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For. dysawcc - one - 1 5 0 c compames mg . - Otto break out ofold confidentialcounselling. 3350' Collectif Organum. last seen m Glasgow during 1990 , behavmurpaucrns_ ' support 0, information can Iweight training and With 'Locos' (the show with 1000 doors). Co-counselling is self-help 5 Edinburgh Gay Switchboard on meditauon~P0 You have your ' therapy: people taking equal : 031556 4049 any flight 0w." Sym'bag'ulm. by?” d The company will be resident in the city from time“) bit; ‘CliFntl'and . 18:32:?“ aisg'gsf‘c’gdcm 18th - 25th July and are anxious to work with a coggrsggrrczgfam maursdangmlopm (malc.39.marricd)seeks small number of local artists who are interested in phone 031 332 8661. aftl’ll‘E/r/g/‘il‘nc'foramvc- BOX outdoor Visual performance. i I'ngmdumomo was“? . , Meditation and ESOtCl'iL ANDREW STEWART. The Department of Performing Arts Will be . Psychology Learn “bum the _ PSYCHOTHEMPIST supporting up to 3 local local artists to work with the ; Erasticalesstcrigscicnlicof . 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A journey of z I Two wacky girls looking“) 041959409.” re-awakening the possibility of ' start band, sock male musicians IGraphieally enthusiastic ' i each life: includes Human Aura. with own instruments(guitar. graduate of Communication i Unsccn W0f1d8.5faph010g)’& keyboards. drums). Anything ' I The Edinburgh Floatarium for Studies seeks employment 1H5 SALISBURY gen-[RE l Pzilmistry. Man/Woman _ goes. so go for it!!! Box No relaxation through Floating— a within the field of graphic design t Weekend Comes 9 Mystery. Self-“calms Arts and : 177/B/l. wonderful way to achieve a and artwork. Have cxpc rience Midsummcr Yoga and ! Cowl” EVCT." TUCSda)’ Cficmng ' I Trumpet player required for meditative state through with Apple Macs. Contact Meditation Ramat [an Gmv ' starting 30 June. Tel: ‘031 555 5 active band with bright future, weightlessncss and sensory Eileen Strawn on 031 556 6605. ' and Jody Higgs‘ Sat 20mm," 1 4792 or details. Cost £30. 3 Attitude and personality is as seclusion. Open seven days. I Want to term your own theatre 1()am__4_30pm‘ £ 1 5/};10. I Qualified "NUTS fellllifed 10 t important as ability. lrish and Gift vouchers available ideal company in the Glasgow area? . Serene Reflecton Medium,“ I cover future requests for private 9 Europe gigs from July. present. The Edinburgh lfyou are committed. write with I Retreat: Soto Zen, Sun 211nm. i tuition (all subjects) in '; Edinburgh-based preferred. Floatauum. 29 North West CV and recent photo to Box No gam_2pm, by donation For I Strathclyde. Central and ! Phone Martin on ()31 5583788. ' Circus Place. 031 225 3350. 177/R/l. details contact Rawdon Gondicr Lothian Regions. No I I Tired sore-feet problem feet. on 03] 667 5870. registration fee and hourly rates l DRUMMER REQUIRED : Comeand ViSlt our fully _ FILM PRODUCERS ' Basic Shiatsu Weekend: 3‘” g‘)°,d' Ph‘mc Jayma; ' for new Edinburgh group. qual'fmd State ch'stFmd seeking full scripts or treatments 2 Barbara E. Emmcn‘ Sat 27/3,“1 Education on (Ml 637 8-54. 1 Original material with good Chiropodist at the Edinburgh (30 pages) forlow-budget 1 281mm, 1()am_5pm‘£35/£25_ CELLOTU'TION potential. Telephone Floatarium. Treatment feature film. set in Scotland. i To book, please send name. by experienced professional. 0315551979fmfunhcrdctans. 1 available 7 days a week and Contact: Hearst Films address and£10dcp05it m Anagcs and levels. Beginners ; . evening appomtments. Phone 9 Great King Street 3 “‘9 33mer centre. welcome. Further details on i . . . . 031 225 3350' Edinburgh EH3 60W I 2 Salim,” and, Edinbumh 031 226 34m i I Wanted: Guitarist to fill gap in i I Pamper yourself atthe Tel: 031 5581521. ; EH15 5‘3. 13'; 031 557 5433_ I rock/pop/soul band. Must be . Edinburgh Fioatarium relax and creative. to work with lyricist. get rid of stress by enjoying one i Own transport preferred. Also i ofour l 1 different therapies—7 MUSICMNS? WRITERS? I The Eminennheatm Journey backing vocalist wanted. Phone P daysa week. Aromatherapy, Ac‘ors? Artists? Designers? 5 FOR'CE 0': COLQUB I Freeman dance/movement Mark on (l31 453 2513 (after Alexander Technique. Brain . ,, . " g.) ' . “minimng WorkShUP gmup meet Sundays 7pm). Edinburgh/Glasgow. Machine. Chiropody. Healing. Dmaors' fillmmdkm' i exploring natural C0101” 7_45_9.3()pm‘ Salisbury Centre I Tight. groovy drummer Looyenwork. Reflexology. rolgssrffgwfgi‘l Agate?“ .9 1 the aura and the ETC?" human (near Commonwealth poo” available for work. - Shiatsu. Stress Management. p 81 "a ' .cc con dc” Pmcmldl- The space, place time and Experienced in live and studio Therapeutic Massage or Asiécgdrqyxorifitxfiggfrgggc 4 : Tlh‘c/Mcetinng House rhythms to mph“. movement. situations. Anything Heating. Phone 031 225 3350. ; “‘0’” “me Join us! 22m. Details on 031 considcrcd- especially work

