interesting as a sort of overheated melodrama. I I Life Is Susan 15) (Mike Leigh. UK. 1991) rivalries (Fabulous Baker iBoys) and big band Hans Conried. 76 mins. Disney version of the though the lack of narrative control near the end Alison Steadman. Jim Broadbent. Jane wannahees (The (‘omntt‘mtmtsj _ and enjoy the J.M. Barrie story flies through the air in a does let the film down. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. llorrocks. Claire Skinner. Timothy Spall. David colottt. the congas, those hot beats and wellcttmed holiday release. (noodlenoeugh for a I The Lawnmower Man ( 15) (Brett Leonard. Thewlis. 102 mins. Domestic cringe-drama which supet.scxy, Almodovat regular Bttndettts in his cartoon. poor as a vers1on of Barrie. T hose who UK'US. 1992) Pierce Brosnan. Jeff Fahey. Jenny centres on a family with mismatched twin Enghsh dialogue debut [{dthhutgh; Filmht)use_ lauded it while condemning Spielberg‘s‘Hook may Wright. 108 mins. Backward gardener (Fahey) is daughters ( l lorrocks and Skinner). an inefficient f I "anon on; scum; (PG) (Claude Ben-t. well have to eat their words. I suspect. General the subject ofexperiments to increase learning caterer dad (Broadbent ) and a generous-spirited France/Italy, 1986) Yves Montana. [)tmie] release. N I . potential using drugs and Virtual Reality mum (Steadman ). Like all Leigh's work. the I Auteuilt Emmttnueue Beatt 114 mins Ten teats I The Playboystl 2) ((nllies Mackinnon. UK. technology. Cue weird side effects and telekinetic drama is laced with a bleak. almost cruel humour. , after the demise ofjean de Florette‘ the 1992) Robin \h right. Aidan ()umn. Albert powers. Unfortunately the plot (which has hardly but it's enjoyable. truthful and surprisingly souheyttttts tun aprospemus ettmtttttm farm, l~tnney. lilts' mins. young woinancauses scandal anything to do with the Stephen King short story) optimistic. lidinburgh: Filmhouse. steering this epic tum] saga towards the reatmsm t in her small lrish village when she refuses to name is little more than a ludicrous twist on the I Love And Death ( PU) (Woody Allen. US. 1975) V Greek tragedy. this is a ten and satisfying second i the father of her newborn only get ' Frankenstein format and is basically just there as Woody Allen. Diane Keaton. ()lga half that explores the suffering of the gent)- asthey t worse when a troupe of travelling actors pitchesits an excuse for some admittedly stunning. Georges-Picot. 85 mins. Pitched somewhere ; pay a crippling penance for man‘s greed and ens-y, t tent and she falls for the leading man. Tenderly computer-animated special effects. (ieneral between The Funny Years ( Bananas. Sleeper) and The production values are as high as ever and acted by a uniformly magnificent cast and handled release. The Scrio-(‘omic Years (Annie Hall. Manhattan) Auteutl assumes [)epurdieu‘s mantle in his with care by the Scottish director ofacclaimed TV I Loviathan(18)((icurgc Pan Cosmatos. US. this is one part of “body‘s continuing neurotic development from glaiktt idiot t0 hrttkehhetttted : films The Grass Arena and (‘miquesi ofthe South 1989) Peter Weller. Richard ('renna. Amanda romancing of Diane Keaton. only its set in Russia suitor,Strathc1yde: UCI liast Kilbride, I’nli'. (ilasgow: ()deon. lidinburgh: Cameo. Pays- 98 min-s An entry in the post-Abyss school . I Matador ( is) (Pedro Almadovar. Spain. was) I I Yhe'Playort 151 1 Robert Altman. US. 1992mm of underwater sci-fi actually takes most of its at the time of the Napoleonic wars. This means Assumpta semtt‘ Antonio Bttndems Nttneht, Robbins. (ireta Secacchi. Fred Ward. Peter inspiration from Ridley Scott's A lien. Deep-sea lots of referential gags about great Russian Mttrttnez‘ [it-t, Como, 96 mins, Less ttptttttrtttus (iallaeher. 12-1 mins. Altman's satire on the miners discover the wreck of a mysterious Soviet literature and a set-piece Eisenstein paradoy. than the works that established hiscummcrcttn . Wheeling and dealing of modern day Hollywood is vessel. the Leviathan but contact with the which is fun if you know what to laughat. reputatttm‘ this is Almadtmtt at his most intensely ; more than just an excuse for cineastes toplay unexplained contents of her safe istounleash a lidinburgh: Cameo. dark and eesttttte. 'I‘hemesofsex and dettthmetge trainspotter with thetfamous facesin cameo roles. monstrous mutation which picksoffthe crew lThe Love“18)(Jean-JaequesAnnaud. aroundttpen-yexmunfightcr. hiss-exutu . lt isalsoa terrificthrillerabout a studioexec members one by one. This is a familiar ride. but an France ’UK. 1991)Jane March. Tony Leung. “infused pupil and the [ttttet‘s murderous defence l receiving death threats-from a spurned writer. enjoyable one. Edinburgh: Cameo. ' Jeanne Moreau. 117 mins. In 192(ls Saigon. a lawyer. Quite deltrttiusty amoral. Edinburgh; ' I 1m Robbins is magnificent in the lead role.while ' fifteen year old girl has a steamy affair with a Filmhousc. Altman manages to grin as he bites the hand that

