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tickers (£17, 50), phone possessor of a velvety larynx,

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I'M“ ‘Tic A Yellow lullabies and uptempo, devotional

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Giovanni, Madame the Motown greats, I thought, “1

Emmy, La Boheme, want to do what these people do. I , [.1 J my I,

Remain and Gilben and want to make people feel how they ' "

Sullivan. Opera Karaoke make me feel.” I suppose that could Love You?’. It makes sense. help themselves. Being black and may be a shade more be an underlying motivation.’ Her Christian beliefs are a prime growing up in Britain is hard, you upmarket than the Everyone should hear Des’ree, let motivating and lyrical force, but have negative stimulus surrounding “mon'opga'dcn . her make them feel how her idols unlike many Christian artists, who you from the classroom to the :oaggngfiggfiggfis“ '5 made her feel, allow her to articulate record for specifically Christian . workplace. My message is: Try to left wondering why their feelings. At some point, for . labels and make (mostly crap) rnus1c erase these colour lines and get on Jeremy Beadlc didn't everyone, the corn Will drop, such is for a specrfically Christian audience , with it. You don’t know when you’re mink om first. the scope of her appeal. In her belief Des’ree wants to air her songs on a going to breathe your last breath, so lJesse Hae returns to the in The Song, her love of uncluttered universal platform. don’t waste time being depressed Scottish stage in vocal performances, her strength of ‘I was guided to the record and miserable. You are unique; try mid'AUSPSt With a live character, her poise and her lyrical industry,’ she says. ‘I don’t want it to and remain unique.’ And that’s Show "mm?" Sf’MS‘ acumen, she is a latterday Carole sound like a cliché , but I know gospel. (Fiona Shepherd) Sal King. She covers, among other exactly what I’m here for. I try to tell

surroundings of things, King’s ‘Natural Woman’ on people stand on your own ground, Des’ree plays King Tut’s, Glasgow Edinburghvs Fihnhousc. her current Single ‘Why Should I because God will help those who on Fri 24.

The show, an ‘interactive

live video presentation',

willfeature plenty of v previously unperformed ' material, including

assassins: Hopetoun


I Alan (er, ‘Duke’) Campbell called to tell us 8 p n his plans for celebrating -"‘°’.°”-°‘~"“"‘°:”"‘i" eternal invo ve gmng an our 0 his Sunday 19 Radio Forth show to El Rancho gram? fro? the At a time when traditionally nothing 3‘“ 0m 5 a '0" very much happens on the Edinburgh “"‘rabanda FM' “05” classical music scene and everyone amigvalmfi‘)’ waits patiently iorthe Edinburgh kind of Wayne’s ' Festival, a welcome change is aioot wofldmmtm this year with the iirst oi what may delusion, seem to believe become an annual event at Hopetoun that they are broadcasting House. ‘Handei At Hopetoun' is the title front the basement of 8 ol the three-day event being held over glenmmchdwhcrethey 24, 25 and 26 July at Scotland’s 0:12;??ch £52m“ greatest Adam mansion and a unique “I ds_ gem in European architecture. 5: Miss", p... comes Apart irom providing a beautliui from KLT, the station setting pretouzflause is'i'illso a?” i v . ,, ,g which will be broadcasting approp a B one, 8 ng 88 088 m " during the Glasgow Fair the same period as much of the music Prolessor oi Baroque Studies at the the 18th century theme, audiences will and Is rimmng a demo, which will be pertormed. Centrepiece Guildhall School oi Music and Drama in also be oliered carriages through the 511°“! ‘3'] afd‘m’cn“ oi the lestlval will he Handel’s London and an intemationaily-Itnown Hopetoun grounds, set on the south min thyc gggg three-act opera ‘Bodelinda', presented expert in this lleld. shores oi the Forth, croquet, petanque, am. “you have a demo each evening in the Ballroom in Apart from the opera performances, wallts, viewing at the House and its tape you think theymight semi-'81:”? Johannes his“ Laura Sartl will Ieada masterclass on oriIolillaliumlture. tapestries and be interested in, send it, camp 0 0 VI co mos, De Handellan opera and there will be a P! M "08 and life-00m Picnic: are with all the relevant instruments and baroque concert at trio sonatas by 18th century encouraged. In a lestlval that one could information to: Marco ornamentation. The cast promises composers- Handel, Telemann and easily spend a couple oi days at, the McKee. E Force. BB_C some interesting singing with Michael Zeienita -irom the Scottish Baroque only thing that's not on oiier is an 18th fiogfingfxfififtgt Chance, the acclaimed counter-tenor Players. On Sunday altemoon, the "MI"! bed "If "'0 "lillIl- (carol Mal") Dd“ ’Glasgow GI; as Bertarido and the Welsh soprano iamous 18th century Ramsay iamin oi SDG. ’"possiblc, they Rebecca Evans in the title role. Edinburgh is the subject oi a new ballad Handel at Hopetoun, Hopetoun House, should mm by Tuc 21. Director will be David Hoblou, . opera by Charles Barron, cnnrlnnlng South Queensierry, 24, 25 and 26 July.

25 The List 17 30 July 1992