Melrosc Gardens. Glasgow 020

Edinburgh El-il 447 7352 K1 involving a regular weekly 6RA or phone 041 9462441 ; TUCSdaY 23mm 1992' ( d C). income. Phone John on ()31 667 ' “"“‘“‘°"“" SEME- 5968' MIDSUMMER WHITEWATER AND

I Edinburgh Pilates Centre 18a Torphichen Street. The only TIM "M 100" H ngAwIPAF "SEASEGJTPSK Pilates-based studio in Scotland. Magician/clown performs for c ire mph? (3 TL," I: _"c. 5 Pilates is a specialised technique children's parties and events. . . fifgm, lccm. . WU“ d.y t hm S“; which improves posture. B- thd. .. . t, 1-! THE PRACTICE C “mpdgr‘? “5 you 0th mug . . . 'r “3’5 d spec” ' 3" NATURAL IHERAPY CENTRE the evening. For detailscall N Strength and flcx'b'I'iY- For information call: ow CASTING Mon—Fri from 9.30am; Sat from 031 225 3994 Osteopathy Joanna Young. Sims" Ram” 0" 7 m (3 “mate. 4 mag) [e med {0, 10am. Phone Jane Paris on 031 HomoeomM- Jenny England. 0733 37‘3"- mis yegs Hinge promo“. mg CLEAR. 229 2868. I Edinburgh Lesbian Line offers R;2°x°k’8{,‘ Nanylna man be M m on Canon in I English as a second language confidential advice. support and crap?“ 'C mas-5389’ fin Fesm 5min” mvemm tutorial from an experienced information. Call 03] 5570751. C9""~"°”'"8t Relaxat'on‘ Tm $23mof7§£|thsggtLoAys slits teeiu CV and .photo imnetiately to infirm“; Simian“ i" prac‘ic‘” Monday O’ThU'Sday ~ Healmg‘ Strgsi'managcmcnt Weeke-ndEfro‘in £60 ' . . conversation and writing. 7.30—10pm or call Edinburgh , Alexis w'll‘am5(’n,' For , . . 1 n 3 a“. , g I . ' ' . Informatlon and appogntmcnts BdTC'bOdt Chdi‘tcr from am “He 7“ flea m c315 D. Aaron. Glasgow (041 )946 Gay Swrtchboard any night on Ta on 942 9541 9 - 59» mp "9 - 3612. Box No 176/172. 031556 4049. 7.30—10pm. P'case Ph"nc 041339 2500. ' . '

The List 19June—2July 1992 63