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‘Money doesn‘t make you happy. I was just as happy having $48 million as I am having $50 million.’

A rnold chharzenegger gets things into perspective.

looks on aghast as Joe

‘The BBC went wild about the Pescl calls hlsllancee

Oprah Winfrey Show in America. They loved the idea of this big, black, huggy, highly watchable woman. So what did they do? They made their version with Robert Kilroy-Silk, who looks like a knitting pattern that I failed at.‘

Independent TV producer Linda

A gran bemoans the consequences of Britain '5 male-dominated industry.

I It was never like this in the Munsters. Fred Gwynne

» ,~ Marisa Tomei to the stand :‘ in My Cousin Vinny. See

I I Film review.

‘lt‘s easy enough to get into a rubber catsuit when you‘re bone dry, but once you’re hot and sweaty, you can‘t put the same one back on again.’

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Glasgow‘s internationally acclaimed

reputation as a city of art and

culture. and stop ignoring halfofthe

Scottish population.‘

CllrJean McFadden, leader of

. Glasgow District Council. challenges ' Edinburgh ’5 right to claim the new

_ ' mgaz..;* - National Gallery of Scottish Art.

I Hold on a minute.

Brookslde’s loony Catholic

and lonner nun DD Dixon

poses outside John Knox‘s p

House. Surely shome

mlshtalte? For the lull story. see TV preview.

from the 5th Kiev Stalinist machine-gun parade.‘

That paragon of beauty, Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, isn 't turned on by his female parliamentary colleagues.

\\0' _ h‘ l i , ‘They all look asthough theyare

l Fishhone are such crazy guys they have to be ltept in a high-security cage ln-between gigs. Find out why at Glasgow Barrowlands on 22 July. See flock listings.

The List 17 - 30 July 1992 3