(‘hinaman twice herage. lir. . . that'sit. feeds him. liasily the best movie ofthe year. ifnot

I Medicine Man (PG) (John Mc'I‘iernan. L'S.

l Annaiid's big screen translation of Marguerite 1991 ) Sean Connery. Lorraine BraCCo. Jose I of the decade so far. See review. (ilasgow: Duras'sautobiographical novel is fairlyeroticfor 3 Wilker. 105 mins. Change oftack fortopaction (‘ilnnlm'lm “"86. wan- Iidihurtlhi ()dwn. the first half hour. then moves swiftly into diteetm MeTtemm and Seutlattd-S fttmtttttc stm All UCls. relentless arthouse tedium. This reallyisthe g inthistale of a scientist whose elusive cure for .P'theeotndest15)(BarbraStretetmdttst cinematic equivalent ofwading through French cancer lies within a patch of rainforest due for . tWt ) Niek Nette. Barhm Streisand. Kate literature of an intellectual bent. (ilasgow: All ‘development'. Connery and co-star Bracco never

Nelligan. Jeroen Krabbe. 131 mins. Glossy. romantic tale of a Southern boy in New York. falling in love with his sister‘s psychiatrist while revealing his traumatic childhood in order to help bring his twin back to health. While Streisand‘s direction is sometimes shaky and her own 1 performance is a little too self-conscious. there is t 1 no doubt that she encourages career-best performances from her co-stars. Nolte. in l particular. is worth the price of admission on his l t i _ own. Fife: Adam Smith. . t t I ' green movement 8 struggle against consumerism. . Problem Chlld 2 th) (Brian Levant US. 199]) Bread, dalry : filmmaker.but heretheanimation canonlybc I Posingasanornery. mid-Western family led by John Ritter‘ MtetmetOhveh Lemme Newman. C”mp"md m superior Disney wrsiuns‘ ' hluc'cyc‘i pamarm Bcglcy' the Applcgmcs MC in Ivvann Schwan. Ho hum. No sooner have we 801 Strathclyde: Magnum. I fact a gangof giant Brazilian insects charged with (“fersutterme the etumaehehumtne sweetnessot

photography and Big Tam‘s inimitable charm ED I N H 199] l Wi‘h thc V”JC°5“f RUPJ'" M90”. KCilh make for a damn good cinema sitting. Edinburgh:

Scott. 93 mins. Imagine a fairy storysuper-movie ; Dominion. ()deon. L‘Cl. Strathclyde: Magnum.

TE 7- well. here it is. Cinderella disguises herselfas 3 U(‘l(‘1ydebank.

Little Red Riding 1 lood in order to escape her i I Meet the Applegales ( 15) (Michael Lehman. L'S.

