‘lleep it Under Your ilat', a live set irom v A L B U MS _ Ronnie Scott’s last year, although not « I The Wedding Present: illt always as atmospheric. Paradet (RCA) It comes D There Is no shortage of variety in the around about the same 3m flaunts." (acmmn) music, which moves closer to a rock time every month. , t - r d and tunk sound (with occasional jazz receded by a [‘8ng This is Tam White s long awa te fiche. Sometimes Wm mm “but mm m pawn“. and Latin overtones), and maybe gets a bad you just cam gm out “gimme. band he has worked Wm, little too tar away irom the basic blues ofbed in the morning. over the last eighteen months or so. Tam “39“,” b9" 0}" I" "‘9 P'Pcess- Wedding Present Single The compositions are all originals, “3" 3°" 3 PW“ M3“ 33'“ 99‘s 3" syndrome is affecting mm mm by me sing", and most Wm evocative, walking-bass treatment, millions of radio listeners b. “mm” m anyone who has caught while other highlights include the bold, “"d.:“§|’°:5 "0 33%;:in the band live. The studio versions - “333V 7"" "Wm 0' "'9 afiasrv 3"“ agar e 611%)“; t , I b mode 8. "I" Mamnemt, can,” the evocative Piano Player , which ° cm“- 6 l“. 5" 5 a S _ captures the essence oi White’s gritty mommy whmmg m Studio in Surrey are lighter and more i collected hm to, polished than the live equivalents on i '0'“ "‘0" NW (“NW "a‘h'esm‘l

dedicated pain junkies. but it's the B-sides that best sum up the Pressics‘ a roach:takeathin of ,- so ,, ' ~ - {agile beauty (Julec g i 1" jr 1 "' fl, _ FUR'OUSLY’ "one more “than C'U‘Se's‘Fa'ling'tn‘c ' l t' Rankine herself, who spits itallback groaBétwegns'éCattIet a V) . SILVERHSH outagaln withagenerous helping oi n anc an wra lu ;; _, a 1 i . . inayorkshircfogofp p - ;. _ . ,2? y: . Organ Fanwreafion) biieiAnddlustwhe'n you'think it can tget 1‘" V4" 5*" Justwhatan‘organlan’lslknownot. 5W ou.er°mas'er’a°"g comes. . a 5 , Fuckin Strange Way To GetAttentlon’ .. . e Perhaps it has sometenuous

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adenoidal groans. And we’ve got another six

muted power-chords and connection with Lesley Rankine.s .mp8 (a botched suicide, in other words), the month‘s-worth to come.

ms lips power. chant on .Big Bad Baby most exhausting track oi a thoroughly

(Tom Lappi") , I A Pig Squeal’. More likely it's something ""3""“5 a'bym' . :.?t:':'%“:';w:£fl° irom the secret world oi Silverlish that "2'32:figfigfggtghtggggpsg:2‘ngu (WEI) Once you‘ve been "'3 hem" we do“ ""de's'am" who can split open David Essex’s 'ROCE sullled with the presence .. t" ""3 is "'9 "'3' ""‘e ""9 90' On’ and ex ose the dart rotten ( ethic of, Mew, Rcvhte, I ; . , acquainted with Silverfish, and even) "83:0, lam mm, m 9 things can never be the = " .’,, suspicions that their ecstatic reviews 9 ' e

Swans playing the golden greats ol Gary Glitter— that we somehow always knew wasthere. Needless to say, band

same again. The Flaming Lips could have been a competent American pop band: the seeds are there- regular melodies, recognisable structures, folky guitar arrangements. But they let Jonathan Donahue into the fold and his warped perspective took root, so instead of _ delivering the next REM

album (a fine achievement, but no

challenge) they‘ve arrived N 0 M 0

at some puzzling thrilling Ana“ Dust (8'88")

approx'lnat'on “What " ‘Angel Dust' is Faith No More’s cryptic sounds like to put The Replacements in a response to those who strive to liquidizerwith Television, manoeuvre the band into pole position and fortunately, ordinary tor a successor to sliced bread. it

might just have been covering up some pale Yank-copyist UK bratcore band are

binned by the third song. One quickly realises that Silverfish haven’t bitten g:‘cifrgrggglztggign:'mggg?:her

I .. .- all more than they can chew- and even ll "lei have. they’re masiicating "Who'll

service will not be seemed that ‘The Real Thing’ might be resumed ever- (Fiona lollowed by a locused album which ibis“? I u" would set a deiinltive benchmark ior ss ross: o y l d m“ om (Comm) m lesser mortals, yet Filhl sdogge

hard to look at the disregard tor convention has delivered . a mischievously centrilugal least at

twelve-year-old rap duo '

and not think ofthe giant rhythm, owner! and quirk. There s no

footsteps they‘re blithely mnk- more no", “any was-

plonking their undersized Those dismayed lools who consumed Nikes into. You know. Living Colour’s every product on the like Donny Osmond. strength oi ‘Love Bears Its Ugly Head’ MPSPC‘“ Youth and 5' , will not have learned the lesson; FNM Winifrcd's School Chorr. i

also retuse to pander to popular tastes.

A" "‘05" Sp‘cnd'd . i The menacing weight oi ‘Angel Dust’

examples of precocrous .

you", skilfully engineered demands total immersion by the

to convince us that one listener, but such an acidic baptism

guileless good-time single will burn the souls oi innocent

can a hit career make. newcomers.

Kriss Kross, however, will The perfect balance of 'EVBMMM'S

{lave lac lest laugfh this Ruined' and “A Small Victory’ could "“c' “"3 "a “’d (had easily be designed to add insult to

crafted for them?) an

album that adds men to injury, hinting at a more esoteric

the potemiany malleable direction the band could so easily have

lexicon of rap, the sates pursued. The tact that both tracks are

that will inevitably result lollowed by raging musical grizzlies from the ‘cute kids’ factor only adds iuel to the suspicion oi

(don‘t buy it. folks. _ twisted conspiracy. tiller re actually venlc'ally Philosophically, ‘Angei Dust' is a C a lens“ 83"85‘°'5-) triumph ior integrity. It is thus all the

should at least keep them

- ff d d - more disappointing that musically lt 22,325 forms, :Earvfieo lalls agonislngly short oi perlection. , Bush) (Richard l-ieggie)

32 The List 19June-21uly 1992