lavaton'al excesses from Rik Mayall and Ade Edmondson. Richie breaks his leg on his birthday and Eddie‘s attempts to straighten the leg do not have happy results.

I Cheers (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Sam and Carla face a crisis in the bar when Carla‘s ex-husband decides he wants her back.

I Virtual Murder (BBCl ) 9.45—10.35pm. The wacky psychological whodunnit series continues with Dr Cornelius and his sidekick on the trail of pathological liar Roger Smith played by Tony Robinson.

I Roseanne (Channel 4) 10—10.30pm.

Dan lies to Roseanne to conceal the fact that he helped Becky‘s ex-boyfriend Mark out ofa tricky situation.

.s. .5-...-’&. I

I Deadly Nights: The Street With No Name (Channel4). 11.30pm-1 . 10am. Nothing to do with that U2 song that is so unpopular with taxi-drivers. Mark Stevens plays an FBI agent faced with the task of infiltrating Richard Widmark‘s vicious criminal gang.


IThe World This Week (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Sheena McDonald presents the international news analysis and current affairs show.

I Hannah And Her Sisters (BBCZ) 8.05-9.50pm. Two of Woody Allen‘s better efforts get an airing tonight. opening with this sibling sex comedy revolving around the figure of Hannah (Mia Farrow) struggling to keep stable while husband Elliot (Michael Caine) chases after one sister. and ex-husband Mickey (Allen) gets neurotic about another. Followed at 10.55pm by the romantic cinema fantasy The Purple Rose OfCairo.

I Video Diaries: The Reluctant Mamoushlta (BBC2) 9.50-l().55pm. Edel O'Brien has always wanted to be a ballet dancer. She jumped at the chance of looking after Irish teenage girls travelling to Russia to study at ballet school. but once there she finds that her romanticised expectations are a long way from the truth.

I Tales Di Terror (BBCI) midnight—1.25am. Roger Corman directs one ofthose movies where you get three stories for the price ofone. all based on Edgar Allen Poe tales. Vincent Price and the exceptionally fine Peter Lorre star.


I The Cosby Show (Channel 4) 6.30—7pm. Smug family fun with the affluent Huxtables and their continually expanding brood. Have these people never heard of birth control?

I Come Back To The Five And Dime Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean (Channel 4) 10pm—midnight. Robert Altman‘s screen version of the off-Broadway play is rather successful. evoking plenty of elegiac moments as a group of women meet to commemorate the death of their hero James Dean. and hey. learn a lot about






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‘A dazzling display of verbal gymnastics’ NME

‘A visionary steam-powered heavy metal fantasy’ Ridley Scott, creator of Alien

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each other in the process.

I Cinema! Cinema!: La Hellgieuse (Channel-1) 12.25—2.()Sam. More French nouvelle vague stuff. this time from one of the more accessible directors. Jacques Rivette.


I Secret History: Bad Blood (Channel 4) 9—1()pm. In 1935. 42(lblack volunteers were recruited for an experiment purporting to treat their syphilis. In fact the doctors were using the men to examine the effects of untreated syphilis and tricked the subjects to induce them to stay on the programme until their death.

I Hush-A-Bye Bally (Channel 4)

10—1 1.30pm. Margo llarkin‘s acclaimed film looks at the lives of four convent girls. Goretti (limer McCourt) becomes pregnant by (‘iaran. and she decides on a course of action that isolates her from friends and family. Sinead O‘Connor co-stars and supplies a couple of tunes.

I on The Page (Scottish)

11.4(lpm—12. 10am. More bookish questions and answers with Jenny Brown interviewing historical novelist Lady Mary Stewart.


I My Dead Dad (Channel 4) 8—8.3(lpm. John McKay‘s comedy series continues. lick (Forbes Masson) is still tied by an invisible umbilical cord to his irritating late dad (Roy Hanlon).

I LuleDrLile((‘hannel4)8.3(l—10.50pm. Terrific biopic of Van (iogh. celebrating his life and art. Kirk Douglas plays the artist as a mam continually on a knife-edge. struggling to explain himself to his family and fellow artist Gauguin. The plot. though. comes a distant second to the visual style.

I Hollywood Greats: Gary Cooper: American Life, American Legend (Channel 4 )

10.50—1 1.35pm. Clint Eastwood presents a profile of the versatile Western star and his diverting off-screen life. Cooper‘s private life was a privileged. glamorous existence with its share of intrigues.


I The Darling Buds 01 May (Scottish) 8—9pm. Catherine Zeta-Jones and David Jason are back with the eternal sunshine and scams of the bucolic Larkins.

I Cut: The War Between Men And Women ((‘hannel 4) 9—ltipm. The lesbian and gay show looks at the tensions that exist between gay men and women. and finds time to cram in an item on gay hair styling. I Cannonball Run 2 (Scottish) 9—10.40pm. 10.40—1 1 .35pm. Daft car-race adventure comedy reuniting the original ‘brat pack’ of Frank Sinatra. Dean Martin. Sammy l)avist and Shirley Macl-aine for a broad farce packing in jokes about everything from the mafia to nuns. Tosh.


I The Travel Show ( BBCZ) 9--9.3()pm. More holiday advice at home and abroad with the team Paddy llaycocks. Matthew (‘ollins. Penny Junor and Carol Smillie.

I Early Travellers In North America (BBCZ) It). 10— 10.30pm. The series that looks at the L'SA in frontier times through the writings of contemporary travellers continues.

I Men Talk (Channel 4) 10.2(Hn50pm. Richard Jobson introduces more candid chat front the panel of ill-assorted blokes talking about their attitudes to women.

I Yellowbeard (Channel 4) lZ.5()—2.35am. Bad-taste post-Python nonsense featuring (iraham Chapman. Peter Cook . Marty lieldman and assorted other usual suspects. rounded up fora string of loosely assembled visual gags and sub-Carry ()n humour. Painfully over-the-top.




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62 The List 31 July- 13 August 1992