FOLK & WORLD MUSIC SATURDAY 13 rIclifliiiiildic/Scottish Night Henry Wood

6 Hall. Claremont Street. Tickets 227 5511.

8 .55 £250.11 t db I Scotla Folk Seotia Bar. Stockwell Street. vyhTflloblnH” 21nd gcsafuriggte folk

552 8681. 3.30pm. Free. lain Mackintosh . . group Islandica and Wilma Young. a ' Wm" 0"“ R'Vers'dct F°" 5m“, 0“ Shetland fiddler now domiciled in lceland.

Clyde Street . 248 3144. Doors open 8pm. accompanied by Carol "momma on music at 9pm. £4.


E h I Scotia Blues Scotia Bar. Stockwell

d 9 Street. 552 8681. 3.30pm. Free. The Blues I Dick Gaughan Scottish Miners Gala. Poets. Meadows. 1pm. Free. Dick sings 10 lhc I The Attic The Studio. Shuttle Street. converted. The priest Of SOCliillSl song Paisley. members and is one of the afternoon‘s musical concessions. £2.50 everyone else. attractions. Information from organiser Danny Kyle.

I . vi! I I Wollstone Assembly Rooms. George 887 9991 _ M ' h 0 kw _ - y . 'j l Street. Doors open 8.30pm. Tickets E . I "H ~ ~ a... . :4, a ' available from Assembly Rooms. Ripping (lllllllll'gll y, 4"; a... a H- . ‘~' ~~ ’a my; ‘5.“ Records and Vinyl Villains.

I Olodum Ross Theatre. Princes Street

Concert/dance by the highland ravers. All

Netti Vaandrager is a Texan liddler j in Glasgow and Edinburgh next week, i proceeds .0 Stop Om. caring for young garde’nsalp‘m. Free. Bsrllll'gnt Bsafillian much in demand over here. She’s i and warm yoursell in the Festival Club homeless. .18I63flvggggsstlgflgc Cgccunrcvtic‘; lound a ready home in a number ol f to the iiery fiddling and sultry cajun I Session Thistle Tavern. Baldridgcbum y ' p ' British bands and has even come to swing at her Companions 0i The Rosy Dunlcrmlin610383 721732- A” afternoon- tenns with the climate. See her in The i Hours. Ellyggufgilsktggl‘VZ"; ? éo“ u" Poozies when the all-woman band play : Baldfidgcbum‘ Dunfcrmnnc‘ 0383 Q 721732. 8.45pm. Dunlermline Folk

' ' ' "MW" '0'“ 0'“ Naval” "me" :irim‘iiionai Ceilidh Band Wal ole Hall

I Penicuik. 8pm. Singaround. p

Chester Street. £2 before 8pm. £3 after I The Poozies St Brides' Centre. Orwell

7 s .P‘f .F \C'l'th'n”. Tcrracc.DalryRoad.346l4()5.8pm.£5 ; bgirggyggfgafigririlifansplcaseSoil:


(£3.50).Five-piece all-women band smoke. TueSday June l

' " P' .‘ z dM' fS'l‘zx ‘"c°"’°“‘""g “W” IILosSupremosCottiers.llighburgh SUNDAY 14 THE pOOZ|ES

and singer Sally Barker with fiddler Netti

Vaandrager and accordionist Karen R"ad~ 8Pm- Flee; ' _ . . Tweed. perform a relaxed and exciting Fgl§8;()tlz;:Bar.zgwizjwcll‘blfcmr g womeanCkln'TOCkln'CaJunharpln' variety of folk-based instrumentals. vocal - - m- '93- 0‘ cc" 5 I modum T r u Th rat ‘, Alb in - - . o . . . - ' - . harmony. a little feminism and a lot of “0‘40”le Old Blind 0093- Drivc‘ 227 sgdnf‘gdgm. £6 (2;). To; flight llddlm boxm felkln countrysmgln musical fun. band from Brazil who worked with Paul (100’s 8pm band £4 Simon on his Rhythm of the Saintsalbum. . TU 9 I Edinbumh Fulk Club Cale R‘Walc Sax. dancers. three vocalists and twelve s chtghg: UPSlalr5~ we“ Register SUCCI‘ 557 4792- percussionists create a powerhouse of mg m the do“ on (he night 813'“. B (£21 one Olth bCSl Ollhc Afro-American and Caribbean rhythm. Th F I The Poozles Renfrew Ferry. Clyde i socially-conscious singer/songwriters. contemporary politics and ancient Cl d PI of $032204] 429 268 Place. 332 2256. 8pm. See Edinburgh 8th. i Ireland‘s Tommy Sands. y ° “°' 3 g - ; I Session Thistle Tavern. Baldridgehurn. £1.50. I



I Star Folk Club Glasgow Society of '5 Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street.beside MitchellTheatre. 8pm. £2. Singer and ; fiddler from England’s North East.Tom . . . . ; McConvIIle- -Acoustic 8 Traditional Musm - | ICellldh Nights Network.3West . . . o . 3 Toncmswg 3252_9pm_ - Records instruments Sheet HuStc books

I Nitten Folk Club Dean Tavern. Newtongrange. £2 (£1). 8pm. Singaround. I Balemo Folk Club Kestrel Hotel. Harlaw Road. 8pm. £3 (£2). Singaround. 4 Cha "or FR'DAY12 Glasgow Gil seo Glasgow . I Wollstone King Tut‘s Wah Wah Hut. St Tel: 041°334 5137

Vincent Street. 221 5279. 9pm. Northern - folk rockers for one night with support a from The Lost Soul Band. 5 I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. off Clyde Street. 248 3144. Doors open 8pm. ' music at 9pm. £4. :


I Ceilidh lor China Student Union


The Scotla Bar down Stockwell Stree has re-establlshed itsell as a locus oi energies that join lolk music with

five times voted best country guitar picker in the USA

I & HOGAN s HEROES 7.30pm—lam. £5 (includes supper). Bar. '

; Tickets from Infirmary Street Baths or on I 9001". blues Willi SOClallSl ideals, alld the door. Music supplied by the Norloch . FRIDAY 5 JUNE : Scots patriotism with. er, drink. They Ceilidh Band. (On-stage 8-00Pm - "0 suppon) ~ are promoting lree live music each I ALP Ceilidh St Brides Centre. Orwell l l nlght with Chicago born, Terrace. Tickets from 337 5442. ' The S scoudomlcfled blues sing" Marilyn 7.30pm—midnight. £5 (£3). Food. Bar. I Clerk Street, Edinburgh 5 Middleton Pollock, see photo, belting it é‘l‘l‘.'5:;°a’"f."g “01”” 59mm“ i Tickets: 58-50. £6.50. £5.00 (all reserved) out on Wednesday. The pub also hosts Fiik'cuilnugfizmm the rci'dcm Room from Queen's Hall box office (031-668 2019) the Traditional Music And Song I Grew" Thism. Tavern‘ Baldridgcbum‘ » Usher Hall box office (031-228 1155) mgalloa 3 30“ compellllon 0" Dunfcrmline, 0383 721732. 8.45pm. . and all TOCTA outlets (including booking fee). 3 8' 8 emoon. Songwriter and performer Jlm Reid vvlth Ha” opens 730mm venue bar from 7.00pm. Singer Yvonne McLeod. Dunlennline Folk . . Weekend l An Aegis Productions event.

The List 5- l8June 21-992 39