US. 1955) Robert Mitchum. Shelley Winters. Lilian Gish. 93 mins. Mitchum is unforgettable in this atmospeheric tale (sadly Laughton's only film as director) in which he plays a psychotic priest chasing two children for the money stolen by their father. James Agee‘s script and Laughton‘s stark monochrome visuals mark out an allegorical conflict between good and evil but there's plenty haunting imagery to make this a mesmerising cinematic experience. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I A Nightmare 0! Elm Street (18) (WesCraven. US. 1984) Robert Englund. Heather Langenkamp. John Saxon. 91 mins. High-school kids are terrorised by the delightful Freddy (he of the flambe features and uncompromising hand-wear) in their potentially fatal dreams. Marginally more fun than most teen-slash by dint of its surreal special effects. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Off and fleecing (12) (Edward Bianchi. US. 1992) Cyndi Lauper. David Keith. Johnny Pinto. Jose Perez. 90 mins. When her new boyfriend is murdered. would-be actress Cyd (pop star Lauper) is chased by the killers. On the way she meets a disillusioned golf pro and a streetwise ten-year-cld. Such is the background to this worse-than-dreadful ‘madcap comedy‘. ‘Off‘ as in rotten eggs and ‘Running' as in sores. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: UCI.

I Pieoccitie Mitre Emperor Ol‘nte light (U) (Hal Sutherland. US. 1987) With the voices of Ed Asner. Tom Bosley. James Earl Jones. Rickie Lee Jones. 87 mins. The return of the stringlcss wooden wonderboy. sans Jiminy Crickett and in deep shit again. coming under the thrall of the quasi-vampiric Emperor. whose continued existence depends on living puppets. Carlo Collodi‘s original story was an early example of the ‘circuses-are-sinister‘ sub-genre. and the theme continues here on board the Emperor‘s carnival ship. With music aplenty to lighten the mood. Glasgow: GF'T.

I Prince oiTllIea (15) (Barbra Streisand. US. 1991) Nick Nolte. Barbra Streisand. Kate Nelligan. Jeroen Krabbe. 131 mins. Glossy. romantic tale of a Southern boy in New York. falling in love with his sister's psychiatrist while revealing his traumatic childhood in order to help bring his twin back to health. While Streisand's direction is sometimes shaky and her own performance is a little too self.conscious. there is no doubt that she encourages career-best

performances from her co-stars. Nolte. in particular. is worth the price of admission on his own. Edinburgh: UCI.

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I Bill-flail (15) (Ken Loach. UK. 1991) Robert Carlyle. Emer McCourt. Ricky Tomlinson. Jimmy Coleman. 94 mins. A lighter-than-usual investigation of British poverty from our foremost political director. written from first-hand

1 experience by former labourer BillJesse.

. Glaswegian-in-London Stevie (Carlyle) grinds

3 out a meagre living on a building site and enters into a relationship with Susan (McCourt) . who has musical aspirations. The jolly badinage of Stevie's co-workers (among them ex-Brookr'e Tomlinson) provides an enjoyably humorous backdrop. for

which the Grim-Down-South message comes over all the more forcefully. Glasgow: GFI'.

Edinburgh: Cameo. Filmhouse.

I the Rocky Horror Picture Show ( 18) (Jim Shannan. UK. 1975) Tim Curry. Susan Sarandon. Barry Bostwick. Meat Loaf. 100 mins. The

cult film to end all others. this rock spoofon old horror movies has created a breed of Rocky Horror crazies. and packs them in at late shows everywhere. The film has its moments. and Curry is splendidly camp as the bisexual Frank N. Furter. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

I A Room Vllfll a View (PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1985) Helena Bonham Carter. Maggie Smith. Julian Sands. Denholm Elliot. 117 mins. Classy adaptation of the EM. Forster novel about a prissy young English girl who falls in love in romantic Italy. but with an unconventional young man who seems not quite the right thing at all. Respectful but funny adaptation dissecting the emotional paucity of the English middle classes. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I BMUS) (John MacKcnzie. US. 1992) Danny Aiello. Sherlyn Fenn. Arliss Howard. 111 mins. Less an investigative treatment of the events in Dallas 1963 than an atmospheric character study of marginalised dreamers. Ruby is ultimately a much more satisfying movie than Oliver Stone's hectoringJFK. Helped by a gritty performance by Aiello as the club owner whose Mafia connections allow him one (literal) shot at glory. this isproof that Scots-bom director MacKenzie (The Long Good Friday. A Sense of Freedom) is up there with the best of them. See feature. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Odeon. All UCIs.