, Wicked Stepmotherandfind her(irandina. ()n 1990) lid Begleer. Stockard Channing.Cami

organic the way. she meets the Seven Dwarfs and Cooper. Dabney Coleman. 82 mins. Lehman's

Pin iiochio. before disguising herself as Snow follow-up to the wonderfully black comedy

PrOduce. White and finding Prince Charming. Director Heathers is an off-beat satirical comedy about the

(iross has a proven record as a children‘s

1' Cannons Edinburgh: Cannon. All L'Cls. l uite hit it off as a screen dUo, but the 1 . ITlte Magic Riddle (L') (Yoram (iross. Australia. 1 q l

. I‘lllie Mam’bo Kingsl(15.)(Arnc tiltincher..L.'S. the subversive duty of extinguishing the M". (m, and (wt). St“, than it's ttmC for thc t,ettmt blO 1))! ) Arm‘md A‘s‘mu' Amm‘") B‘md‘m" Cnv'r‘mmcmi‘”) unwund human “‘W' Bl” “f ofthe pre-pubescent. bow tie-cladJunior((‘)liver)

( athy Moriarty. 111 mins. MUsician brothersin course, the temptationsofAmerican decadence tmm News [huh/cm (him. Thistth he andhis

Cleaning prOdUCtS. i "mth muludmm"! Swingingsmlmgsm can b“ “Cduaivc ' ' (icm'c Sum“ with “Slim-V Slll'l'Og’llC father are trvingtocome to termswith '.. .' ._ i: ,. . _." . ..‘.. .."' ‘.‘ ' . . t seduction stagd ojf. lorget the plotff tt jUSl'IITOIS underbelly. (ilasgow. (1F 1 . t the exeees 0t smete wemeh m theIr new home . outsome me an testet 110110th raterna lMamolrs otanlnvlslhle M3"(.P(J)U()hn teeth Asttwe ettred Strathetyde.(hnnon' Carpenter. US. 1991 ) ( hevy ( base. Daryl ()detm Ave Hannah. Sam Neill. 99 mins. As the result ofan . pmot t 1'5) tweetm thrhtmse. Australia.

onthe run from the secret service and tryingtoget thmhihtvhv tttkthephmeemphe.‘ he asks htsnew hi5 dmumcnu'ry filmmaker girlfricnd ‘0 help him' friend to describe ihein to him. confirming that Computer animation replaces the old standby of the wertd he imagines muteheS that experieneed unseen bits of string. but the film‘s extended chase ht. the rest 0t mete” But when hteJ-eatouS narrative is nowhere near as inspired as the trick t housekeeper intervenes. pewer games and deceit “‘"k- ( 6mm]: ( “"mm’ : knock his life out of balance. Moorhouse‘s . Mo" 0"”?("01(Jifcqucs'li'li-Frifncc- 1958) i excellent debut feature examines emotional Jacques Ta“- Jc‘m'P'crrc 2"” A‘ir'cnnc I insecuritiesthat affect us all. lidinburgh: Cameo. Servatie. 116 mins. Working in colour for the first ; . the nahttttetthtthttehttet-rmkth‘U5.1992) time. Tati presents Monsieur llulot befuddled by ; Mhm Rhee” David Duehtwm.‘ putrtek th "10‘1"" mam.“ “he” hi5 hm‘hcr'm'l‘m' ha“ Bauchau: Will Patton. 102 mins. A telephone 1 given him a 1N" and by thcan'm‘m'mm operator tires ofunsatisfving casualsex and l apartment where he visits his young nephCWt embraces a newfound belief that the world is i superb “mmguc "f “gm gag" “mm”? "mundthc facing imminent destruction. Tolkin's debut as I

! experimental mishap wan SFrthf'm‘l-‘LSJ MGR. 1991 ) llugo Williams. (ienevieve Picot. Russell ““HOW‘W (Chase) bewmcs '"V'S'blc' Sm)" M S Crime. 9(1mins. A young blind man copes with his

