Edinburgh’s tog watering holes

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It is only natural that Highland

Spring, Seotlanil’s premier mineral water

should be stoe/t’ea' by leading restaurants and hotels in the heart of‘lfa'inluuglz.

For the benefit of‘m'sitors to the 1992 litlinltutglt liestiual, we are listing a seleetion oft/1e leading hotels and restaurants H’lIO will lie pleased to serve I’ligltlaml Spring mineral water.

You will also find Highland Spring at Pizza Hut restaurants t/iroug/Iout Seotlana’ lteeause they also recognize its quality and

value/or money.

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little/s The George The Sheraton 'I‘he Roxburghe lx’estaurants Cosmo The Witehery L’Auberge Keepers Kweilin

(iem‘ge Street Festival Square (TILtrlntte Square

North (thtle Street By the (thtle

St .\1.try\ Street I)tmtl.|\ Street l)llIlLl.l\ Street

ghland Spring

Highland Spring Ltd. Stirling Street. Blackford. Perthshire I’ll-t IQA. 'l'el (P6182 1-H