other words. beautifully crafted mainstream trash. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Odcon. All UCls.

I Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man ( 18) (Simon Wincer. US. 1991) Mickey Rourke. Don Johnson. Chelsea Field. Tom Sizemore. 98 mins. The buddy formula just refuses to die. This time it’s two motorcycle-riding drifters (Rourke and Johnson living out their childhood dreams) who rob a bank - for good reasons. of course but find themselves caught up in a treacherous world. An aetion/adventure/ chase/comedy/ star vehicle that tries to please everyone but ends up leaving no one fully satisfied. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I Hear My Song ( 15) (Peter Chelsom. UK/Ireland . 1991) Adrian Dunbar. Ned Beatty. Tara Fitzgerald. 103 mins. Devious but loveable promoter Mickey (Dunbar) tries to win back his reputation and the woman he loves by booking famous Irish tenor and tax fugative Josef Locke for his Liverpool nightclub. A modestly charming British production that is fun if you're not expecting some sort of all-time classic. Glasgow; Salon. Central: MacRobert. Fife: Adam Smith. Strathclyde: WMR.

I Heart Beatlng In The Dark ( l8)(Shunichi Nagasaki. Japan. 1982) 75 mins. A youngcouple from the wrong side of the tracks find themselves on the run and in the depths of a sado-masochistic relationship. A genuine yet horrifying love story. Shown with Kohei Ando‘s short My Collections. Glasgow: GF'T.

I Henry: Portrait 01A Serial Killer ( 18) (John McNaughton. US. 1986) Michael Rooker. Tom Towles. Tracey Arnold. 80mins. Based looselyon the true life (and subsequently recanted) confessionsof Henry Lee Lucas. McNaughton‘s exemplary film is a harrowing account ofan amoral mass murderer. Scenes of rape and mutilation transcend the usual titillation ofthe genre and force the audience to question the use ofmurder as entertainment. Simultaneously one ofthe most important releases of recent years. and one reCOmmended with caution. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I ngh Hutu 15) (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 1991) Victoria Abril. Miguel Bose. Marisa Paredes. 115 mins. More melodramatic frolics from Spain‘s finest. this time in the shape ofa murderous triangle between a mother. her daughter and the latter‘s husband. While Almodovar isn't quite at his best. Abril excels as the TV news presenter who admits on air to her hubby's killing. Fife: Adam Smith.

I Una lllatolra Invantae(15) (Andre Forcicr. Canada. 1991)90mins. A trumpeter returns to his old neighbourhood and tries to patch up relations with his former lover and her daughter. The cold autumn light merges with a plot centred on revenge and repressed passion to create a curious blend of realism and fantasy. Glasgow: GET.

I HOOHPG) (Steven Spielberg. US. 1991 ) Robin Williams. Dustin Hoffman. Julia Roberts. Bob Hoskins. 135 mins. The combination of Robin Williams. Steven Spielberg and Peter Pan proves to be as successful in practice as it appears in theory. if the film is watched in the properchildish frame of mind. The story of a grown-up Peter rediscovering his true identity allows for some fortysomething pondering. but primarily it‘s an excuse for a magical joumey around pirate ships. lost islands and colourful fights. Sure. it's formulaic; but Spielberg's ingredients are richer and more wonderfully cinematic than anyone else‘s. General release.

IHowards End (PG) (James Ivory. UK. 1992) Anthony Hopkins. Vanessa Redgrave. Helena Bonham Carter. Emma Thompson. 142 mins. After a succession of dreary Forster clones. the British film industry gets round to tackling his masterpiece. and one of the most important novels of the 20th century. The story. centringon the marriage between a wealthy and reactionary old duffer and an emancipated younger woman. is a complex family chronicle told with clarity and compassion. At last a cinematic period drama that exudes excellence. with some finely crafted performances to match. Glasgow: ()deon. Salon. Edinburgh: Dominion.

I The Hunt For fled 0etobcr(15) (John McTiernan. US. 1990) Sean Connery. Alec Baldwin. Scott Glen. Tim Curry. 136 mins. The latest all-star offering from the director of Die Hard. set aboard a Soviet submarine and the NATO sub sent to hunt it down. In response to the plot-spoilingthaw of East-West relations. McTiernan sneakily sets the film a few years back. which can't help but render it anachronistic. Glasgow: Grosvenor.

