I Dundee guy (30) likes sports. (volleyball. short tennis. etc).

classical music and a good laugh.

seeks (slightly younger) similar for friendship. maybe more. Photo appreciated. Go on —do it! ALA. Box No 178/1.

I I frighten off most men having an independent and intelligent mind in a tall. slim. attractive body. Any 40+ Edinburgh men equal to the challenge? Box No 1780.

I I'm not Glaswegian, not even British! Male (31 ) fit and into running seeks eclectic female of non-British origins to have as a friend. more? Picture nice. letter more important. Box No 178/3.

I (Ger)man (23) new to the country. seeks adventurous girlfriend. lfyou like fun. long weekends. travel. sports. then send me some words and a photo (age. colour no problem). BOX NO 178/4.

I Professional gay male (31)

happy individual. good-looking.

enjoys normal things oflife. seeks gay guy for fun. lasting. committed relationship. Out to family etc. Discretion assured. Glasgow. Box No 178/5.

I Attractive Edinburgh female fashion victim (21 ) seeks Glasgow male for inter-city clubbing and cultural pursuits. Photo appreciated. Box No 178/6.

I Adventurous, athletic. tall shambling. unconventional. green. passionate. moody. warm. confused. professional (ha!) Edinburgh male (33). Likes include travel. world music and wide. wild spaces. Seeks exceptional woman. Box No 178/7.

I Aberdeen, chubby. stocky. professional male (50) varied interests. non-scene, seeks male (under 40) for friendship or more. All races welcome. Photo appreciated. I am gay. Box No 178/16.

I Glasgow female (23 yrs) attractive. open mind. looking for female to join her in adventures. Box No 178/17.

I Seeking brains; lots-o-grey matter! Male (early 305) with an oversized vocabulary. seeks female to explore bits of the world. Alternate politics. life style. or attitudes welcome. Picture appreciated. Box No 178118.

IIIEXPERIEIICED. GAY EDINBURGH MALE (28) seeks friendship/relationship with male (28+). Interests are music. nights out and travel. Box No 178/14.

SOMEBODY OUT THERE wants to know you. Write to the PERSONAL column of The List

and find out who!

I Gay woman (25) likes cinema. theatre. music. walking. seeks women in Edinburgh area. with similar interests. for friendship. possible relationship. Box No 178/9.

I Working-class bi male Glasgow (25) seeks inspiring. companions for raving. gardening. cinema-going. football spectating. cycling and cheap foreign adventure. Box No 178/10.

I Young guy. new to Glasgow decent-looking. honest and loyal. seeks similar female. Likes music. pubs. cinema. restaurants and just getting out.

Have car. own home and career.

Photo please. Box N0178/11. I Fit. cute. adventurous Edinburgh professional male (23) needs older women (32—50) for education and short lessons in life and love. What do you desire? Honesty rewarded with passion and chocolate. Box No 178/12.

I Atall. handsome. male (30) humorous. caring. Enjoys cinema. music and dining. Own business. flat and car. Seeks attractive girlfriend. Lives near Glasgow. Box No 178/13.

I Thoughtful. caring. optimistic slightly unconventional man (but not a wimpl). graduate. seeks small. fit. intelligent. sensitive woman. under 45. to share friendship. fun. adventures. and pleasures of

I Genuiner attractive. professional boyish. 305 male toy. happily single but bored. lovely physique tall. slim. muscular— sensual. gentle. submissive. uninhibited. will striptease. pose. whatever. for interested. amused or curious female(s). Box No 178/19.

I fall, sincere. fun-loving gay Aussie (39). into music. travel. swimming. hill-walking. jogging. now learning massage and needs volunteers for practice. Anyone out there? ALA, promise. Box No 178/20. I Edinburgh female (28) quiet. humorous. sensitive. vegetarian. Likes: cinema. music. mountains. cycling. camping. alternative outlooks. Seeks similar male (28—35) to share these in friendship. Photo much appreciated. Box No 178/21.

I Gay guy (29) good-looking. happy to try anything once. Is there anyone out there (21-35) with a sense of adventure . a modicum of discretion and a recent photo? Box No 178/22.

