Chuck in (probable) turbo the margins of the formula v A L B U M s octane conviction and with a recognisable but

. flashesofli htnin not worn-out synth sound.

guitars. and8 you hive . ‘Schtoom‘ addinga heady w um. ' Th- - . unadulterated genius. ' tribal pulse and‘Fight The

0 m n) Bun-w * (CMcL) Feeling‘asnatch of last year. Peter Gabriel 1 t.nkling piano and .

dio's fora week of (Craatilon).Sheetgu.rtar. ll both swrvel this ~::j 333:3; -Sm - d- S ; swrnglngnffs. bullish . trred-and-tested sound ' mftcnswc If“: mi’ omc ! rhythms. a rocky killdozer grid sufficientlyto 0 them” “c cc" f ofthe kind that Husker i transcend thesum oftheir

zilcccfizgtaggfigzghk" the knocked out in the i parts. Only the first two ' g “i . a “‘3‘555 Brothers U, I“ b (.1 0! ion‘ time it took other i releases on 23rd Precrnct s - but this record is g speedskaters to have a offshoot label for more concerned with wha‘ 9 tea-break. Even better. ‘If underground house. and happened when cultural 1 lCan Change Your Mind‘ ; already they're vying for barriers melted in the heat and Try Agam‘boast a nauonal dmmcuon' (F5) of collaboration. So Pol ' Spnghtly acousnc zap? l I Junana flame“: Brennan and The Holmes f predicting more thanjust EVBWW‘V Loves "9 8m

. t , . , ; unrelenting j You (Mammoth) Don‘t Brmficrsggvrldc d mcel) helter-skelters from Bob : believe it Jules. it's a ngsgificm {gr Ayub f Mould‘s newest project, 3 vicious lie. Ilove you as Agodadah wubblc and (CMcL) t much asthe nextperson

with a modicum of taste. I Paul Weller: Uh lluh. Oh i especially when your Yeah (60! Discs) impossibly child-like voice

Spanish guitarist Juan Canizares play against a Grid backingtrack; and a

. . -.- . - ,- Thankful! more erudite j hurdles the high notes """"" ' ' glfggfcmgggrgnzoxfixnks I than that giunt of a title. with ocean‘s of fresh air to guitaristyPajaro Canzani. the reb‘m‘ Weller fuses ? Sparci hut Ifthc Morsels like these whet dmy R&B‘ Squcalmg ' pmduqlon 9f.SUCh the a‘ppemc for Part Two‘ hip-hop and dirty jazz. Charming. lilting. poppy but this has enough and-defuses his past heartache depends on my goodies to be going on uptight canccns, The I refusal to acknowledge

your existence then we‘ll

I keep up the Charade. okay

4‘ kid? So run along now like - 1;; 3;;

' a good little girl. (FS) *3 ‘5: :1. =55?"

; I Throwing Muses: Firepile - ' **’ (MD) As stark as they

. "anan aim." (opal) wanna be. Like last year‘s

When the wonderful ‘Counting Backwards‘. .4 n _.

world of soul eventually this hOdCS WC" {Of the sf , ' ;.;=::::.

percolatcs across - forthcoming LP. but is less -- *

that band at the mention Hadrian‘s wall. "‘5 . easily digested. However.

of whose name you‘re records like this people as usual. it‘s hard to look

meant to make the sign of should buy. Urban away When Kristin HCl’Sh

the cross, in the same way London emits a sound that l5 0" this kind 0f {mm-

that you‘re supposed to be escapes the city: sleek (AM)

repulsed by ELO. Genesis street soul dissolves into ' I Pet" "WWW: I'm 8009

results on this four-track treat are. at times. not

unlike the Mick

Talbot-produced Galliano. How rich. and how strange. (CMcL)

with. not least Mari Boine‘s ‘lt Sat Duolmma Mu‘ and an exquisite song by cajunists La Bottine Souriante. (Alastair Mabbott)

I Supertranlp: The Very BestOt . . . (AHA) Supertramp— aren‘t they

and Emerson. Lake and gorgeous. mellow jazz . (3999373 Banquet) Sad Palmer. the heinous V overtones. One of the j B‘chnggy Fasuall)’ docs adversaries in the punk ' tracks of the year get ; "Olhmg ‘0 d'SPc' h'S