I In Bed With Iatloana(18)(Alck Keshishian. US. 1991) Madonna. her dancers. the tour crew. a bottle of mineral water. 119 mins. This behind the scenes look at the world‘s top pop icon may not be the candid revelation the hype would have us believe. but newcomer Keshishian provides a constantly entertaining portrait of the artist. as she switches from super-bitch to mother mode. Concert footage of the Blond Ambition tour is impressive and tightly edited. but the highlights have to be Beatty and Costner making total prats ofthemselves. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Jacob's Laddar(l8) (Adrian Lyne. US. 1990) Tim Robbins. Elizabeth Pena. Danny Aiello. 113 mins. Vietnam vet Jacob Singer is seeing some very strange things. like nurses with demons' horns and people with faces straight out of a Francis Bacon painting. As his grip on the reality ofhis present life begins to slip. he has recurring flashbacks to the night his platoon was wiped out during the war. The director of Fatal Attraction and the writer of Ghost combine to pull off one of the most terrifying. yet ultimately moving. paranoia thrillers of recent years. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. I J'Emliraue Paa(18) (Andre Techine. France. 1991 ) Philippe Noiret. Emmanuelle Beart. Manuel Blane. 115 mins. Resourceful former stretcher-bearer Pierre (Blane) leaves his provincial home and comes to Paris and finds a world where violence and kindness exist in equal measures. Grittily realistic. coming-of—age tale with a fine performance by Bean (Manon des Sources) as Pierre’s prostitute girlfriend. Edinburgh: Cameo. Central: MacRobert. I Jesus 01 Montreal ( l8) (Denys Arcand. Canada. l989)1.othaire Bluteau. Catherine Wilkening. Johanne-Marie Tremblay. 120mins. Hired to revamp a Catholic passion play. Bluteau enlists four actors from diverse sources. casts himself as Jesus. and sets to work on a stunningly radical version of his own. Arcand‘s follow-up to Decline Of The American Empire is chockful of twists. surprises and incisive satire. Finely acted. elegantly filmed and always intriguing. Glasgow: GFT. IJolutny Suede ( 15) (Tom DiCillo. US. 1991) Brad Pitt. Richard Boes. Catherine Keener. Nick Cave. 97 mins. Already a cult item on home turf. DiCiIIo‘s debut is a contemporary morality tale centring on a would-be rockstar. whose musical and hairstyle inspiration is Ricky Nelson. Wryly funny look at an absurd world contains some excellent cameo performances from Keener as his instructive girlfriend and Cave as a platinum pompadoured rocker. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Cameo. I King: 011'» Road(15)(w1m Wenders. W. Germany. 1976) Rudiger Vogler. Bruno Ganz. 176 mins. A businessman escaping from his domestic responsibilities joins up with a travelling cinema equipment repaimtan in an odyssey round the rural movie houses of Germany. Brilliant road movie more than bearing comparison with its American models. The episodic narrative and bleak monochrome cinematography emanate an almost palpable sense of despair. Highly recommended. Glasgow: GET. I Knife In The Water( 15) (Roman Polanski. Poland. 1962) Leon Niemczyk. Jolanta Umecka. Zygmunt Malanowicz. 94 mins. Polanski came to prominence with this tight but imaginative three-character psychological study. A couple going on holiday pick up a hitch-hiker and soon dangerous emotional games are being played. The director‘s simple approach keeps the tension high and melodramatics low. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Kaila ( 15) (Bruce A. Evans. US. 1991)Christian Slater. Tony Goldwyn. Milla Jovovich. 102 mins. Unsuccessful mainstream vehicle for screen heart-throb Slater. who stars as a college drop-out who inherits a private police squad. The comedy. action and Slater‘s idiosyncratic style just fail to gel . leaving a celuloid mess that should be arrested for indecent exposure. Strathclyde: La Scala. I Ladybuna(tbc)(Sidnch.Furie-.US.1992) Rodney Dangerfield. Tom Parks. Ilene Graff. In his first comedy feature role since the forgettable Back To School. funny man Dangerfield isthe coach of a soccer team of thirteen-year-old girls sponsored the company he works for. Usual plot develops: team are crap. he builds them up. etc. etc. Entirely resistable American fodder forced on an unwilling British audience. and due to die its video death pretty darn soon. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. All UCIs. IThe Lawnmowarlnan ( 15) (Brett Leonard. UK/US. 1992) Pierce Brosnan. Jeff Fahey. Jenny Wright. 108 mins. Backward gardener (Fahey) is the subject ofexperimcnts to increase learning potential using drugs and Virtual Reality technology. Cue weird side effects and telekinetic powers. Unfortunately the plot (which has hardly anything to do with the Stephen King short story) is little more than a ludicrous twist on the Frankenstein format and is basically just there as an excuse for some admittedly stunning. computer-animated special effects. General release. I Light SleepemS) (Paul Schrader. US. 1991) Willem Dafoe. Susan Sarandon. Dana Delany. Mary Beth Hurt. 103 mins. Writer/director Schrader returns to terrific form with this tale ofa drug courier searching for meaning in a broken urban world. Dafoe is superb as John Le Tour. a latterday cousin to Schrader‘s creations in American Gigolo and Taxi Driver. Tough and intense. it is the most involving film fromthis major American filmmaker for quite some time. Edinburgh: Cameo. I‘lhe Lovar(18) (Jean-JacquesAnnaud. France/UK. 1991) Jane March. Tony Leung.

l i

Jeanne Moreau. 117 mins. In 19205 Saigon. a fifteen year old girl has a steamy affair with a Chinaman twice her age. Er. . . that'sit. Annaud‘s big screen translation of Marguerite Duras‘s autobiographical n0vel is fairly erotic for the first halfhour. then moves swiftlyinto relentless arthouse tedium. This really isthe cinematic equivalent of wading through French literature of an intellectual bent. See feature. General release.

