I Edinburgh male (35) seeks male for first encounter. I am inexperienced and hope to meet .simiiar person. Discretion assured. Box No 179/23. I Pay attention! assertive male teacher (Edinburgh) seeks gentle, submissive female, approx 25—35. to be his permanent pupil. Honesty, open-mindedness and sense of humour a must. Senders of 100 lines are especially welcome. Box No 179/24. I Tell, handsome, single male (30) (Glasgow). Sensitive, caring. passionate. serious. Interests include cinema, literature, theatre. seeks pretty, feminine, kind. caring, deep, intellectually aware woman (25-30) for friendship, etc. Box No 179/25. I Glasgow area professional gay man (30) newly out, seeks similar (25—30) for friendship. Interests: music, cinema and sport. Caring and genuine non-smokers preferred. Photo appreciated. ALA. Box No 179/26.

I Sexy, intelligent style-conscious hermaphrodite seeks fellow-traveller for selectively sensuous, caring, creative journey. Lady artist preferred but attitude more important. Secure base established for straight-acting front to world. Box No 179/27.

I Attractive male (28) into Celtic folk music, cinema, exploring the outdoors, and environmental issues. seeks similar, slim female for friendship and hopefully more. Box No 179/28.

I Independent proiessional woman (42) who is looking for a non-smoking man who is not looking for a housekeeper, a bank manager, a psycho- therapist, a chauffeur, a nanny. Convince me. Box No 179/29.

I Handsome and romantic country mouse (25) seeks attractive. sensitive, female town mouse (18-25) for expeditions and adventures in the city. Glasgow area preferred. Box No 179/30.

I Glasgow bisexual male (41) non-scene, 6ft, seeks safe fun and genuine friendship with sincere, sensitive guys. Gay. bi or TV. Frank letter appreciated. Discretion assured and expected. Box No 179/31.

I Argyll gay (50:) young-looking and acting, interested in opera, leider, reading. catering, looking for heart-to-heart friend. Box No 179/32.

I Shy gay woman (28) likes sport and nice evenings out. Would like to meet anyone for friendship or possibly more. Lives just outside Glasgow. Discretion assured. Box No 179/33.

I Central Scotland male (40) caring, sensitive. attractive , interested in travel, health. classical music, countryside, gardening, languages, seeks similar professional. non-scene man for honest, sincere, loving friendship. integrity paramount, discretion assured. Box No 179/35.

I Country-based friendly guy (early 30$) N/S only, looking for (work!) and sincere similar friends. Into local radio/ broadcasting, theatre, fitness. travel, city life. Photo.

accommodation exchanged to

genuine guys. ALA. Box No 179/36.

I Foreign male student (31) decent-looking. tall and slim, seeks good-humoured. straight- acting guys (25—35) for friendship. Likes talking, socialising, etc. Photo please (to be returned). Box No 179/37.

I Attractive 40-year-old Malaysian divorcee seeks sincere, divorced/single gentleman with view to marriage. Write with photo. Box No 179/38.

I Edinburgh male (30s) into travel, anything creative, seeks unconventional. articulate, visually literate female (any age) to be muse, lover. travel companion or maybe just a pal. Box No 179/39.

I Tayside gay male (37) straight-acting and looking, non-scene, non-smoker, sincere, caring. loyal, needs cherishing. Interests: theatre. music, wine and good company. Seeks active masculine guy with good personality, caring, genuine and sincere (25—40) for friendship/relationship. Box No 179/41.

I Professional male would like to meet quiet. non-smoking young lady (18—30). Own flat and car (Edinburgh area). Box No 179/42.

I Edinburgh gay male (30) shy, non-scene. Italianate looks, seeks loyal, caring, sensible guy (25—32) for friendship. hopefully more. Enjoys music. eating out. long walks, conversation. Photo/phone appreciated. Box No 179/43.

I Attractive, proIessIonaI male (34). Glasgow. Would like to be living more than working. Likes active relaxing, cinema, art, days out, sport. Would like to meet a similar female (26—36). Photo? Box No 179/44.

I Say guy (SO) seeks young pen pals, friends, possibly more. Inexperienced/unsure/ beginners welcome. Looks unimportant so, although photo appreciated, ALA provided honest, explicit and from youthful writers. Discretion assured. Box No 179/45.

SOMEBODY OUT THERE wants to know you. Write to the PERSONAL column of The List

and find out who!

I Say male (25) livingin Glasgow. Intelligent, good-looking and self- respecting. Seeks similar (25—30) for relationship. Humour, discretion, intelligence and photograph positively essential. Don‘t reply otherwise. Box No 179/46.

I Disillusioned but tun-loving 24-year-old gay male yearns for decent company and happy days. Interests include bands, food and cinema; desires include reality, affection and you? Box No 179/47.



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55 The List 17 - 30 July 1992