Anysomething lady (looks/age not important) for amorous lessons in the facts of life. Discretion. sincerity and affection assured. Lothian area/anywhere. ALA. Box No 175/14.

I Gay male (22) seeks inexperienced males like himself, in the Edinburgh area. Photo appreciated but not essential. Box No 175/15.

EDINBURGH LESBIAN 30, quasi-intellectual, seeks similar for discreet friendship.

travel, pubs and sport. Box No 175/32.

I Edinburgh male (35) wishesto meet another male for first time discreet encounter. Discretion assured. Please reply with details. All letters answered. Box No 175/16. I Edinburgh professional female (35) seeks non-smoking male. Likes theatre. cinema, music, eating out. countryside outings. Attractive. good company. Looking for friendship and possibly romance. Letter and photo appreciated. Box No 175/17. I Edinburgh intelligent, independent 30+ sought by professional Chinese gay male. Varied interests. Non-scene. Photo appreciated. Box No I75/ 18. I Deeply dippy 33-year-old male seeks woman of distinction for fun. friendship + + + . Wide range of interests: arts, sports and Saskia Reeves. Professional . solvent and sometimes sensible. Edinburgh. Photo appreciated. Box No 175/19. I Female biker mountaineer. partner (35—40) for Pete (45). to cycle Karakoram Highway from Kashgar. W China —- N Pakistan, N India, Nepal. trekking valleys en route. Thailand and Malaya possible. Sept 1992—May 1993. Box No 175/20. I intelligent. caring female graduate Edinburgh-based. with varied interests, seeking friendship with tall. caring professional guy (40—45) preferably non-smoker. Box No 175/21. I Hello out there! Anyone interested in a good-looking, slim, sensible, professional 29-year-old Glasgow bloke who‘s gay, shy. sociable, sporty and good-natured. Informative letters appreciated. Box No 175/22.

I Professional lesbian (23) seeks fun-loving women for laughs and good times, maybe more.

Photo please. Box No 175/23.

I Glasgow male (32) kind, caring, tender, unworldly and confused, seeks lady for genuine caring friendship, to share the highs and talk through the lows of this unpredictable world. ALA. Box No 175/24.

I Girl on Ayr train on Sunday. going toa christening. [think you are very beautiful and enigmatic. I would like to hear from you. Don‘t be shy. Box No 175/25.

I Attractive Glasgow guy (28) seeks lady who likes to laugh and wants a true friend. Interests include eating out. movies, theatre. sports and comedy. Box No 175/26

I Attention Glasgow! Two attractive, intelligent, professional women (30) seek handsome. humorous, intelligent. single. professional men (28—38) to wine and dine us. Photo appreciated. No parents, smokers, hill-walkers. Box No 175/27.

I Creative, professional, Glasgow guy (23) still a student at heart. seeks female to share music, eating out, pubs and intelligent conversation. Good hangovers a must. Photo appreciated. Box No 175/28.

I Professional Glasgow guy (28) not unattractive. seeks girl (25—35) for nights out and/or possible relationship. Passions include hill-walking. GET. science fiction. squash. music and concerts. Box No 175/29.

I Attractive male (35) Glasgow

area, tall. friendly.’non-smoker.

interested in hill-walking. skiing, cinema. theatre. music. photography and conversation. seeks slim, non-smoking. attractive girl (20—32) for friendship and romance. Photo please. Box No 175/30.

I Gay female (21) Glasgow area. Shy. caring. sporty. great sense ofhumour. Enjoys cinema. music. good food. Seeks women for friendship/possible relationship. photo appreciated but not essential. Box No 175/31.

SOMEBODY OUT THERE wants to know you. Write to the PE RSONAL column of The List

and find out who!

I Successful, attractive professional Glasgow Asian male (32). many interests. seeks handsome younger guy for

. friendship/companionship. If

you are non-scene. honest and fun to be with. please reply with

= photograph. Box No 175/33.

I Dig, butch, gay bus driver (28) seeks passengers for friendship. maybe more. Fare stages 20—40. Enjoys eating out. cinema etc. not into scene. Single fares welcome. season tickets preferred. ALA. Box No 175/34.

I Male student (31) tall and slim. a bit too intellectual. seeks straight-acting guys (25—35) for friendship. Varied interests. Photo appreciated. Box No 175/35.

I A hard man is good tofindl Bald. fit, happy. Glasgow man (40). perplexed by the emotional promiscuity ofthe gay world, seeks contact with

~ sane. non-stereotypical gay

men. Box No 175/36.


I Gay guy (21) looking for friendship. possible relationship with guy, 3(lor under. in East Lothian (are there any?) or Edinburgh. Likes music. occasional scene. country walks. Please write. ALA. Box No 175/37.

I Do you have the looks of Tom Berenger. personality of Melissa Thirtysomething and Mrs Overall‘s wit or any combination thereof? Edinburgh guy (33). attractive. awaits your reply and dreams on. Box No 175/38.

