l Elias Koteas demonstrates step nine in the ‘How to deal with your

neighbours' noisy children’ course. as seen in Atom

_ Egoyan‘s The Adjuster. See

I I Film preview.

I Whatever happened to those good old simple I group names like Bush, I Clash. Mud and DMD? l Disposable Heroes 0t ; Hiphoprisy demonstrate the ! art ot rap that detiesthe : conventions (like having l linesthat scan) See Music l preview. i


l “Whale my ass! Looks like a Great White to me. Let's blow the mother out ot the water.’ James Woods lookalike Roy Scheider relives old times in Jaws. See TV listings.


l The Beaslie Boys. rememberlhem? Just keep your hands otlBarrie's Beetle this time around will you lads? See Music


WORD or mourn

‘For the first time in history. rich countries should care for developing countries not only on moral grounds and through philanthropic efforts— but in our very mutual self-interest.‘

Swiss billionaire Stephan

Schmidhein y outlines the message he is taking to fellow businessmen via the Earth Summit in Rio.

‘There are some women who. when they get to the top of the ladder, give others a helping hand. There are others who haul the ladder up she is the latter and I hope I am the former.‘

Jean M cFadden. the new leader of the Labour Group on Glasgow C ity Council, hints that Mrs Thatcher is not particularly one of her role models.

‘lt‘s not going to be all bingo. burns and tits. We have to identify more with the Daily Record than The Scotsman .

Simon Forrest. controller of corporate affairs at Scottish Television. reveals the station 's new populist identity.

"l‘here‘s not going to be much of a place for sissies as we get from where we are to where we‘re going to.‘ Undeclared US presidential hopeful Ross Perot shows the hard -h ittin g political rhetoric that may well get him elected.

‘I remember a teacher saying cinema was alright for money but theatre

was where the work was serious. l Even at eighteen I knew the man was a fool.‘

A ctor Albert Finn e_v believes there 's hope yet for the British film industry.

The List 5 l8June 1992 3