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~. \“One of the most romantic couples of recent times. Jayne Torcill and Christopher Dean choreographed some of the most memorable ice dance routines ecer seen.

Torcill and Dean hare an incomparable ability

to make audiences su'oon. sigh and laugh

out loud - almost unimaginable emotions..."


60 Skating Champions on flashing blades of steel






WED 19th AUG 7.30 THUR 20th AUG 7.30 FRI 215t AUG 7.30 SAT 22nd AUG 2.00 8r 7.30 SUN 23rd AUG 2.00

Tickets from £7.50 to £19.50. Children 16 or under £2.50 off. N0 BOOKING FEE

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1,000 dazzling costumes

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Linda Hamilton. Edward Furlong. Robert Patrick. 136 mins. The most expensive film ever made. In a reprogrammed role that says much about his changed image since the first movie . Arnie becomes the underdog fighting to protect mother and child from another more advanced cyborg. With an element of uncontrivcd human compassion lurking throughout the glorioust expensive action sequences. as Swarzenegger's cyborg develops human feelings. this is more than just a $100 million fairground ride. Edinburgh: UCI. I The Till! ( 18) (John Carpenter. US. 1982) Kurt Russell. Wilford Brimley. David Clennon. 109 mins. Scientists on an Antarctic research station thaw out an alien creature able to change its shape and horribly murder humans. Extraordinary effects in this tense shocker. which utilises the central gimmick from the original short story in a way the 1951 version did not. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Ila Ia Upl Tla No Down! (18) (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 1990) Antonio Banderas. Victoria Abril. Francisco Rabal. 101 mins. It's women on the verge of exploitation time as Almodovar reveals his most provocative confection to date with a bare outline that reads like sexist trash: male loony Banderas kidnaps porno queen Abril. ties her to the bed. pumps her full of drugs and. 10. they fall in love. Look beyond the sordid details. however. and the film creates its own moral logic based on mutual need between two very damaged characters. In the end. Almodovar manages creditany to wring moments of emotional resonance out of the most unpromising material. Glasgow: GFT. lTotal Baeall(18) (Paul Verhoeven. US. 1990) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Sharon Stone. Michael lronside. 109 mins. In Verhoeven‘s hugely expensive rollercoaster of violence. Arnie plays a construction worker whose vacational fantasy (implanted by Rekall Incorporated) is to pitch him into a netherworld of assassins and femrnes falales before unleashing the full truth about his nightmares of life on Mars. The crazy Dutchman‘s Martian chronicle. teeming with sicko incident. is powered along by bursts of gee-ain‘t-this-fun-brutality. but scores points for the playful ingenuity of the plotting. GFT. I Toto The llaro (15) (Jaco Van Dormael. Belgium. 1991) Michel Bouquet. Mireille Perrier. .10 De Backer. 90 mins. Elderly Thomas believes that his rescue as a baby from a hospital fire caused him to be mixed up with another child. with the result that he feels that he should be enjoying the comfortable existence of rich

Patrick Stoddart - Sunday Times

with special guest


11/51) [E'talllrilag'

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12,000 square feet of shimmering ice