._.I';fi‘DOn,t miss it! " "*RO'gerS'gives they. performance

dchumanising effect of the new technology. “.rtter_tth.eetm is a flawed hut prtwoehttve Edinburgh: Filmh‘msc' offering that never lets us dismiss the protagonist I My 8'“ Hun" ( PG) ( I km"! RMS‘ “5' 199”) as a bible-bashing nutcase. See review. Glasgow: Steve Martin. Rick Moranis. Joan ('usack. 96 (the

mins. Jolly but unremarkable pairingofMartin . La mete Du Jett (mi) Uetm Renoir. France. i and Momms' "5 a “med gangster and his H“ 1939) Marcel Dalio. Nora (iregor. Jean Renoir. l mindcr‘ “SSigMd ‘0 keep him “with in a 113 mins. A weekend shooting party for the 1 “human he” Guess what") 1‘ um“ “as.” The assorted bourgeoisie results in a welter of i Script by N0” Wm" "‘"r." M"! 5"”). Iiphm" romantic intrigue and a hint oftragedv.

helps keep the comedy rolling. though. and all in Suppreesed during the Wt". because censors

all it's quite good fun. though too basically safe for ohteeted tt, its pertnwut of French mom]

any Serious bully laugh" Edinburgh: (“‘mw' degeneration. Renoir‘s celebrated comedv can I Pan‘s." ( 12) (Mar-V Agnc" l)""”ghu°‘ [53' now be seen as a triumph of bleak satire arid fluid 1991) Melanie (iriffith. Don Johnson. Elijah ememtte technique (ttteeew. (m; , Wood. 'Ihora Birch. 111 mitts. Predictable and I Rush t 18) (11th pint zttnuek‘ Us. 1991)]ehhtfct l m‘mng m a pace that “mud make a “"3” rcscmhlc Jason Leigh. Jason Patric. Sam iilliot. l 10mins. A Linfmd (‘hmuc' Screenwriter ( 3mm”) sleazv tale. set in the 7(ls. of white cops on dope. D‘m‘mhues dircumm' deb”! is "cwnhdcss An undercover narcotics duo find that. to bust the rewarding. if it hits the right adult market. Young httddtes_ we‘ve got t0 pk“. their game. and that Willard (w‘xm) is “Cm by his pregnant mth t” line between criminal and'crimefighter is as fine as the home of her schoolfriend (Griffith) and her the strips of eeke that m. up their hoses. Despite a bad-tempered husband (Johnson). dredging‘up yer). unsatisfying endtne‘ the worth seeing for

his hosts' memories of their own dead son. lsicely Sttmthmt performances h). Letgh and patttc.

done for the most part. with Johnson revealinga Glasgow: (hnmm Sauehteha” Street

1 8 surprisingly tender side to his on-screen persona. I Savage" and "to mom” Indian t p0) 100 mins.

- General [Clcasc' _ Two part documentary from the BBC's

I Les Parents Ionlble ( 15) (Jean ( octeau. France. -t-tmewateh tenet been“ h). teetttneat hewthe

, 1948) Yvonne dc :Bray. Jean Marias. (iabrielle first settlers in New tinehmd thek advantage of

3 M adaptation of his play. emphasising theatricality seetmd pert “examines the massaere at

and claustrophobia. Stunningly well acted family wounded Knee _ supposed“. the triumph of

melodrama that is almost as far away from the etethmthm ever savage”. . through the eyes 0th I . introduced by Carla Messinger. founderand

_ P°J°FP§MPHH3WW1415"“ ( l-Vdc , president of the Lcni Lenape Historical Society

(’cmn'mllwmrw J““"“""‘ (“'5' 1953) w'm the and herself a descendent of the tribe. Glasgow.

Dorziat. 98 mins. Cocteau makes a fairly straight the natives the}. etmeidered godless savages. the 1 i-ti‘b'autvofOriliecas issible.Clasrow: . _ . . .- . .. u - , - . F - l p‘ 5 modern day Sioux party. lhe sereentngwillbe voices of Bobby Driscoll. Kathryn Beaumont. ("3p

L--- 26 The List 3— 16July 1992