I Good-looking Glasgow gal (25) Professional. intelligent, adventurous. good personality and sense of humour. would like to meet similar guy (25—35). Hobbies include travel. swimming. theatre. music. pubs. Photo appreciated. Box No 175/39.

I Good-looking, caring Glasgow male. mid-40s, varied interests include music. dancing. hill-walking. complementary medicine. seeks sincere. attractive female with sense of fun for friendship, possible relationship. Non-smokers only. Photo appreciated. Box No 175/40.

I Glasgow gay male (26) (in (non-scene). seeks man (30+) for fun. friendship etc. Sincerity essential. looks optional extra. varied interests. There must be someone out there. surely! ALAWP. Box No 175%].

I Professional male (28) Sir 8in. good-looking. enjoys walking. theatre. concerts. eating out. nights in/out. Seeks gay guy (23—33) for fun. serious cuddling. to strike lasting. loyal

. relationship. Photo? Absolute ; discretion assured. Glasgow area.Box Nol75/42.


F SECTIONS : PLEASE ENSURE FORM is FULLY COMPLETED | ms ISA PERSONAL l WITH CORRECT PAYMENT ENCLOSED. l DISPLAY cussinso DEADUllEforlsauef‘lelsTiiunaze ear I ‘Dvmnsmm i I It hasa border all the way I Print in BLOCK CAPITALS and send to: I '°‘:f,:f:g':;a‘:fil?;:id° ICLASSIFIEDADS.1thisi,l4liighSi,F.dinburgh,l£lll 111-: I M u " ' ' m 0' CLASS'HED A03. “to List, The Old Atheiiaeum Theatre, “3'. “n” ' I79 Buchanan St Glas ow 61217 i ‘.mnTm:n(:I;:"cm )' . ' ' I ' COURSES/TUITION I BOOKING FORM (not for publication) I gegslscggsses Name I TNlSlS SEMIDISPLAY th' sa line above and below l a | Address l and the lineage isccntreil I The minimum is 2tiwords and Tc], costs H. I crsonal .irlicrtsinthis s \Ie. iiicludin llor Numbers. I ADVERT : " cosmimsiz ANNOUNCEMENTS Print message one word per box (NB Telephone rioe. com as on: woes!) VOLU'H'ARY won‘ :22::::.11¢::2:111::1.... 33333385” cost {Jonlv Personal advertsin

I Which Section? 1 Money enclosed £

; Tick if you want a semi-display ad I Tick if you want a box no (obligatory In personal) [3

How many issues?—


: Display I I

this style. including Ilox Numbers. are £8 for Miworda

DISCOUNTS Lineage/Semi Display

(iconseciitivc insertions for the price of5.

Please note Lineage and Semi Display adverts are inclusive of VAT.

2 Consecutive insertions 3 consecutive insertions Jennsecutise insertions lliCtln\t'leIi\C insertions

Ibe list Ltd.


lorwardlng of mail.

10% 15'; In";


i. All ads must be pre-pald. Cheques and PD. made payable Ii 2. Advertisers nest supply lull nanie and address (nor for

3. the List reserves the right I refuse or eltbdrae any advertise- ment at our discretion and without explanation. s. lie liability can be accepted for non receipt of copy. errors or

5. Willi series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no refunds allowed on cancellations aner the first Insertion.

e. In compliance with current legislation, ads from gay men can only be accele it both advertiser and person sought are over 21. 7. Addresses and Ilepbone numbers are not acceptable for publication In personal ads.

VIE WELCOME CALLERS at 14 High St. (opp. John Knox's House), Edinburgh, during business hours.

I Professional female early 405, reasonably attractive. wide social circle and varied interests, seeks someone special. I would like to hear from similar. unattached male (40—50), Glasgow area. Photo if possible. Box No 175/43.

I Good-looking, professional male (24). Gay. but not out. Usual interests: swimming. pubs, cycling and cinema. Is there anyone out there? Discretion assured. honest. Friendship more important. Glasgow area. Box No 175/44. I Glasgow gay male (25) artistic, bright. attractive. maybe slightly idealistic but interesting and interested, looking for imaginative. fun-loving guy (21—35) to build honest. caring friendship. maybe partnership. Photo appreciated. Box No 175/45.

I Smiling, slim with smouldering brown eyes happy. optimistic. creative man (29) into music. arts. wild scenery, seeks attractive. genuine. daring girl (25-35) with impetuous streak and naughty laugh. Photo please. Box No 175/46.

I Mature, professionally employed active. life-loving female seeks unattached. professional male (52—62 years) to share life's joys to the full and explore together everything the future has to offer. Glasgow-based. Box No 17547. I Glasgow bi-male (30) mature student. OK looks. quiet.good sense of humour. likes most things except football. Seeking similar guys (25—35) for friendship, possibly more. Discretion assured. Box No 175/48.

Lineage: £8 per 30 words (min £8).

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Box No: included in price.

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Box No: £5 IZX'I‘RA.


to The List 22 May—4June 1992