Newcomers to this genius mighl like lo imagine Marc Almond at his melodramatic. extravagant best and then multiply by a very large number.

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‘:]erry Burns is an artistjbr whom the structure and the perfection of the song is all;./or whom pleasing moods nrore than popist machinationsare the order of the da y;_/or whom subtlety will always take precedence over rip/rout halls. This is the sound ofdisciplinedgentilit); produced and mixed with ennptisite per/ection by Stephen Hague and Bob Clearmourrtain.” T H F. L I ST

‘jerry Burns" speaking voice sounds as woody as the singing version displayed on the curtain-raising single Pale Red. Burns, though, is no quirky [ell-field tortured artist. The direct and accessible compositions of her selfltitled dehut allmm are aimed at as wide an audience as possible.” TLN

“The recent success of'lori Amos is clear evidence that thejemale singer-songun'iter is coming hack to relieve hedsit angst.

But (Ilasrmgianjerry Burns ltas neither the histrionic soul-letting ofAmos or thejey, lilting verses ofSuzanne Vega. Her reflrence points are Peggy Lee and Billie Holliday and she has a huge voice to power her songs.”

3 K Y

“A gentle. walling. urhan hlrtes...a splendid Blue Nile lightness oftonch." NMIi


jerry Burns

(,1) ' MC ' L1) The Debut Album ' '12»; per/eel songs including Pale Red “’°°'V"“"""“‘°"' Rt’lt’clfit’tl 8 () ' ()2


I The List 5 18 June 1992 29