. hard-won reputation as

; sad Bowie/Iggy casualty. His voice fails to rise to

the occasion and the

wars? That ‘Dreamer‘. hold of this at all costs. though the one you used ' (PO)

to shuffle about to in that

awkward prepubescent I Luca: Just A Little Bit way when your big . More (Cooltempo) Who'c fam‘g" is we" 935' brother fed it loud through - ‘Discovered‘ by his next i l‘5 sell'by dale (sometime his new-fangled music door neighbour. who just ' m 1983)- (AM)

centre. Or ‘The Logical . happened to be half of the I I mantles“: 3093' Song‘ - remember when ; En Vogue One World (Fuel/“'93: 7000" Guys ......... .. that used to come on TV l production team. Lucky. l 00“ 03"“ (Shock) TWO and you would swear the huh! What‘s more. God‘s 2 fine ones well worth guy with the long hair at ; blessed him with the type ; seeking out- Manifesto the piano looked like | of boyish good looks that i plunder the sonic range. Jesus? That‘s it. appeal to l makes Smash Hits readers l making the first Single We the consumer‘s shrouded start puberty. imagine a heard in 3895 lhat many memories ofthe 70s. Let gruff Kenny Thomas dOCS Chimc- Slthl' them discover that the ' funkin‘ along to Diana I Michael Hampton doesn‘t songs they didn’t already Brown and you‘ve got the 1 get ‘00 CXClthi Wthh know/own/pass over in the full picture. (PO) might be ‘1 PTOblcm for jumble sale stand up well 1 some. but from here it just beside all those i I flagged Jack: Get Radical Sounds WC" 0001- RiPc'S half-remembered images l (Island) Throng guitars Singer makes more Of an _, ......... a let them laugh at the l meet ‘hip’ dance beats affair about scaling the ' ' ' "‘2‘". appalling lyrics to and. he . instant heights. but he gets to a o o 0 ‘Breakfast In America‘. credibility with both respectable altitude overa I ve I n e d I n b u r9 h and then force them to wa ne‘s and club worlds_ . billowy guitar wash which swallow their credibility strgight up Radio 1's recalls Kitchens Of 5 U N D 3 G s T and admit what a seedy little avenue with its Distinction. but with its user-friendly artefact this annoying catchiness. If feel Planted more P L H o U s E compilation is. (Fiona dance music keeps up like squarely 0“ term firma. t h e Shepherd) this, I‘m seriously going to (AM) .. ..

have to think of growin I The Jennlim: Just Got . SEES: - ' .Sifiif' flit ‘55 ""-

V S l N G L my hair long. (AM) 8 Book Today (Nude) The _. .5151; . “.55 ,5. -.;.:_

I mum“; label that brought us A ;._ ' .3553} "'1 '**- egg-35:25. I The Mouth: I-loolrllne Schtoom/Subllme: Fight Suede are Playing 0" The " . ' .' '1" (Sacred Heart) The ‘ntg Fuun' (Umbo) Jennifers’ youth - average ' i: ' 2;: ~;:;:;:-- . ' :' hookline makes my ears Techno and rave records 38¢ ‘JUSt under eighteen. " " .3; go pop,‘ The Mouth‘s are all about taking the bl" Slu88i$hh¢§5 and - 5? debut most correctly familiar. and perverting it tiresome Phasmg “fleets . I avers. ‘Hookline‘ is a enough to rejuvenate the delta“ from a couple 0f . :: I: .. .. .:;-: .......... -. a .. '3".- . .~ flexible friend. pop that same loops, samples and CXUberam bums- $55335" ;., 3' ;-;-.- "’4 bends and weaves and refrains time and again Invigorating? I nearly ' , ' . '14" 35:2" .... .. " 23:35 33:3: =:=::::::-; ...-.=:=: ..... .523. 3:::=:=::::- .-:=:::-:' turns on a Sixpence. Both these tracks lock into “mm “P- (AM)

The List 3] July 13 August 1992 33