neighbour Alfred. Past and present. childhood and adulthood. are edited together to create a wonderfully absorbing whole. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I I Touch at Evil (18) (Orson Welles. US. 1958) Orson Welles. Charlton Heston. Marlene Dietrich. Janet Leigh. 108 mins. Welles made a return to Hollywood studio employment after a decade in the wilderness with this classic baroque thriller. In a sleazy border town. the murder of a Mexican bigwig causes friction between corrupt local detective Hank Quinlan (Welles himself) and upright Mexican narcotics agent Vargas (Heston). Amidst a gallery of Wellesian grotesques and expressionist camerawork the dialogue between truth and justice becomes progressively more garbled. Don't be late or you‘ll miss one of cinema‘s most famous opening shots. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Trust (15) (Hal Hartley. US. 1990) Adrienne Shelly. Martin Donovan. Merritt Nelson. 90mins In suburban Middle America. a rebellious high-school dropout (Shelly) leaves home after causing her father's fatal heart attack by announcing she‘s pregnant. By chance. she meets the dangerous but intelligent Matthew. who has also rebelled and lost his job. A highly unusual black comedy with several unexpected twists Glasgow: GFT. I Tho Unballavabla Truth (15) (Hal Hartley. US. 1989) Adrienne Shelly. Robert Burke. Christopher Cooke. Julia McNeal. 89 mins. Enigmatic and charismatically performed independent small-town romance. which looks like a cross between Jarrnusch and early Godard. Young. impressionable Audry (Shelly) falls for shy ex-con Josh (Burke). a man whose saintly aura belies rumours of a violent past. As his dark history is unveiled. and Audry embarks on a lucrative career in modelling. Hartley explores the implications of ‘truth‘ in the multi-faceted but platitudinous context of modern American society and beyond. Glasgow: GFI‘. I Universal Soldlar(18) (Roland Emmerich. US. 1992) Jean-Claude Van Damme. Dolph Lundgren. Ally Walker. 102 mins. Two soldiers killed in Vietnam are cryogenically frozen. then turned into prototype versions of the Universal Soldier an unstoppable fighting force of humanoid electronic warriors. But things begin to go awry and a deadly rivalry begins between the duo. causing a trail of destruction across America. Robocommando Recall might be a better name for it. but this wonderfully daft. sci-fr pulp actioner certainly bounces the mayhem off the gleeful humour. See review. Odeons: Glasgow: Edinburgh: Ayr. All UCls. I Valmoat ( 12) (Miles Forrnan. France/GB. 1989) Colin Firth. Annette Bening. Meg Tilly. Fairuza Balk. 140 mins. Not so dangerous screen version of Choderlos dc Laclos' Les Liaisons Dangereuses. detailing the seductive intrigues of 18th century French aristocracy. Forrnan successfully emphasises the class aspect of the novel. but as a whole. the film is unlikely to receive the same acclaim as Stephen Frears‘ adaptation of the same material Dangerous Liaisons some years ago. Central: MacRobert. I Wayne's World (PG) (Penelope Spheeris. US. 1991) Mike Myers. Dana Carvey. Rob Lowe. Tia Carrere. 95 mins. Two heavy metal dorks hit the big time when their public access cable show is snapped up by a greedy TV exec for national primetime. Crammed full ofTV and film pastiches. this US phenomenon has far more hits than misses. while Wayne and Garth revel in an even wackier vocabulary than cinematic first cousins Bill and Ted. They‘ve shot. they‘ve scored! General release. I What Have I Done To 0mm Thla? (Pedro Almodovar. Spain. 1984) Carmen Maura. Luis Hostalot. 100 mins. From the camera that brought you Women On The Verge. . .. an earlier. more surreal vision of desperation. sex and bizarre familial interactions in middle-class Spain. The central role is again played by a distracted Maura. this time as a housewife coping with her depression and her ghastly family by taking a wee snort of cleaning fluid with her prescribed amphetamines. Another gem. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Whoa Harry Met Sally ( 15) (Rob Reiner. US. 1989) Billy Crystal. Meg Ryan. Carrie Fisher. 95 mins. Thoughtful sex comedy has Crystal (Harry). Ryan (Sally) and Reiner on top form. with highly entertaining results. Nora Ephron's witty screenplay intelligently ponders the possibility of male/female friendship with or without romance. and guess which side wins . . . Annie Hall forthe late 19805. with now-famous faked orgasm. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Witches (PG) (Nicholas Roeg. US. 1990) Anjelica Huston. Mai Zetterling. Rowan Atkinson. 92 mins. Nine year-old Luke iswarned by his Norwegian granny about the everpresent threat posed by witches. which isn‘t much help because within the next half hour he stumbles on their annual convention in a small English hotel and gets himself changed into a mouse. Edinburgh: Cameo.


WEEK ONE Friday 17—Thursday 23

Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at any time. [0]

: indicatesthatwheelchair access is

available. though prior notification is advisable. [E] indicates the availability ol an induction loop. for the convenience of hearing aid users. Film Listings compiled by Thom Dibdin.


I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend. 637 2641 . £2.90 (Child/OAP£1 .90; before 6pm all seats£l .90).

1. Batman Returns (12) 2pm (not Sun). 5pm. 8pm.

2. Freddy as F.R.0.7. (U) 2pm (notSun). 5.45pm.


I CANNON The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282/4343. [D]. [E](scrcens 1.3 and 5). Shows commencing before 5.30pm £2.10; after 5.30pm £3.30 (Child £2. 10).

Batman Returns (12) (2 screens) 12.30pm. 1.30pm. 3.25pm. 4.20pm. 6.30pm. 7.25pm. 9.25pm. 10. 15pm.

MyCousln Vinny(15) 1.15pm,3.55pm. 7pm. 9.35pm.

Freddy as F.R.0.7. (U) 12.45pm.2.50pm. 4.55pm.

Peter Pan (U) 1pm. 3pm. 5pm. 7.05pm. Wayne's World (PG) 1.30pm. 3.45pm. 7.05pm. 9.20pm.

Stepklds (PG) 1.35pm. 3.55pm (Sat/Sun only).

The Player (15) 3.55pm (not Sat/Sun). 6.50pm. 9.35pm.

Basic Instinct ( 18) 9.30pm.

Sleepwalker: (18) 7. 15pm. 9.40pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.

I CANNON Sauchiehall Street. 332 9513/1592. Two bars. £3.50 (Child £2. 10; CAP [before 6pm] £2. 10). All tickets for shows commencing 4pm—6pm £2. 10 (not Sat. Sun).

1. Batman Retums(12) 11.40am.2.35pm, 5.25pm. 8.25pm.

2. Casablanca (U) 1.10pm, 3.25pm,6pm, 8.40pm.

3. Wayne’s World (PG) 1.10pm.3.30pm, 6pm. 8.45pm.

4. The Lover(18)1.25pm.5.35pm.8.20pm. 5. Rush (18) 1.25pm. 5.35pm.8.20pm.

I CITY CENTRE OOEON Renfield Street , 332 8701. Bar. [D] screens 2. 3 and4. Adults £3.60, £3.90. £4.20 (Child/GAP £2.60. £2.90. £3.20; Student/UB40£2.60 [Mon—Thurs before 6.30pm. D. All Stalls seats for shows commencing before

1.30pm £2.60. Advance booking available 24

20 The List 17— 3()July 1992