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I New London Consort: N I C 'Beunzzfayi’éskg'ggui‘gn'Slnfl “P "‘8 30mm

Music From the Time ot m use _

“WWW/"'0" "0"": Thitsylieing )Sonic Youth, it’s not about anzuglmggzigg Eggnrceangfled 21”.°"1L§:,i”m§f° °"’°“a"°"s° "0' “om 5mm.“ “9' immutable touchstone. ‘Orange Rolls, Feztiggl reminyds us of the "'9 “mm” 93"“ "m by "'9" Angel’s Spit‘ is the periect singular growing interest in that Womes" "imma’s' 9'09"” "m example at this. Gordon a woman a field. and the about pepping up or pop-ing up their posessed’ anger as an enemy, gum" g Eaglesham-based Linn long-time, deep-down, tar-gone passages boning in a caummn _ a" Ream!“ 0"“ ‘w" "cw moms- A“ “mm” "oi “om straining at the leash. The sound at C9n‘ribumns' The "WWW “Mme '0‘“ me“ tendons bulging. Or how about the “'g.h'y"°$‘f’d°: “"5"” mass-market sensations. Sonic Youth sound 0, haumed pop may is .msh 2::fcvnctiyga‘:lcliimcablc "c" "0 spime and moo" "o Fullillment'? The harrowing

music of late-15th century concessms' dissipation ot ‘On The Strip’, which

Spain with great apiomh 'mm' is a buml'm" “3"- And a bleeds away into teedback dissonance, (soprano Catherine Bott tired-up trip. By sounding at times More ramming again found Gordonis I is especially impressive). bleakly detached (‘Shoot‘, ‘Theresa’s ; "om me 0' addiction and “spam ' Nigel North is positively Sound-World’) 3"“ seelhlflgly i ‘Dirty’ is never easily swallowed and moacmis‘ in his h . "hemem “00 P" cm" ‘smmsun I always sticks in the craw. And is hardly h '53”), mm, manages '0 so" i totally satistying. This being Sonic

Youth, it could be no other way. (Craig McLean)

- . . . contusion and so reap a mixed crop at lute responses. ‘I love you, I love you, i love works (or transcriptions) --- - —-—--— ~ ~---———— —-- -— --—— -~- by Bach. Vivaldi. and the less familiar Weiss. (Kenny Mathicson)

_ and Miles blew characteristic but largely unremarkable trumpet lines MILES DAVIS over the top; the horn lines on the two

_ posthumously completed tracks were 3?: :g’ama'gggmps "m a completed in a reversal at that process,

surprise, that Miles Davis’s last studio xxxfggrgg :‘gl'mflgfimm 8888'“ W33 "0‘ a "We memmah'e plodding repetitive rather cliched one, although it even a traction ot the

unreleased material rumoured to be in $323; 5:353:38; if? '0' various vaults actually exists, it sure

won.) be the m, “lease. This tunk-dominated band butthe need to collaboration with rap producer Easy a°°:":hm°da'e "'e ‘1'" 9'0"?" Mo Bee (brokered by Del Jam’s Russell :"fd‘; 73‘ 3:9"? a :i are at" Simmons) is an uneasy and ultimately 3 (“3° 0 a' *3.” dp’ 0" "3' less than satistying attempt to produce :88 0 five" """e u." 9:0“

a meeting between Miles's distinctive ass'a". 'dmm “mm” 0"5' sad'y' trumpet and the street sounds he heard disappo'mmg 0" hm" °°"ms° (“My played on urban radio. Mamieso")

Easy Mo Bee laid down six tracks,

I Mother's Finest: Black Radio Won’t Play This Record (Polydor) Okay. okay, black people really can play heavy rock music. The most remarkable fact about Mother‘s Finest, a black, five-piece rock band. is that they are still able to use their skin as a marketing tool so far down the colourful crossover road. They’re black. they break butt. Black Radio. . . is a cool album now can we all just enjoy it? "lite fact is, Mother‘s Finest are a far more accomplished heavy

rock band than many of their cliché-"ddc" Here's One We Made Earlier (MM) Pale'med coun‘e’i’am' Relishing the comlorts oi madness and

Lth' 'll " ? gaigiffg‘amfiffi;3§k acknowledging the inlluences ot

has floundcrcd without Madness (which might be the same soul for years, mack thing), The Pale‘s debut album is Radio. . . is merely a tittingly unpredictable. Appropriater return to roots. (Richard skittish. Suitably deranged. And “0890) surprisineg palatable.

‘llere’s One We Made Earlier’ may or may not be the product at designer

I Joe Lovano: From the dementia, but any scam-wary l Soul/Bonny Green Trio: suspicions are quickly dissolved by the s Tostltvln’! (Blue Note) Blue charm at these Oubliners’ contrary

N0"? a" 0"“ 383"" songwriting turns. Their lunatic tringe :‘strcc‘l’igiifé°""y linds term in Matthew Oevereaux’s I sessions from American vaulting vocal histrionics. ' I jwmen. Saxman Lovano Fancy some skipping ska? Here s i combines the virtues of ‘Shut Up Venus’. Some sunny calypso? ; strength and muscular 'MOlhBT Nature IS A Man’ Will do. i tone with a questioning Plate-smashing Balkan tun? The 3 musical intelligence. near-hit ‘Oogs With No Tails' is just the am.“ by a 8’9“ "WW" iob. Somehow these, not to mention . “cm” 0f M'Chc' operatic banks at backing vocals and

Petrucciani, Dave

Holland‘ and Ed swathes ol strings and gobbets ot

Blackwell. Green takes a 90'“: m snugly and lagged" mm

more well-travelled (bop) "gregagoral lflVO'MlVOI'IIBSSI.‘ "

road butthere is no 0 a B can a 80, W Oil 80 S

shortage of either great them, spread out and cratt a laid-back

Playing 0r excitment in breather like the closing ‘an One’,

“‘35 "V3 50‘ "0'" the replete with Iissom lines like ‘This

must be the one, the warp to my weave, 00d ff d T ' on the loom ot the big tapestry’.

g - '5‘“ 98" “"y Lesswillull rl it tlt Stu

Williams s The Story of y c a" 3" mp,

Neptune (Blue Note) is weirder than The Frank And Walters, no

also worth checking out. if nutty novelty like SIIIIBIIS 0i Ping Fc. your bank balance allows. The Pale maybe insane. but they’re (Kenny Ma‘h'es‘m) never inane. (Craig McLean)

32 The List 31 July - 13 August 1992