I flesh (18) (Lili Fini Zanuck. US. 1991)Jennifer Jason Leigh. Jason Patric. Sam Elliot. 110 mins. A sleazy tale. set in the 705. of white cops on dope. An undercover narcotics duo find that. to bust the baddies. you‘ve got to play their game. and that line between criminal and crimefighter is as fine as

7 Victoria Street Edinburgh Tel:225 7306

the strips of coke that fly up their noses. Despite a very unsatisfying ending. it‘s worth seeing for stand-out performances by Leigh and Patric. See review. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

I Beat ( 12) (Larus Ymir Oskarsson. Iceland. 1990) 100 mins. An ex-convict revisits the scene of a crime he says he didn‘t commit. but his reappearance disturbs the local community. An intriguing psychological drama which contrasts the passions of crime with the country's coldly impassive landscapes. Glasgow: GF'T. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Sam and Me (PG) (Deepa Mehta. Canada. 1991) Ranjit Chowdhry. Peter Boretski. Heath Lamberts. 94 mins. A young Indian comesto Canada to look after a cantankerous old Jew and. as their friendship develops. family tensions begin to escalate. A moving and humorous portrait of multi-cultured society that won the 1991 Camera d'Or at Cannes for best new director. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Scorchera ( 18) (David Beaird. US. 1991) Faye Dunaway. Denholm Elliot. James EarlJones. Emily Lloyd. 81 mins. At first glance. it‘s an impressive cast. But look again. and try to remember the last time any of them were in a Grade A movie. That's just one of the symptoms of this second rate snapshot of sweaty desire in the Deep South. Much lacking in Cajun spice. Strathclyde: La Scala.

I The Secret Garden (PG) (Fred M. Wilcox. US. 1949) Margaret O‘Brien. Helen Marshall. Gladys Cooper. 92 mins. Sumptuous MGM adaptation of Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic novel about a young orphan girl staying with her crotchety uncle. Director Wilcox later went on to make Forbidden Planet. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Silent Scream ( 18) (David Hayman. UK. 1990) lain Glen. Anne Kirsten. Tom Watson. John Murtagh. 80 mins. Based on the writings of Barlinnie Special Unit inmate and convicted murderer. Larry Winters. David Hayman‘s impressive feature debut as director is an audacious and passionate attempt to get inside the head of a very complex individual. With an electric. award-winning performance by Iain Glen at its core. Silent Scream provides a massive boost for film production in Scotland. Glasgow: GFT. I Singin' Ill The Rain (U) (Gene Kelly & Stanley Donen. US. 1950) Gene Kelly. Donald O‘Connor. Debbie Reynolds. Cyd Charisse. 102 mins. Hollywood undergoes the transition from the silent era to the talkies and reputations rise and fall. Absolutely wonderful musical entertainment. with the slickest of snappy dialogue. endurineg catchy numbers. a cast of genuine charisma. and an engaging picture ofthe industry in transition into the bargain. Ouite splendid. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Snow White aniline Seven Dwarfs (U) (Walt Disney. US. 1937) With the voices ofAdn'ana Caselotti. Harry Stockwell. Lucille La Verne. 83 mins. One of the most enchanting and influential of animated features. The central character is a mite wet but the individualistic dwarfs. memorable songs. superbly crafted backdrops and characters make this an essential cinematic experience. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Edinburgh: UCI. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr.

I Splll Second ( 18) (Tony Maylam. UK. 1992) Rutger Hauer. Kim Cattrall. Neil Duncan. Ian Dury. 90 mins. Hauer is out to avenge the death of his partner the killer is somewhere out there amongst the lakes ofscwage and some other futuristic sets. Unfortunately. nobody mentioned to the cast that visuals are one thing and acting another. Ambitious home-grown attempt at creating a sci-fi thriller which looks great in silken black and white. but runs out ofsteam well before the credits. See review. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon.

I Stop 0r Hy Morn Will Shoot (PG) (Roger Spottiswoode. US. 1991) Sylvester Stallone. Estelle Getty. JoBeth Williams. 87 mins. The cinematic error that is Stallone's comdey career continues apace. This time he‘s an LA cop whose mother becomes the key witness to a murder. Cue lots of shots of an old lady in a jogging suit with a big gun. Ha. ha. ha. as they say. Believe it or not. British-born director Spottiswoode once made the excellent Sandinista revolution drama Under Fire. Edinburgh: UCI. Fife: New Picture House. IStralght‘l’aiNPG) (Barnet Kellman. US. 1992) Dolly Parton. James Woods. Griffen Dunne. 90 mins. Good-hearted girl (Parton) fakes a PhD and takes to the airwaves as a radio phone-in therapist. Entirely predictable stuff from the entirely predictable Touchstone stable. redeemed by Patton‘s flair for light comedy. See review. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odeons: Glasgow. Edinburgh. Ayr. All UCls.

