__ 14 August - 5 September Not Tuesdays

8 - 9.15pm

The Gilded Balloon Main Theatre 233 Cowgate

Venue 38

Box office

H +l Management 031 226 2151

presents £6.50 I £5 concessions

Eddie Izzar

A talent with a rare lightness of touch, an engaging/y disingenuous charm and an enormous imagination - a comedian who neither screeches or preaches... The skill of a seductive story-teller and a perfect sense of timing... An amalgam of Chaucer, Fourteenth Century ballads, The Goons, Richard Pryor and Billy Connolly. It’s a verbal, life-enhancing, unreproducable humour. The Guardian

Other performers lean tiresome/y on Obscenities, in the quaint belief that swear words retain shock value. But then miraculous/y, an original like Eddie Izzard appears howling/y funny, utterly mad, destined for greatness.

The Mail on Sunday


If there was a script, lzzard appears to have ripped it up long ago. As he has grown in confidence and stature he is perhaps the only fringe comedian without regular television exposure who can fill a theatre. Thelndependent

The List 14—20 August 1992 9