I ‘Is this an LSD ilashoaclt or is that torest moving?’ Jenny Quayle and Michael Pennington oi The English Shakespeare Company pertorrn the Scottish Play at Glasgow's Theatre Royal. See Theatre preview. Oh, what the hell. I’m not superstitious, it’s MacBeaeeeeeargh . . .

I Who says a sports star can‘t become a convincing and talented actor? Apart trorn the critics that is? And the audiences. And . . .OK, OK. Former Seattle Seahawit Brian Bosworth shrugs oil the sneers in Stone Coid. See Film

I Spot the Beilanys and Hanson oi the tuture at the annual degree shows. at Edinburgh College 0t Art and Glasgow School 01 Art from 20 June. See Art listings.



‘I don‘t think constant music will bother them too much. but individual loud blasts might cause stress.‘

Farmer Richard Bro wn. whose

A yrsh ire fields were used for an all -n ight ra ve, reckons his sheep aren '1 into techno house.

‘I mean. Larry Grayson and John lnman were not my ideals. . . I‘d rather not have sex than turn into some screaming queen.‘

Michael Clark regrets the lack of gay icons a decade ago.

‘Wc have our own values and it is possible to have all the technical brilliance in the world and not get a kick of the ball.‘

A ndy R oxbu rgh 's words on the eve of the European Championships prove to he more than a little prophetic.

‘People calling it an “extravagant spectacle“ make it sound as ifwe‘re just spending loads of money on it because there‘s no substance . . . I think we‘ve got as much substance as a pinball machine.‘

Erasure 's A ndy Bell finds a suitany obscure way to describe the band ’s latest stages/to w.

‘If you can‘t get a job as a pianist in a brothel. you get a job as a royal rcporter.‘

Max Hastings, editor of the Daily Telegraph, hits out at the recent spate of Princes Di bashing.

‘Even when I was up on the stage playing Hamlet. I always thought. “This isnae for the likes 0‘ me.“ I was the talking. working-class jock in the middle ofthis little bit of England that was the Citizens‘ Theatre.‘

A ctor/director David Harman remembers the difficulties of being an actor in Glasgow.

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