the French language. 8pm. Free. Tramway‘s short season of L'Iiicoronazlone dl Poppea Mon 29 new theatre projects continues with an Jun-Thurs 2 Jul. 7.15pm. £4(£2). adaptation of Raymond Queneau‘s novel Montiverdi’s opera about the downfall of by Itt and Ott Theatre. a Glasgow-based Nero brought about by his second wife 5 multi-national company. See preview.


I KING'S THEATRE 2 Leven Street. 229 1201. Box Office Mon—Sat 10am—8pm.

‘3 3’17".» o Idlhflumtdi

I Poppea is performed by the RSAMD i Into the Blue: Training the Actor Sat 2()Jun. i 3" Buddy "9'" sum “"1" 5‘“ 271"" Opera Class. 5 1-3pm. Free. An afternoon debate to r ' on—Thu“ 7'30pm' F" and $3“ 5309'“ T H ER E Dlploma Show Tue 30Jun. 2pm. Free. discuss the establishment ofa permanent I find 8'30ij £7'50_£1.5'5(')jh 5 Final year students show what they're I actors‘ workshop in Scotland. 3 “ng'dlong'd'BUddy "me d5 "‘0 popmar

West End musical comes to town. See review.

wonh, : Into the Blue: The Soldier'sTale Open

I THEATRE ROYAL Hope Street. 332 9000. Rehearsal Sat 20 Jun. 3.30pm. Free. A , . , Box Office Mon-Sat 10am-6pm. (7.30pm chance to see Theatre Theatrical at work .slpgder s w,“ MOI? 29—5at41u1' Mon-F" on perfevgs). Bar. Buffet. [Access: PPA. (see below). .' 0pm 5pm and "£5 An‘TIhEE ST. R. Facilities: WC. ws. H. G. C. Help: Into the Blue: The Soldier’s Tale Sat 2()Jun. : “mm” W50" 0‘ “mm” ‘“ "‘C Km 5


S '. AA] r 8pm. £3 (£1 .50). Theatre Theatrical ‘. gfifismoiiiwnh the fin! OHM) Agatha House of Stair: Until Sat 20Jun. 7.30pm. revivesits successful Edinburgh Fringe - . _ ! Sat mat, 2.30pm. £4—£13. Gloria Theatre production based on a Russian folktale 3 55:23:01“ THEATRE GTCE'F-‘I'd? Place‘ the award-w|nn| ng ; Company was here last month withits and set in the depression ofpost-war : ws G C'[ CCLS‘S' R‘ L' qu'mcs' WC. 5 staging ofa Ruth Rendell nove|.A E EUTOPC- 3. aab‘c IN“ S. 7 )._ CO : Judgement in Stone. and now there‘sa é Uhu Mon 22—Wed 24 Jun. 8pm. £6 (£4). ' 88 at J sun 2] Jun. 8pm-

£7.5()—£9.5(). You'll be hard pressed to get tickets for the king ofthe Glasgow gutter. on stage with all your TV faves. Saturday

chance to see a more conventional staging France's NADA Theatre has been touring of another of her thrillers. Starring Sylvia this reworking of Alfred Jurry‘s L/hu Simms and Nyree Dawn Porter. it tells the plays, bizarre even by his surrealist


