The List has teamed up with Purdey's, the ollicial non-alcoholic drink at the Once again The List is ottering two readers the chance to overdose on the lunniest Glasgow International Jazz Festival, to otter live pairs oi tickets to see the Poll shows on the Edinburgh Fringe by joining the prestigious Perrier Award Panel. How Winners, one at the best mainstream iazz acts in Britain, at Tramway on Sat 11 in its tweIIth year, the Perrier Award is adjudicated by an eight-strong panel drawn

July. What’s more, the lirst prize-winner will be treated to a dinner lor two at the trom the media and the general public- and that could mean you!. Forte Crest Hotel and, like the other winners, a goody bag lull ot exciting treats like a Purdey’s T-shirt, bottles ol Purdey's and a jazzy poster! The winners must be available to see at least lilteen—twenty shows in the lirst two

Ideal as a vitality restorer, Purdey’s is healthier than other carbonates, being we”? or" “imam?” Aug) "my"? Veg" “"3 15 A19? 37!"- MPSI Shows made lrom Vitamin B complex Vitamin C, exotic herbs like damiana, bayberry 3” "I e "e" "9' ".I "e "9 some m, "9' e “V and 0 V 0” "0“ " and "9 hm 9mm ash bark and Koréan ginseng, and a base 0' mm mines and swing spending a lot ol time in Edinburgh. There s no money in it, but all tickets are tree

water. Packaged in a silver ‘space age' bottle, Purdey’s is on sale in Glasgow and "We 3 a "me 0' Champagm’ WW" ""9" II 3 We'-

venues including the Forte Crest Hotel, Cate Tantulus, October and the

. . The most important qualities tor a panellist are an almost unending sense at wafehouse’ and_ moss scofland m sgggémts’ dehca'essens and "can" mad humour and an incredible stamina. It you think you have what it takes, simply write

us a letter (no more than 250 words) explaining in an apt, amusing and totally

when the draw will take place and the winners will be notilied by phone. _ , , Letters should arrive by Tuesday 21 July and the decision oi The List and Perrier is Which singer, writer, wit and raconteur is playing In the Jazz Festival on final.

Wednesday 8 July supported by John Chilton’s Feetwarmers?

Daytime Tel .................................... ..

Send to PURDEY’S JAZZ COMPETITION, me Send to PERHIER PANEL COMPETITION, The List, 14 High Street, List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE. Edinburgh EH1 1TE.

; JudyCoer(both Edinburgh)who all ,,. . __~ W ' wonticketsto see the Iateststage G W 1

Knowledge ol London Iootbali team i “5'0" 3‘ Edinblflllh Playhouse. : , nicknames doesn't seem to be your g /,, , ~ . strong point-the one that‘s known as E - . _, h' I c, i N 2 a...“ 8 A . _ O L lollowlng people will receive copies: The "mm 0' a “New” so“ ; “mam, may knew that 3"“, Jean was take this voucher to any at the bars listed tor a tree shot of Archer’s (one voucher

Ililaflefiizfled 1:: loumillghllegplt: W0" f and “mus we,“ to Sally Lancasm Archer's is one at the most versatile drinks around. It can be drunk neat over ice or 3 v eoso a on on a ea ures

. Colin Clayton Gill Young Ruth Mam" served with any at yourlavourite mixers. Whetheryou leel in a mellow mood or he! “Hm 80b Hosuns' Liz Human’ E read Ior a ni ht on the town, Archer’s is the erlect wa to start the evening! Madame Bridgman (bum 6mg“), . and Matthew Finch (all Edinburgh) tor ll ll p y i


i remembering that The Big Chill was i

"am cow" (cumbemau'd)’ Ken i Lawrence Kasdan's 1983 prequel to _ I i


the Irons is West Ham FC. The actor i FREE SCHNAPPS! Mam" McKenzie (Ghsgom’ Chris ghetto-blaster and a pair at Hardcore 2: W. 2

known as Jeremy Irons stars in i Reversal at Fortune which is being released on video this month when the {£33533 DaviddFletciher i 5:3,: gmgfigggawggmgn Wm: Lts lruitiy peach atriumt tahndgiitilarm sgltt'riiiaptps taist: Mother's Peach Sch'nsaippslis . mmon salt as ecom ng espr o e s. n s ortng tthe rnksareonus. mpy Wher (Lanarkshire). Like all the other Helen Coull (both Edinburgh).

Torrance (Carluke) and Paul Hasler .

(Edinburgh). ( Grand Canyon.

The Hump" Family appeared in 3 ’0 ‘W~ FREE SHOT ()F ARCHER’S! several 8 0' Fun" Farm I I one entry pet person/per M series (In: You, Chew", “can :5 f competition. It you are entering more than CIiER, This voucher enuties you to one FREE measure some people suooested) and the 5:235:T:°III°I::§"§.§I:S°("NINE a t 0 ' ~ “mm?” cm" 5mm”—

i ' p 8"” a e O 4 L redeemable at any one of the following lollowlng people won a big package at . names oIALL the competitions you are Wbm hm; Humpfl Family goodies: Paula Jones v entering are clearly marked on the outside. w “my... 7 80"". St Mm" 8‘ (Glasgow), Farmer Brown (Largs) and ,4 PWOWPIOS "i" "0‘ be accepled- Blnnco'e, 9 Hope St. Campbell Valentine (Ayr). 3 Emma” om“ u“ 3" I"°"°""°'° Beau Brutal-ell, 99 Hanover St

Everyone knew that Rex Harrison was ° °" ° “mm” °""° °°'“"°""°"s no Mitre. isa luxh at one OI IIIB original stars OI MY Fair :zsnhmmed by The Stage Door. 6 Butler'- I’Iace Lady, IIICIIIIIIIIQ Kim SIOI’TIBT (NOVIII alumna“: u; the prizes unwed Only one voucher per person will be accepted. : “MIC”. Alex Wesmalef Winners' names will be published in a - S C H N A P P S - “mum” w W" 18' “‘"' m ‘pwe’ w Mb" I (Dunlermline), Maureen Woods and future edition oIThe List. product than when led until July 16» 1992 [J

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