I Manhunt" ( 18) (Michael Mann. US. 1987) William L. Petersen. Tom Noonan. Brian Cox. Kim Griest. 119 mins. FBI agent Petersen returns from psychiatric treatment to face another case. using his customary technique for tracking down serial killers by recreating their train ofthought. Cox‘s embodiment of Hannibal Lector may not have had the same amount of coverage as Hopkins‘. but his remains the more chilling performance. Convincing and disturbing adult thriller with effortlessly stylish use of the wide screen. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Medicine Man (PG) (John McTiernan. US. 1991) Sean Connery. Lorraine Bracco. Jose Wilker. 105 mins. Change oftack for top action director McTiernan and Scotland's favourite son in this tale of a scientist whose elusive cure for cancer lies within a patch of rainforest due for ‘development'. Connery and co-star Braeco never quite hit it off as a screen duo. but the photography and Big Tam‘s inimitable charm make for a damn good cinema sitting. General release.

I Minolta at an lnvlallilo Mari (PG) (John Carpenter. US. 1991) Chevy Chase. Daryl Hannah. Sam Neill. 99 mins. As the result ofan experimental mishap Wall Street analyst Nick Halloway (Chase) becomes invisible. Soon he's on the run from the secret service and trying to get his documentary filmmaker girlfriend to help him. Computer animation replaces the old standby of unseen bits of string. but the film‘s extended chase narrative is nowhere near as inspired as the trick work. Central: Cannon.

I Mlulaslppl Maaala ( 15) (Mira Nair. US. 1991) Denzel Washington. Sarita Choudhury. Roshan Seth. 112 mins. Expelled from Uganda. an Asian family face further upheaval in the American South when the daughter falls for astruggling carpet cleaner. An unusual slant on inter-racial hostility from the director of Salaam Bombay.’. which could have benefitted from a little more grit. Central: MacRobert.

I Moon In The Gutter ( 18) (Jean-Jacques Beineix. France. 1983) Gerard Depardieu. Nastassja


Kinski. Victoria Abril. 126 mins. Depardieu is an increasingly obsessive dockworker on the trail of his sister‘s rapist while at the same time getting involved with the mysterious and filthy rich Kinski. A celebrated disaster. Beineix‘s difficult second feature boasts an operatic approach to the visuals but precious little emotional involvement. Fans of Diva should still see it. Glasgow: GFI'.

I My Cousin Vlaay ( 15) (Jonathan Lynn. US. 1992) Joe Pesei. Matias Tomei. Fred Gwynne. Two New York college boys are falsely accused of murder in the Deep South. but. hey. everything‘s cool because they‘ve got an attorney in the family. Unfortunately. this is Vincent Gambini (Joe Pesei) whose entire experience consists of six weeks working on injury claims. My Cousin Vinny is one of the best comedies to come out of the States in years; consistently funny. with well-written characters and tremendous performances. it should not be missed. This one-off premiere screening for Telethon takes place on Wed 24 June at 8pm. Glasgow: Grosvenor. I New Jack Clty ( 18) (Mario Van Peebles. US. 1991) Wesley Snipes. Ice-T. Allen Payne. Chris Rock. Mario Van Peebles. 101 mins. Rapper Ice-T plays an undercover cop dedicated to smashing a powerful gang who run 3 drugs empire. But when his cover is blown. a seriesof violent confrontations follow. Director Van Peebles delivers a gripping work of fiction based on a frightening world of fact. while packing in an impressive quotient of Uzi fire and hot babe action. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Paradise (12) (Mary Agnes Donoghue. US. 1991) Melanie Griffith. Don Johnson. Elijah Wood. Thora Birch. 111 mins. Predictable and moving at a pace that would make a snail resemble Linford Christie. screenwriter (Beaches) Donoghue's directorial debut is nevertheless rewarding. if it hits the right adult market. Young Willard (Wood) is sent by his pregnant mother to the home of her schoolfriend (Griffith) and her bad-tempered husband (Johnson). dredging up his hosts‘ memories of their own dead son. Nicely done for the most part. with Johnson revealinga surprisingly tender side to his on-screen persona. General release. I Parts. Taxas(15) (Wim Wenders. US/W. Germany. 1984) Harry Dean Stanton. Natassja Kinski. Hunter Carson. 144 mins. Missing for four years. middle-aged loner Stanton turns up in the Texan outback. and is later reunited with hisson. The two embark on a trek across America to find his estranged wife. the young boy's mother.

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