I Sweetie (15) (Jane Campion. Australia. 1989) Genevieve Lemon. Karen Colston. Tom Lycos. 100 mins. Controversial debut feature from New Zealand born Campion follows the fortunes of two sisters. the quiet. nervy Kay (Colston) and the unpredictably psychotic Sweetie (Lemon). whose behavioural eccentricitics involve eating china ornaments and painting herself blue. Boldly scripted and composed. the film brings a

dreamlike quality to the everyday. but beneath all the self-consciously challenging camerawork . there breathes a very simple tale of common humanity. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here ( 15) (Abraham Polonsky. US. 1969) Robert tRedford. Katharine Ross. Robert Blake. 98 mins. After 21 yearson the blacklist. Polonsky returned to directing with this contemporary Western about an Indian hunted for a murder he did not commit. Good performances all round. and although its liberal values are worn for all to see. it also has itssubtle moments when examining racism. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I terminator 2: Judgement Day ( 15) (James Cameron. US. 1991) Arnold Swarzenegger. Linda Hamilton. Edward Furlong. Robert Patrick. 136 mins. The most expensive film ever made. In a reprogrammed role that says much about his changed image since the first movie. Arnie becomes the underdog fighting to protect mother and child from another more advanced cyborg- Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Tex Avery Cartoons (U) Violence. sexual undercurrents and an almost anarchic love of irreverance all on a U certificate. Cartoon maestro Avery. creator of Daffy Duck and Droopy. has a classic oeuvre that has not diminished over the years. This rare big screen outing for his work includes the wonderful Red Hot Red Riding Hood. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Turtle Beach (15) (Stephen Wallace. US/Australia. 1991) Greta Scacchi. Joan Chen. Jack Thompson. Art Malik. 105 mins. Poor attempt to bring together the plight ofthe Vietnamese Boat People and that usually dependable sub-genre. the journalist in explosive political situation. Might have been worthwhile if it hadn't lost itself along the way with distracting plots about female friendship. romance. government cover-ups and all-too-obvious bouts of journalistic conscience. Cannons: The Forge. Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh. All UCls. I The Unbelievable Truth (15) (Hal Hartley. US. 1989) Adrienne Shelly. Robert Burke. Christopher Cooke. Julia McNeal. 89 mins. Enigmatic and charismatically performed independent small-town romance. which looks like a cross between Jarrnusch and early Godard. Young. impressionable Audry (Shelly) falls for shy ex-con Josh (Burke). a man whose saintly aura belies rumours of a violent past. As his dark history is unveiled. and Audry embarks on a lucrative career in modelling. Hartley explores the implications of ‘truth‘ in the multi-faceted context of modern America Edinburgh; Filmhouse.

I Until the End of the Worid(15) (Wim Wenders. Germany/US/Japan/Australia. 1992)Solveig Dommartin. William Hurt. Sam Neill. 158 mins. After having been chased across the world by various nefarious types. Claire Tourneur (Dommartin) and lover Trevor (Hurt) end upin an Aussie underground lab. with nuclear armageddon around the corner. The sci-fl and ‘female Peer Gynr‘ elements don't gel. but Wender‘s flawed rock‘n'roll-powered odyssey does have its own kind of fascination. Glasgow: GI-‘T. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I ll.|. Wanhawskl ( 18) (Jeff Kanew. US. 1991) Kathleen Turner. Jay 0. Sanders. Charles Durning. Angela (ioethals. 91 mins. False start to what was supposedly the first in an on-going series based on Sarah Paretsky‘s feisty female detective. Turner gives a reasonabcl impersonation of streetwise toughness. but the script is too busy hedging its feminist bets. Strathclyde: Odeon Avr.

I Voyager ( 15) (Volker Schloendorff. France/Germany. 1991) Sam Shepard. Julie Delpy. Barbara Sukowa. 120 mins. A respected American engineer re-examines his coldly rationalist outlook on life when he survives a plane crash and subsequently meets a beautiful young woman. Shepard‘s gruff underplaying brings conviction to well-structured literary ideas. while an array of European locations offers food for thought and much nourishment for the eye. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Wayne's World (PG) (Penelope Sphecris. US. I991) Mike Myers. Dana Carvey. Rob Lowe.Tia Carrere. 95 mins. Two heavy metal dorks hit the big time when their public access cable show is snapped up by a greedy TV exec for national primetime. Crammed full ofTV and film pastichcs. this US phenomenon has far more hits than misses. while Wayne and Garth revel in an even wackier vocabulary than cinematic first cousins Bill and Ted. They‘ .e shot. they've scored! General release.

IWhlte Palace (18) (Luis Mandoki. US. 1990) Susan Sarandon. James Spader. Kathy Bates. Jason Alexander. 102 mins. Comedy-romance which begins a St Louis diner. where Jewish yuppie Spader (familiar but successful casting) meets older fast-food waitress Sarandon. An unlikely. cross-class affair ensues. which allows Mandoki not only to indulge in a predictable but stickily enjoyable love story. but also provides the backdrop for observant. witty satire on the largely ignored US class system. Glasgow: GF'T.

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