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I Searchers ( 18) (David Beaird. US. 1991 ) Faye cyborg develops human feelings. this is more than

Dunaway. Denholm Elliot. James Earl Jones. just a $100 million fairground ride. Glasgoyv: E B E S T 0 F

Emily Lloyd. 81 mins. At first glance. it'san GFT.

'mp'css'w cal". Sui "’f’l‘ aim“ and ‘7." E”. , : Imolma 11. Louise ( 15) (Ridley Scott. us. 1991) rememberthe Iasttime any ofthemwcrc 1na , . . _ ' .. _l . . x . ' . ‘. ~ .‘ . . . . . Susan Sarandon.(reena Davis.Harvey Knttc . Grade A movie. l‘hat sjustonc ofthe symptoms 1 M, h IM dscn 179 mim The buddy/mad ofthisseeondratesnapshotofsweatydesireintheE m,“ a " ' " d " h . hnd'ns DcepSouth Much IackinginCaiunspice ' mo"'°£°"’“‘”°“.'m° "n‘ W 9“ 5“ S. . lh‘qu M1 ,num ' ' ' Sarandon and Davis grasp the steering wheeland m L' L” ‘8 i ; headoffleavingatrailofmurderandmayhemin

Islgn‘O'Tlictlmesttsitlfrince.US.1987) . ' O ) H v L '1“ ._ he .. {I / . . . P""“‘- Shc'“ "' 5W“ ""““’"~ “5 ""m- $335121 113535513151lilléiingii'lléit . \‘jOne of the most romanhe couples of recent times. Jayne TOI‘l‘lll

('apturingoneoftoday's mostextravagantly H g v 0 » .n , .- s .5 . menu-.1 pap composers“...mama g;¢;;;*;,;;r;f}.°.:gnif..i.£‘.i.'.‘;‘3;%:ii?°"" N and Christopher Dean choreographed 801119 ofthe most memorable we dance routines ever seen.

Rotterd'im.lhisisasu ‘riorconccrlmovic . be ius ‘PrinLL'SSIi meftirnllnt is isu rior cmcnammcmwuh cxccncmccmml

g p pt performancesCenlral:MacRobert.

entertainment. With a harder.cven funkiersound - ~ .' . ' . ' ° . mam,” mm. and the immingscxuu, mm“ . "mm "m ( 15) (mo Van Dmmacl‘ _ - Tort ill and Dean hate an incomparable ability OldilliCCl' (‘ill 8le drummer ShCliii . this ht)! Belgium‘ ) BuuunL Mircnlc Perrier. '1~ v y stuttfotthc Ct‘CSiIndthc cars- Stmthclydct U“ : Jo De Backer.9(1mins. ElderlyThomas believes . . . .. gaming-m L b I J h D that human baby from a hospitalrirc d ~‘ out loud - almost tmtmagmable emotions... 0000 0 at" S( 8H Omit it" Cmmc» caused him tobe mixed u with anotherchil . v -

(TS. 1991 ) Jodie Foster. Anthony Hopkins. Scott with the result that he feel: that he should be ' (ilenn. 119n1ins. Following a series of horrific enjoying the comfortable existence of rich 4 . . .

serial murders. imprisoned psycho-killer Hopkins neighbour Amt-d. pasi and prescm‘childhmyd . will) spacial guys]

is released to help Foster and (ilenn‘s FBI agents and adulthood. are edited together to create a J v track down the culprit. Adapted frotn a novelby wonderfully absorbing whole. Van Dormael's ‘_ g

Thomas .itanhunrerHarris. Denime‘s film version debut scooped several of 1991‘s filmawards

is a subtle but scary suspense shocker. with two { around Europe. Glasgow;(}F1j {535" - ._ (I IS!) 12%: I ll rintg' excellent perforrttancesand great narrative drive. .Tm:t(15)(nal Hartley. US. 1991))Adrienne " Edinburgh: i‘llthUSC. 1 Shelly. Martin Donovan. Merritt Nelson. 90mins. & J I "'3 Singing Ringing Tm (1' l ( FtitttCCWU In suburban Middle America. a rebellious

