IThe Bluebells: Second (Vinyl Japan) Popular demand has secured the re-release of a Bluebells' album. bravely and accurately - titled ‘Second' and ‘inexplicably shelved at the time'.

First hearing suggests just a smidgeon of explicability for this loss to the world of music. however, revealing ‘Melody Maker"s 1981 Xmas Tip-for-the-Topstcrs‘ original innocence terminally. and too often turgidly. tarnished by experience and without at that stage sufficient maturity to be able to interpret all ofit.

There‘s some nice bovine cover pix by former Postcard Records supremo Alan Horne. but "Second’ doesn't warm up till well into side two, peaking with the excellent ‘Bettcr Days‘, which dear old Bobby Bluebell didn‘t need to remind anyone the group had seen by then. (Ellie Buchanan)

I Mahler. Symphony No 2 (EM! Classics) Gary

Be rtini's Resurrection symphony with the Cologne R80 and Chorus is neither as individual nor as egocentric as some. but is crisply performed and recorded. and would make a good introduction, although on two discs with no coupling, it is poor value for money. Bruckner‘s ethereal Mass N02 in E minor isless dense than his subsequent symphonies. and receives a lovely performance from the German Philharmonic Wind Band and the Stuttgart Chamber Choir under Frieder Bernius. together with four ofhis lovely Mater: (Sony).

' (Kenny Mathieson)

I Main: Hydra-Calm (Situation Two) The title rings out like some kind of disclaimer— ‘hydra’ equating with ‘water’. and ‘calm‘ with ‘is there anything happening here at all?’ I‘m still looking for the sticker that says ‘For Floatation Tank Enthusiasts Only‘. To find anything fulfilling among the sheer paucity of ideas on offer here would only be possible if you were already rendered numb to the standard range of aesthetic responses. Some may try to expound the virtues of bathing in the ebb and flow ofthese soporific pulses ifthey do, wave your EMF records defiantly and strike them off your will. But to be fair. there is a place for albums like this— in the hydra-calm ofthe bottom of the deepest ocean. Total sensory deprivation. (Fiona Shepherd)

I Crowiorce: Crowforce

(Devotion) Wow! In a

E similar vein to Mighty

Force. C rowforce are

death metal/trance dance

chancers who‘ve roped in

respected DJ Steve

Proctor to programme the

necessary floor-filling

basslines. A real strange

brew, wherein gruff

barked vocals and wailing

guitar solos straight from

the (Wayne‘s) world of

thrash are melded with

; soft strings, ltalo pianos, Prince and Public Enemy samples and

7 ambio-spacial sound

effects. Sadly, the end

result will probably be to

alienate audiences from both genres, though

. hardened dance addicts at

; least get the compensation

f of alter ego C-Force‘s

é excellent metal-free single

on Proctor‘s Better Days

label. (Calvin Bush)

l I Electronic: Disappointed ; (Panophone) More lush ' and orchestrated , kaleidoscopic pop ( courtesy of Messrs Smithie Marr and Shoppie l Tennant that sounds ' exactly like any PSB song: I great until Tennant’s third I generation of lassitude I vocals (ie bored sounding bored sounding bored) I slap a cold damp towel on . your otherwise flushed features. He's not Belgian l by any chance. is he? (CB) ! I Deee-the: Thank You : Every Day (WEA) Variety i may be the spice oflife, I but sadly the one-time most frolicsome threesome in clubdom now resemble an explosion in a Schwartz factory. This comes sprinkled with everything from floating flutes to sonic sub-bass. Minnie Mouse Keir vocals to metallic keyboards, without even bothering to stir it all together, and it‘s as messy as it is unpalatable. Groove has now left their art. (CB) I Perspex Whiteout: Perspex Whiteout EP (Imaginary) Well, of course, there’s always been a Big Star element to our music. . . whether or not Perspex Whiteout are going around saying things like that (and I suspect not), the leading track. ‘Cool To Be Afraid‘, is in that delicious mould, with inhumanly sweet vocals and guitarists who wield their plectrums like cheerleaders’ batons. A winner. (AM) I Redd Kross: Trance (Seminal Twang) The invasion continues, with Redd Kross playing Scottish dates this fortnight and being built up as the latest cool American import. Well, perhaps we‘ve been spoilt by too many fabulous singles emanating from


that quarter. but judging by ‘Trance’ a rather slight piece with a more vigorous nod to psychedelia than can be altogether healthy - Red

i Kross are going to have to work harder to live up to

it. (AM)

I The Kleptomanlacs: In-Coiour (Pig In A Poke) To take The Kleptomaniacs‘ affection for simple guitar pop and call them a homegrown La's would be hyping and misrepresenting them. Nevertheless, the influence is apparent on this five-tracker, along with traces of Housemartins/Beautiful South, a smidgeon of Byrdsy folk-rock and what appears to be a doo-wop number about masturbation (a do-whopper'?). lt‘s dangerously precious in places, but mysteriously short on charm despite that. The last song, though, mines a floaty,

shimmering tone that goes

some way to redeeming it. (AM)

I Family Gotown: Box (Vertigo) If great pop tunes

.' really should clock in at no ? more than three minutes.

then how dare Family Gotown‘s anaemic organ-driven lnspirals cast-off attempt to impress by also clocking in within egg-boiling time? Pah, barely enough time to really get annoyed by it. (CB)

I A Man Called Adam: Bread, Love And Dreams (Big Lite) Would you Adam an‘ Eve it, the ‘Apple‘ bears love fruit once more. In what can only be described as a major servicing, the capable remixing skills of Andy Komis, Graeme Park, Steve Anderson and the ever improving Slam boys take AMCA to disco heaven and back. Stone me. guv’nor, a real pearl. (PC)

I D-lntluence: Good Lover (East West) Five steps to a hit dance record: l)Get yourself a combo of assorted musical tastes, preferably rap to soul, roots to disco. reggae to House; 2) Create a classic underground track as your first single; 3) Use the old to create new, ie slick beats and driving bassline; 4) Get a powerful, and preferably female. vocalist; 5) Mix and pour onto vinyl. Hit.

I Diana Drown And Barrie K Sharpe: Eating Me Alive (FFRR) At long last, the time is right for the music they call Groundbeat. I call it brilliant, old school beats. insatiable choruses and the eager vocals of Diana Brown make this music to be unashamedly happy to. The theme is awareness, peace and unity. Watch out, they’re gonna bite your hand off. (PO)



the meadows

E D I N B U R G H saturday 13 june


a great day out for all the family!

March to the meadows Assembles Regent Road 10.30am BRING YOUR BANNER


Dr. Hanan Ashrawi Palestinian spokesperson Bill Morris General Secretary TGWU


children’s rides - iugglers ° stilt walkers ’THE BIG SPLASH’ schools proiect Brass and Pipe bands ’Know your rights’ tent Beertent and lots more

For further information contact

Mike jones, STUC, 041 332 4946

Lothian Regional (‘ouncil “mummm

m novices - saunas 3°05 “omnm,m¢mn

The Jane 31