I Independent. attractive woman (29) seeks restless man with energy for life. willing to try new experiences and go out on the edge. Interests from clubbing to opera. Edinburgh. Photo appreciated. Box no 17803.

I Professional, 28-year-old gay Irishman (Edinburgh). reluctant to spend the long summer months on his own. Seeks friends for mutual companionship. Reply and you'll not be disappointed. promise. Box No 178/24.

I Subterranean male (33. Edinburgh). fastidious connoisseur of perversity. seeks closet heterosexual female for depravity and good. clean fun. Sweet. twisted. arty types preferred. Humour essential. Box No 178/25.

I So tired of being alone Glasgow gay guy (24). lacking in experience and confidence seeks same for mutual support and friendship. nights and days out. Hopefully leading to more. Box No 178/26.

I Intensive care nurse We met at Buchanan Street bus station. Thursday morning. through lustful indiscretion. ‘Gynaecologist‘ would love to untie your laces (and unclip your tunic). Please write for September. Box No 178/27.

I Gay man mid 405, looks younger. seeks masculine man. fair even fat. 305/405. for friendship and company, for meals, theatre. walks. hopefully more. Central south area. I love the Borders. Box No 178/28.

I II you are a caring. attractive. interesting and fun man (25—35) with a sense of humour then this similar lady (32) would love to hear from you. Photo please. Box No 178/29.

I Shy. eccentric Englishman (31). compulsive (repulsive?) smoker. seeks attractive. intelligent. Edinburgh female interested in real ale and real music (classical and blues) to share my unreal lifestyle. Tories welcome. Box No 178/30. I

I Wanted: Stunningly attractive.

slim and interesting lady (20—30) to keep this caring. good looking. fun loving. extremely nice and reluctantly bored professional man (33) company. Photo please. ALA. Box No 178/31. 1

I Edinburgh(ish) Two shy but eventually friendly females (21). like films. music. books. pubs. walks. travel having trouble finding similar males. Sense of humour. genuine-ness. warmth essential. Photos appreciated. Box no 178132].

I Glasgow male (29) 5ft 8in. inexperienced. would like to meet gay guy (21—35) for friendship. Photo appreciated. Box No 178/33. .

I Attractive. professional female (30) seeks similar. non-smoking male to eat. drink and possibly be merry. Edinburgh based. Box No 178/34.

I Edinburgh. Attractive slim. non-scene. gay man. Own business. early 40s. likes swimming. squash. travel. eating out. seeks compatible. slim. presentable. possibly Latin type for friendship. plus. Box No 178/35.


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WE WELCOME CALLEBS at 14 High St. (opp. John Knox's House). Edinburgh, during business hours.

I Musician with good day job. male (28). graduate. single. but bloody lonely. Keen on trying anything new. pubs and sports. Looking to please similar female. I‘m living in Glasgow. Box No 17886.

I If you are female. attractive. sincere (under 45). this good looking. caring. Glasgow male (mid 405). (with varied interests. cg hillwalking. dancing. music) wishes to hear from you. Photo please. ALA. Box No 178/37.

I Glasgow professional female (33). sophisticated. very attractive. sensitive. passionate. impulsive. romantic. enjoys travel. cinema. theatre. music. dining out. seeks similar tall. professional male for nights out. friendship/romance. Box No 178/38.

I Sensitive guy (26) seeks sensual girl for loving relationship. I‘d love to share all the good things of Glasgow life. Will put you on a pedestal and adore you. Box No 178/39.

I Tall. dishy male artist (29) with athletic tendencies and penchant for excitement and being a slob. seeks similarly dynamic. tranquil. attractive female with free spirit and own envelope and stamp. Box No 178/40.

I Looking for a bit of spice in your life? Attractive male (24) of Indian origin. university graduate. wishes to meet Scottish female (20—30) fora cultural exchange. Photo appreciated. Glasgow area. Box No 178/41.


I body and soul. Box No 178/15. 7

2The List3—161uly 1992