Stefani. East (iermany. 1958) 73mins. : high-school dropout (Shelly) leaves home after and the imaginativeadaptationofthe (irimm Brothers‘ causing her father‘sfatal heart attack by

tale.in which PrincessThousandbeauty'ssuitor announcingshe'spregnant.Bychance.shc meets 60 Skating Champions on flashing blades of steel

prince has the unenviabie task of supplying her. the dangerous but intelligent Matthew. who has with said vegetation1norderto win her handiifc: I JISOerCHCdundlmlhisjuh. Ahighlyunusual A I I :‘gmsm'w' (18 (M. kc _ Us. 199‘) black comedywithseveralunexpectedtwistsfrom up" "8 l 'C' mms‘ ' the writer directorof The Unbelievable True/i. ° ,o c , Brian Krausc. Madchen Amick. Alice Krige.Jim Edinburgh: Filmhuusu cosftgumts} Haynte.91m1ns.lhe first originalscreenpiayby .Ummm End om"! wor'dfls)(Wimwcndcrs‘ , sguare . Get. 0 (iermany 'US Japan Australia. 1992) Solveig Shimmering Ice . ' ( . '. . ( t ' . I. .. .' 2 i. g _ . . . O .

survivorsofthe ancient breedofSleepwalkers. iii-lii-‘olr-ld‘iii"m~ Elec trlfylng Entertainment thing “WY"""‘“"P"T“"g”:l° minim” ‘fdurk l various nefarioustvpes ('laire’l‘ourncur '

esrres.ttCtmccntratesinslea on as ewo . i I ' ' q ‘. . _ _ childish splatter setpieces. Makes a welterof l (1)“mm‘m'n)dnd lm” [rumulummdqu G G s - E - c - c _

an Aussie underground lab. with nuclear

{TinitcmmUd armageddon aroundthe corner.’l'hc sci-fi and 21St 2?,flfgifi‘ohafigjfijn‘.g2:,1;‘m’“[':§”‘l'.,9.) ' ‘female Peer (iynt'elcmentsdon'tge1.but SAT 22nd AUG 2.00 & 7.30 SUN 23rd AUG 2.00 RutgcrHauer Kim (‘att‘rall‘Neil imam 12m wcndcfsnawc""Wk'n'm'l‘P‘m‘md““FNF Tickets from £7.50 to £19.50. Children 16 or under £2.50 off. NO BOOKING FEE

" ' doeshaveitsown kindoffascination. Dury. 9(im1ns. Hauer 1sout to avenge the deathof Box office; 04 1 2 2 7 5 5 1 1 HUGE his partnetrI—lth: killferis SOHiCWSCfCUUIlSCTC lUlzana's Raid (118) (RIobert Aldjrich. 11.7SL1‘)72) 07 1 240 7 2 amon stt e a eso sewage an someot er Burtlancaster. Jruce )avison. orge .u'e. . futuristic sets. Unfortunately. nobody mentioned Richardlacckci. 102 mins. A cavalryplattmn Groups‘ 04 1 2 2 7 5 52 2 800K ERS t0 the cast that Visuals arc Onc thing and “Clint: hunts for a group of Apaches who have escaped 1 another. Ambitious home-grown attempt at from their miserable reservation and have gone on creatinga sci-ft thrillctWhiCh looks grcitt insilkcn a murderous raid. Scots-born screenwriter Alan E black and white. but runsoutofsteam wellbeforc Sharpantidirector Aldrichturna chase western the credits. Edinburgh: UCl. into a bleak and complex account ofthe issues I l f I

I Shim"s (PG) (1mm MtCklin SthCT. US- 1993) l behind racial warfare. (ilasgow: OFT. " HilaryWolf.(iriffenDunne.MargaretWhitton. i ILesValseusesUX)(BertrandBlier.France.


Adrienne Shelley. 104 mins. Unsettled with her 1974) (ierard [)epardieu. Patrick Dewaere.

latestset of folks. thirteen-year-old Laura (Wolf) Miou-!ytiou.1eanne Moreau. l 18 mins. 1 runs off to join her kindly step-brother at a Undeniany offensive early feature by Blier that

lakeside resort. Soon family and step-fitmin : makes for interesting comparisons with his latest. converge on the scene to help her with hercrisis. Men-11,11 Vie. Two youths go on a spree that Resemblinga pilot episode fora particularly involves sex. cartheft. sex. robbery and a bitof bland US sitcom and with plenty of platitudcson l sex thrown in for good measure. Halfway between

adolescence. it‘s a film filled with self-satisfied yuppie cutouts who you just don't care about. See review. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: UCI.

