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llour's ratlio script of The Ritual Execution of Prince Edward +20 Fame

37 Simon Callow agrees to direct your show.

A publishing deal follows. +10 Talent. +10 Fame

38 Your idea for a rave version of Hamlet doesn't go down well. ~10 Talent

39 Company gets sponsorship from condom manufacturer. Create a stir when you change your name from Hole in One Theatre Company. +10 Fame

40 Leading actor injured fourteen times in bizarre bungee-jumping accident. -10 Talent 41 Deliver several cases of beer to The List offices. +10 Fame

42 Appear in a strap-on dildo in a Ken Russell movie. -10 Talent

43 Work out a way to have sex while using the female condom. +20 Talent

44 Your television slots on N8 and Edinburgh Nigth are cancelled owing to



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coverage of another coup in Moscow. -20 Fame

45 Offered tour of Cuba. If you accept, miss two turns. but +20 Talent and +10 Fame

45 Interviewed in Nut and Bolt Collectors Weekly. -10 Fame

47 Return your Perrier Award as a protest against water privatisation. +20 Fame.

48 Host a family game show. Bob and Brucie call you up for a round of golf. -10 Talent. +20 Fame

49 You casually mention your show's nude scene in the pub. The following night you sell out. +20 Fame.

50 You get into a nasty scrap at the Fringe Club. You spend the night in the nick. but it makes the papers. +20 Fame.

51 Eat your hamster for publicity stunt. +10 Fame



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52 Employ Mark Borkowski to do your publicity. Ditch the show and get ready for the media stunts. +20 Fame. -10 Talent

53 The person starring with you in your show

storms out following a tiff at the dress rehearsal and goes into hiding in North Wales. You decide to double up and play their role as well as yours. +20 Talent.

54 Confrontational Trout Fishing is rejected as theme for new production. You're a misunderstood genius. +10 Talent

55 Terry Scott tells the Sunday People how much he admires your work. '10 Fame

55 Your sordid past as a soap star is splashed across the muck-raking gutter-press. Unfortunately, it doesn’t make the qualities. +10 Fame. -10 Talent

57 Employed as a stomach support for Pavarotti during the summer season. -10 Fame. +10 Talent.

58 New company member succumbs to stage fright and throws-up on stage. +10 Fame. °10 Talent

59 Become environmentally-friendly and recycle your material. -10 Talent.

50 Become politically-correct then sue Oxfam when nobody comes to your limefit Night. +10 Talent.


51 You get inspired by I.in Savage; swap any item of clothing with a performer of the opposite sex. +10 Fame

52 Fake an orgasm. The other performers award you + or - 10. 20 or 30 Fame based on your seat-wetting performance.

53 The performer on your right is playing Marilyn Monroe. Put some lipstick on than. +10 Talent

54 Audition for a dodgy SM flick. Spank the performer on your left. +10 to your Talent and 10 to their Fame

55 Invited for a drink by Richard Demarco. Miss a turn

55 Practice your forthcoming role as Nanook of the North, give an Eskimo kiss to the performer opposite.+10 Talent each

57 The game is heating up! Remove an item of clothing decided upon by youself. + or - 10. 20 or 30 Fame depending on the item of clothing you remove.

58 Your show is dubbed the best show on the Fringe by the North Lothian Courier. You gain no Fame points but must celebrate by downing a glass of any available liquid in 10 seconds.

59.. . Well, what do you think?

70 Rehearsals begin for your stage adaptation of Betty Blue. Snog the performer on your




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left +10. 20 OT 30 Talent depending on degree of intimacy.

71 You need to cast an actor in the role of Van Gogh. Nibble the ear of the performer opposite you. + 10 Talent

72 The performer on your right has landed a part in a stage adaptation of The Illustrated Man. Draw their first tattoo on them. + or - 10 Talent according to the skill or content of the tattoo.

73 It's time for the casting couch. Remove an item of clothing decided upon by the performer opposite. + or -10. 20 0t 30 Fame points depending on the item of clothing removed.

74 Cast party! Snog the performer on your right. +10, 20 or 30 Talent points depending on degree of intimacy.

75 Take part in demo on behalf of out-of- work sitcom stars. Miss a turn.

75 Perform an extract ofa film in a style suggested by the other performers. They award you 10, 20 or 30 Talent Points.

77 Confess your most embarrassing sexual encounter. Depending on how racy the other performers judge your confession to be, you get + or -10. 20 or 30 Fame

78 You bump into a director of the RSC who is drunk enough to offer vou an on the spot audition. Surprise him with a burst of Shakespeare. The other performers award you + or -10. 20 or 30 Talent

79 Based on a situation suggested by the other performers, have a conversation with the performer opposite you where each sentence begins with the next letter of the alphabet. The other performers award both you and your partner + or -10. 20 0f 30 Talent

80 You devise a show about the boundary between theatre and voyeurism. Remove an item of another performer's clothing.

+ or ~10, 20 or 30 Fame depending on the item of clothing you decide upon.

81 Do an impersonation of an animal. chosen by the performer on your left. The other performers award you + or -10. 20 0t 30 Talent.

82 You decide to give escapology masterclasses. Tie a knot in an item of your clothing decided on by the performer on your left. 83 Company supplied with large amounts of amphetamines. Have two more turns. 84 You're in charge of the wardrobe department for a Whitehall Farce called Whoops Vicar that's my Merkt'n. Pluck a hair from the performer on your left. + 0! -10 Fame depending on where the hair is.

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1- l08E10 FAME 2- l0$E10 TALENT 3- l0$E20 FAME g- L08E2 TALENT 5.


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