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admission to the Festival Club. Tickets

ififafi’gg‘ffg’gu‘gf‘“ tor all events are bookable in advance Kingmaker have called off i I lrom the Tron BOX Cities, 552 4257. their Scottish dates— i The ‘International’ in the title is no Thurs 4 June in Edinburgh hyperbole, the programme sporting a

and Fri 5 June in Glasgow - so don '1 turn up. The

dates will be rescheduled, though probably not until i September, but

good number oi loreign periorrners with musicians and dancers lrom Germany, Spain, Ireland, the USA, Kenya, Ukraine and France.

tickcthotdm can get It you have no money Ielt alter paying refunds from the point or t your poll tax, there are lree lunchtime purchase. * concerts all week in Princes Square by , i some or the best groups; while down _ s 71: f around the Tron area there is a Publest, - v with Babbity Bowster, the Victoria Bar ' ; a - l and the Scotia Barallollering live . ,,. j . " music at no charge. Entry into the . r, -' ; ~ , .. , Tron's Chisholm Street Bar is tree at all f v , ~ i times. Workshops by leading players t, 3 x...“ I I ~ ' on liddle, clarsach, guitar, pipes, g " The Sands Family bodhran and whistle are to be held in . I ,, ~_- Alter years oi struggle, the Glasgow the Tron main theatre on Sat 20, '“ Tm mm "m I ' " International Folk Festival has settled between 10am and 3pm. and are a|so ‘sun.3hor 0”" I down to a winning iormula, a good lree. 388 F0"! USiifllIS- ' . "mm" idolsTake I balance oi organised concerts and The Festival 09808! in Monday 8 11m (average age. 20) 7 tree, Inlormal events. It runs lrom Mon Main Theatre is a POPUIar and "Omit ii have been doing gigs to - 15 to Sun 21 June, all events again unadventurous line up at iolk club promote safe sex to young ' taking place within the Tron Theatre, at singing iavourites headed by The people in Central the Trongale, Argyle Street. The Sands Family lrom Ireland, with some Scotland- 50 is it just a Festival Club in the Tron’s Victorian Bar more 100W!" local iflsmmeflial happy accificm that the is open irom 6pm Monday to Friday, exuberance in the Festival Club when ififgggggfig‘l’ggf and horn 12.30pm on Saturday and the Iron Horse kick oil the week’s . Sunday. A 2am licence has been proceedinos at 7nm- Topping and 3}Le,flei§9r§201$§§:,fi,g applied lor. Festival Club entrance is tailing the iestival, Horse meets V CLASSICAL l to the max, or what? £2 per night. A Charity Ceilidh/Dance is Wollstone when they play support to i lThat Edinburgh hardcore scheduled tor Sat 20 In the Trades the Increasingly iamous invemess Publication Incredible : House, Glassiord Street. Tickets lor ceilldh/rock outfit on the llnal Sunday '1 a I Shrinking Fanzine has ' events in the Main Theatre include night. (Norman Chaimers) 3 squeezed out another 5 issue only a year and a half I 1 after the last, filled with I am- srlent s Dickies, Nomeansno, i Political Asylum and the . I like, and an extensive , ; review section. lt‘s L n w a available from James Thin ' . as we" as Avatanehe‘ i The Stairs are more Harold Wilson a t I no , Deadhead than Tony Wilson,’ avers their press a i; .t 3 pp . . Forbidden Planet and ; release. ‘PLEASURE, no gyrating i Kenny Math leson hears Vinyl Villains. since it I monkey people, but an avid swarm, . about the an of

came out, though. the men behind it have decided to launch their

own record label and have i . - issued a plea for tapcs_ Nah, we re not scallles on the make,

The address teThe ; we’re anything but that. It’s a crusade Command Bunker, 28 § : against shit music!’ proclaims

hellbent lorJOY,’ weirds their sleeve-notes. ‘Scurrilous scallles on the make,’ reckons me.

accompanying silent movies from composer and conductor Carl Davis.

Howe Park, Edinburgh .7 top-oi—The Stairs chap Edgar Carl Davis describes his theme music EH107HF. And don‘tlct l Summertyme,the Richard The r t _, for the television documentary series the lanzine‘s thrale‘core I Lionheart of Liverpool, chiel "e "n The World/it War as his ‘ealling I aesthetic put you 0ff2_ I t IniideI-slayer In this crunchy combo. says Edgar. By necessity, busking card‘, but in addition to writing

"my "5‘?" ‘0 iny‘if‘W‘ : 3 And how goes the battle thus tar? improv became the modus 3 scores for contemporary film and

and “F” 'f "0.7m‘ylwm“ I I ‘Well, the “Melody Maker" hate us, recordingandi as the two remaining television, he has made something or °m°fn'tdp°W-° - i i h t’ d t rt I'k St I b hedouttherecordbetween I ~ ~=i' : f' i - r " n” guarantccdarcwcwmthc I ! sot a sagoo s a , I e. a rs as . aspeclatlt) out o d ost art. Since

next issue etthe fanzinc . : Says I, Do you think their problem is them. God the Guitarist eventually composmg and conducting a lIVC

. . . whenever that is. ' I this: The Stairs bandy obvious, classic rejoined the told, they crammed his orchestral score for Abel Gance‘s

I Freebie time: We‘ve got i i motils oi 60s Brit beat cockiness, guitars in, and the resulting mish-mash silent epic Napoleon in 1980, he has five copies of Lyle I 3 brewing a Stones clone 8&8 cocktail, crackles and spits in an unreiined, gone on to write and conduct 24 each i Love,“ "cw sing“ ("'5 t I most liner on the ode-to-dope single, kinda pleasing way. projects, three or which have been O'T'y 'Ssu‘id 0" €91”?th f ‘Weed Bus’; The Stairs glory in their And loriull eltect, it was all recorded heard in Scotland: ,N’apolcon and , 332353;?(f3gdt-Yg; d" I obvious riils and endless splills; The i in mono, because, says Edgar, the Greed hath Screened at the ; Can't Resist te'mmixcd I Stairs have a spaceman, two gringos i sound ain't ‘separated’ and it ‘pushes Edinburgh Fi 1m Festival, white (ytt- and spruccd up by Don and a donkey on their album sleeve; the the speakers a bit more’. Anything else Lights played in Glasgow. The

Was, and backed by three press’s problem is that they ‘can’t get . . ? fourth will he The General. Buster other songs, all from their heads round' the ‘concept’ oi The ‘Yeah, It’s a bit handy tor me too, ’cos Keaton‘s spectacular Civil War different Lovett albums. Stairs. Like.’ I'm a bi! crap in "18 hearing in one 937-. chase comedy about a stolen

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I I ' 0 0 .9 -' , - 3 a _ e a 2 \ befiscncr inspired Lyle to is that they re into shlte : Summertyme is the consummate pop experieth scene a meme, thle I

cmmc his new album The Stairs are notshite. “Mexican star, The Stairs the consummate railroad wreck _ cvc r to he shot on Joshuajudge, Ru”, B’n’B", the album, ls iourteen tracks oi groooovey group. (Craig McLean) film at that time, They have, Davis Entries to Listen! at the crackbrained, kiCking‘up'a'mmPus "'3 Stairs D'aY L0", Damleyi says. secured a superb print. and Edinburgh editorial retro-ism. ‘We had a slight little band Edinburgh on Sat 6 and King Tut’s, intend to ensure that projection

I address. 1 split during the making oi the album,’ Glasgow on Sun 7. facilities at the Glasgow Royal 4

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