_ construction works will destroy the f mangrove forests and coral reefs, and that the chemicals applied to the course will leach into the sea and kill the coral.

. i It should also be asked why such Anita Pleumarom luxury enclaves are allowed to be continues The List’s series 5 c§‘:‘l’"5hled 0"” ‘9’ the P'gas‘"? 0f

. . tie oca s, expatriates an tourists, abOUt green tounsm WIth a while millions of poor people have report on hOW one Of the no land or are squeezed into urban world’s most popular i slums. Viilagers fall victimdttl) d

. . . i unscrupu ous investors an an Sports 15 Causmg havoc m ; speculators and are deprived of their South-East ASla. ‘“'"” customary rights to use natural , resources on which they depend for l their livelihood. Since the 805, there has been an . . . . . . explosion ofinterest in golf all over ! In the Phlhpp'mes’ 1000 fammcs m i , Carmona, Cavrte were harassed and the globe. The number of active evieted by the p0t,,t,ers_that_be in P'ffi’iel's '5 tzdaylfsumated at 50 order to construct a first class $v1?m 3“ t8: Cgurse th f t t residential estate and the Manila $03312??ng 3:, 8:33;“ 31:5 CS Southwoods Golf and Country Club, a 36-hole championship course, to wig-o" memberships in the become a major tourist destination industrialised countries are ver ' for players m gonfiackage hondays. expensive and many courses Y In the island of Cebu, in the Central » . Visagas, popular among Japanese 3:33:13gvt‘323é183Eighlgams have I ' tourists, a Japanese company bought 8. i o P i i i 3, ', I ' I" , up large pieces of land to build a golf destinations in the developing world. .. . ., , , . .1 ,, ; t . ,- 3,. b, a . course marina and hotel in the The tourism indUStr)’ has Promptly 1' ‘fl 1' ' 'l I a I. I I middle‘of the island’s western coast (F; erators hogtgl Cfiain 3|, d I W L . , - ‘; f g denying fishermen access to the sea. ogher tourism multi nasfiglriallgiis 2n N,’ 3"?" I; A Wave Of OPPOSitiO" from local now romotin olf to ' r -t ,‘4 high-1.3,", fir-:37? people‘ nongovernmental eve P here 8 8 “mm , I. organisations and academia has 0"” - o h , ‘- '5. 5.19;; f’_' L: sprung up in nations of the North and The new rage to build golf courses ~ - = - - ~ - - ~ * *9 ~'=~' We ~ We“ 5’5"?" 7"“ 3 South alike Resistance is most is especially noticeable in Asia, Scotland's golf courses strike a balance with nature, but vociferous and (Sr aniscd in Symbol f0 th b o l f countries where the golf boom took r e urgeomng C 355 0 off before it did in South-East Asia nouveau riche. Thailand, Malaysia, A great deal of awareness-raising is l taking place. since the golfcourses in Japan‘ a strong ioeai movement IndoneSia and the Philippines are set necessary to make clear that golf i are routinely treated with massive has arisen against the environmental to become the centres of Asran golf tourism is not a form of ‘green : amounts of fertiliser, pesticide and impact ofgolfcoursesi The tourism over thenext five years. The tourism‘. What the golfing tourists other chemicals. The excessive use eonstrnetion ofovcr 100 goiteonrses Thai Golf Association and the are not told by the glossy ads and a of chemicals contributes to the has been prevented by legal action Tourism Authority ofThailand are brochures is that often millions of I elimination ofplants and animals instigated by local people, but planning a ‘ViSit Thai GolfCourses tons ofearth are moved, forests l and represents a high health hazard ; another 100 are still Consttneted Year in the manner of the successful destroyed, mountains blown up. a for the golfcourse workers. players. ' every year. In other Asian countries coastal areas bulldozed and swamp and local residents. like Thailand‘ Malaysia, Indonesia one 90" course requires 3000 l areas drained in order to shape golf ; Last year, the Gold Valley Golf andothc Philippines. people are now to 5000 cubic metres 0' water a courses and resorts. ! and Country Club made the . Sharing facts and experienceS of their da to Re m t '1 Also, the maintainence ofgolf t headlines in Thailand. when it resistance to the negative impact of Y an e u green- courses leads to disastrous . became evident that the developers goiteonises and green goittourism, i enVironmental effects. For instance. 3 had encroached on the Khao Yen and are seeking SohdnritV from 1987 ‘Visit Thailand Year’, thus ' one golfcourse requires 3000 to 5000 9 National Park and blown up international initiatives." promoting golf tourism to Thailand cubic metres of water a day to keep ; state-owned hills to clear the way for Human lrightS and democracy in and legitimising the accelerated the turf green. As countries like the I the construction of a golf resort. In the global Context need to be construction of golfcourses, They Philippines and Thailand are already t Malaysia. environmentalists and addressed as well. There is usually claim that there needs to be an facing severe water shortage crises, it : scientists are worried about the more political scope for people's increase from the existing 80 to at seems to be highly irresponsible to impact of the construction of the organisations in Japan, Europe and least 300 courses to cope with the implement such superfluous projects ; Redang Island Resort. It is feared North Ametiea tO articulate their demand, in great numbers. Additionally, _ that massive erosion and siltation as concerns and take aetion than those cohinirlizxoefstilhesrgelxfirgl pfgpesed golf heavy water, s01l and air pollution is a consequence of golf course in other regionzand nnhntries, But - as Siaare t emoret att e m ingo built in the style of country clubs ' ' ' ' ' , enwronmcntally destabilismg golf including not only golf courses but . courses is blocked in the also luxury hotels, condominiums, m (03] M l huffing Halfl’rice Europe will give industrialised nations, the more they other sporting and recreational . Bike to Wont Day Make a :g‘c‘hi":;:?: ‘1 YOU "13 Chafi¢¢fi$$fi¢8 are likely to spring up in poor . acnhthS. shopping and conference stand against traffic jams. i Glasgow when. mum i i:::’2(‘)“‘:r‘:}c°;t Whit“ countries. for golf-crazed tourists centresc,i andrestaurants. Promotors zilr pollution and driving Sti” find brunette; at on i nor‘mu‘: We providing you who cannot play athome. o ten a vertise these golfand stressohT hursduy 25 john Street and iiiuhcud book in advance and the Anita Pleumarom is currently coqntry clubs as natural oases‘ June “'h'Ch. has his,“ Street. And it you're 3 hotel doesn-t expeet to be coordinating a project on ‘Tourism, which help to preserve and enhance giflzrlflfit'f; Siniszfl passing ask them i more thnn 80 per cent fun. Development and the Environment’ plant and Wildlife habitats. Some Bik’c wick about lhc” WW?" . E The book also includes for the Bangkok-based Ecumenical slogans for well-known golf and I N ' t c reduced fares 0" if “"d9 E discounts on shopping. Coalition on Third World Tourism country clubs in Thailand ' 8* camp or ampu-s “mg” "khan" fl‘gms' ' eating and WWC‘K’M d ' ' d ' h h Th ' t , .3er Student travel specuilists. Europe at haiinriee ' M t. f _ t. ‘07] a" ’3 035000“ W“ I e a’ conservation and recreation in Campus Travel. have investing £24.95 in a l ang'fl‘lnsmm“ “m 0” Network on Tourism (TNT) and the harmony . Mother Nature is on our recently set up shop at 53 travel discount guide 3 ' Asian Tourism Activist Network Side , and ‘a home in the wilderness’. Forrest Road. Edinburgh called Entenw-nntent l ANTENNA.

66 The List 19 June 2 July 1992