. . _ . . " 1d out as we 0 to ress and Sunda is chillingstoryofawomandcspcratc10 standards. which anOIV’CS two actors and i ‘5‘“? t g ' v y BY M sustain her youth. an awful lot ofveg. Recommended. See i 30"“ dimosphtrc Macbeth Tue 23, Fri 26 and Sat 27Jun. preview. I, ' C ARTW RI G HT 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm. £4413. I TRON THEATRE (i3 'I‘rongate. 5524267. 1 :hgi’fff‘ gfiRGATdHTC‘OFLEGEffgfifif Frequent visitor to Glasgow.thc English Box OfficcTuc—Satnoon—8pm;Sun y Shoscacs‘e Tug?! “7””ch '. ' Shakespeare Company returns on an 12.30-11pm. Closed Mondays. [Access: i fiormanclécfl‘th fink I:ch 'cw, ON 8 iSnternafiiolnaltggrofshakespeare‘s PPA,ST. R.L. Facilities: W(‘.WS.11.G. ; fidflflycarsgowc 'r “a” u ems cottis p ay. epreView. C, Hclp: AA] I ' - , . 9 1 TWBmII N191" Wed 24-ThUl'S 25111”. To Tue 23—Sun 24 Jun. 8pm. £5.5()(£3.5(l). i t AT 7.30Pm-Thur5 maIZ-3()Pm-£4'£13- Another chance to see Vincent Frielland I loam;6;m 10a;n_8 mon L ‘1’; CV : Bar AT THE BRUNTON THEATRE, 5°.°°"d P'?Y“".'S""‘°.‘*C°m°dy°‘ 3W” WW“ 7"‘Kf~’“”f“mc"" I TravestiesFri19JunESat1EJul.8 ' MUSSELBURGH m‘s‘ikCMd‘im'w‘ “‘"gmu'cd by‘h“ Cumbcmuld Th0“"“'-‘~*‘“Cc“>‘“' £4412 Tom Sto ard'scom ‘dvpla. ) ENBIISh Shakespeare C0mPanY- Sec production ofJim Cartwright's bar-room I the hist'orical nuptial in 191716;?” y“ n a a * prcv'cw' comgdy' The two actors play a James Joyce and poet Tristan Tzara‘were Slapping 0‘" M0" 29 Jun-381 4101- breath-taking total of fourteen characters a“ in Zurich Thmwin in‘ a S )t ofo .C, 7.30pm.ThursandSatmatsZ.30pm. Recommended, | Wild‘f ' . g. 8 IX. d' jskf" 110K513: £44513. Richard Harris‘sall-dancing Angels and Amazons Tue 3(iJun—Wed 1Jul Wm L ("f-0 .Tandsrrglimppdi as: es (FULL). 24 (CONCS) award-winniagwmcd» about ‘6" women ammo-5W1”)-Vcocmcrwining ' art 'Vsii‘gi'ii'ifié’c Biiécii'imi‘z’i’c‘iii'i‘? " and one man in a North London church celebration of eccentric women through I Ba'mn as his first Chance {0 direct FOR FURTHE R INFORMATION AND “a”. ‘apdmmg C'assi “"5 '" 0" "S the ages brincw Circus C<>mPanY 3" R“ workingg with‘a promising cast that ' BOOKINGS PLEASE "attrlaalvtfiv’ I . , 200‘ “mgglmg‘ “embaugs‘ Clowmng‘ I ineludesJimmv Chisholm. Kern Falconer TELEPHONE OUR ' 25 A be" DEW.“ 227 551 1' dancci ComCdY and mum- ! and Carol Ann Crawford BOX OFFICE 031665 2240 [Access: P.PPA. R. Facilities: WC.WS. ' H. G. C]. ACCESS & VISA ACCEPTED lntolhe Blue: Exercises In Style Fri 19Jun.


GORBALS 041-429 0022 GLASGOW

STRATHCLYDE SUMMER SEASON WILDCAT in EIGHT TO THE BAR by David Anderson 8; David MacLennan Tuesday 16 June - Saturday 4 July "...a happy show. full of famin good humour and warmth" 'l'llli HiiR.-\i.ii -' MICHAEL MEARS in A dazzling comedy I TOMORROW WE DO THE SKY by Michael Meai‘s ofwz't and Wilde ideas Tuesday 16 June - Saturday 4 July I "...a wicked sense of humour" THE INDEPENDENT




Evenings 89m Matinees 27 June 8: 4 July at 3.15pm

Coming lllext: HAY FEVER llloel Coward

ii ii iiiflpiiiiiii . ' are 1

17July~8August '-

TICKETS £4412 BOX OFFICE: 031-229 9697

{IJ'III I I'M 1'1 h I I I I 1

r. I I



The List 19June-2Ju1y 1992