I SJOM com (18) (Craig R. Binds)- US. 1991) manages to stay on the right side ofcontrolled Brian Bosworth. Lance Henriksen. William mayhem. Edinburgh: Fiimhouse.

Forsythe. 90 mins. Violence is golden for former I Wayne's World (PG) (Penelope Spheeris. US.

romantic fugativcs and bawdy delinquents. they eventually develop into something approaching human beings. while Blier's direction just

American footballer Brian Bosworth. in his big 1991 ) Mike Myers. Dana (‘arvcy. Rob I,owe.Tia scrccn debut. the 802 is a suspended cop who is (‘arrere 95 mins. Two heavy metal dorks hit the seconded by the FBI to infiltrate a gangof big time when their public access cable show is homicidal bikers. A morally dubious. ‘blast snapped up by a greedy TV exec for national everything' movie that is as entertaining as it is primetimc. (‘rammed full of'I‘V and film

offensive. Next week. Ally McCoist in Die Hard pastiches. this [IS phenomenon has far more hits : 3. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. than misses. while Wayne and (Earth revel in an 1 Edinburghi UCI. Strathclyde: UCl (‘lydebank even wackicr vocabulary than cinematic first ' I StnluhttalktPoittsarncrKcilman.Us.1992) I cousins Bill and'l‘ed. 'l'hey've shot. they've

Dolly Parton. James Woods. Grifan Dunne. 90 scored! General release.

mins. Good-hearted girl (Parton) fakes a PhD and I What Have I Done To Deserve this? ( Pedro takes to the airwaves as a radio phone~in ' Aimodovar. Spain. 1984) Carmen Maura. Luis

therapist. Entirely predictable stuff from the Hostalot. 100 mins. From the camera that brought

entirely predictable Touchstone stable. redeemed ! you Women On The Verge. . . . an earlier. more

by Parton‘s flair for light comedy. Edinburgh: : surreal vision ofdesperation. sex and bizarre

UCl. Fife: Glenrothes. Strathclyde: UCl East ' familial interactions in middle-class Spain. The

Kilbfidc~ : central role is again played by a distracted Maura.

Ilnloflntlwl(MartinSCOTSCSC.Us,1976) 1 thistime asa housewife coping with her 0

Robert De Niro. (‘ybili Shepherd. Jodie Foster. . depression and her ghastly family by taking a wee 114 mins. An alienated taxi driver in New York is ; snort of cleaning fluid with her prescribed

so repelled by the squalor and the moral decay ' amphetamines. Another gem. Edinburgh: around him that he is driven to terrible violence. Filmhouse.

One of the key films ofthe Seventies with the I A World Without Pity Un MondeSmts Pirie(15) Scorsese-Dc Niro partnership at its peak. (Eric Rochant. France. 1990) Hippolyte

Edinburgh: Filmhousc. Girardot. Mireille Perrier. Yvan Attal. Jean

Inmlmm' 23Jud9°m°nl 03“ 15) (JamCS Marie Rollin. 88 mins. Parisian comedy-romance. - Cameron. US. 1991) Atnttld Swarzcncggcr. of a genre no-one but the French has ever taken

Linda Hamilton. Edward Furlong. Robert 1 very seriously. it‘s a pleasing. fluffy bundle of

PatriCk- 13" minS- “10 "1051 CXPCHSiVC film CVCI’ amourfou nonetheless. as the affair between - . . . . .... . . . .. . . . lnAssocaalronWIlh made. In a reprogrammed role that says much strectwise Hippo ((nrardot in a lifeltkc role about his changed image since the first movie. presumably written for him) and rive drone square bl ' Amie becomes the underdog fighting t0 PTOICCt Nathalie (Perrier) works out its star-crossed but : e

mother and child from another more advanced cyborg. With an element of uncontrived human compassion lurking throughout the gloriously expensive action sequences. as Swarzenegger‘s

entertaining course against the city's uniquely colourful and funny social backdrop. (ilasgow: F0, from in‘omflm mad. Lmdm _ I". on ‘13 3211 fix. on “31703 (EFT ' ' '

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